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Bad Boys and Valley Girls

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Summary: What you get and what you expect rarely coincide.

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Prologue: The End of the World as We Know It

Bad Boys and Valley Girls

By: BuffyCharmed (Katie)

Author’s Note: Hello everyone. Been a while, hasn’t it? The last time you heard from me was when I left an author’s note about my recently deceased grandmother. I received so many condolences from people I don’t even know, and I can’t say how much it meant to me. The wake and funeral were some of the hardest things I’ve ever went through, and I want to thank everyone who gave me a little strength to get through this experience. As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t updated my other story. But after getting in an at least okay place, I found myself inspired with some ideas, and getting them on paper I think will be a good thing to get my mind on something positive. I hope you like it. I'm not sure how often I can update. Again, thank you so much.

Disclaimer: If I actually owned any of this, do you think I would be writing fanfiction?

Prologue: The End of the World As We Know it


Collapsed into the worn plush couch, clad in old grey sweats, a wrinkled, oversized sweatshirt with her curly blonde hair askew in every which way, you could almost miss the look of pure relief of the tired face of Joyce Summers. Almost.

It had been a tough week. Actually, scratch that. It had been a grueling, exhausting, backbreaking, punishing, exhausting, and all-the-other-big-words-that-could-possibly-be-in-a-thesaurus week. But after the complete mess that everything seemed to be in, Joyce could finally say it.

She was a divorced woman.

After the fighting, the lawyers, and all the other “legal crap”, as her daughter liked to refer to it, she was finally rid of the chaos that was her marriage, and for the first time in God knows how long, she could just collapse in an old outfit and just enjoy doing absolutely nothing. And God did that feel good. As she began to hear the beginnings of opening previews, she lifted her gaze slightly to the right and smiled a tired smile as she watched her daughter, who had her eyes glued to the television.

Settled in her favorite recliner, Buffy was looking not unlike Joyce herself, curled up with her favorite fleece blanket wrapped around her petite form, her long blonde hair in a loose ponytail.

Sighing, Joyce found herself in another inner-debate with herself on what to do about her not-so-little girl. God, had it really been sixteen years since she’d first held the tiny angel in her arms? Things had changed so much in what seemed now like no time at all. Buffy’s behavior had changed so drastically and lately she couldn’t seem to do the right thing by her. When you’re a teenager, it always seems like your parents have some sort of guide book that tells them exactly what to do in any given situation involving your child. Looking back, sometimes even she can’t believe her own parental units were making it up as they went along. Alas, being a parent doesn’t make you a good parent, and she could kick herself for not paying enough attention to her daughter’s problems.

It had started out subtly enough. She noticed that Buffy hadn’t been going to a lot of parties or hanging around that crowd she was always seen with. At the time, she thought she was simply starting to outgrow the “girls-just-wanna-have-fun” phase in her life; but that was before she started coming home extremely late, and instead of showing more maturity, the bubbly girl she thought she knew seemed to be rebelling and turning harder; colder somehow.

Then came the gym. In truth, she knows it was then when their strained relationship was nearly ruined.
She seemed so distant and cold, yet scared and small at the same time. The way she’d explained it; the vampires, Lothos, Merrick…..It was all too much. Joyce didn’t know what she’d done or what her daughter had gone through to make her use such blatant fantasies as excuses. All she knew was she wanted her daughter back. She wanted her to be happy again. So she agreed with Hank on taking her to a mental institution.

She’d stopped of course. No more vampires or demons or any crazy stories were ever brought up, and the doctors said she was completely fine to go home. But Joyce could see the force smiles behind her eyes. Through a lot of effort they’d managed to establish at least somewhat of the bond they once had.

And in the end, that was the reason for all of this. Why she was making such a drastic change.

She wanted her daughter to be happy. Not forced happy; the kind of happy that resulted from what she realized now was a grave mistake on her part. She didn’t know how many more smiles she could take that didn’t even come close to reaching Buffy’s eyes. She would do whatever it takes to see her eyes beautiful bright green eyes light up again.

That’s why she’s doing this. That’s why there were filled boxes all around the house. That’s why she quite her current job. That’s why she made arrangements with the movers two days ago.

Watching the slow curve at the corner of Buffy’s mouth at something said on the old eighties movie, Joyce found one of her own.

Buffy was missing something. And maybe, just maybe, she would find it in Stars Hollow.
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