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By the light of the moon

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Summary: Willow's faces a new world when she is infected with lycanthropy

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardArticulatedreamFR1356,9360108,83630 Jun 036 Apr 04No

By the light of the moon

Please correct me if I describe any of the characters wrong, I've only read Narcissus in chains for the Anita Blake world.

It wasn’t possible. Willow looked at the deep wound on her right arm. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be real. But it was. She looked up at Angel the horror she felt clearly shown on her face. He wrapped his arms around her, and she tried to find the comfort in her friend's embrace. But it didn’t come. Now…she was different. Not Willow Rosenberg anymore. She had to share her body with this thing inside of her. In five days the full moon would rise and instead of sitting on her back porch and watching it through the trees, she would be running beneath it, a beast.

A werewolf.

Within the comforting embrace of Angel’s arms she screamed. She would no longer stay at the Hyperion. She hadn’t seen Buffy in almost two years. Hadn’t seen Kennedy in half that time. Now, now she would be leaving everything she knew and loved behind.

To go to St.Louis. So she could control this _thing within her. This beast, that now thrived within her. Within the older vampire’s comforting embrace she began to cry. And slowly he bore them to the ground. Her crying did not stop for a long time. But when it did, Fred and Gunn were waiting outside with the car to take her to the airport.

She was leaving her home, and going to St.Louis. A place for her start over, Angel had told her. A place where she could learn to live with her beast. He knew the master of the city, a vampire named Jean-Claude. He had known of a particularly strong werewolf that could help her. She didn’t want his help. Neither this Jean-Claude, nor his friend Richard.

But she needed it.
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