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Summary: Some people hate their name. Others think they have the perfect one. A series of vignettes in the life of the Scoobies and their counterparts in the wizarding world. Various Crossover pairings.

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Harry Potter > GeneralNicolaFR133675052,79712 May 0710 Jun 07No



Her name annoyed her.

Orion taunted her about having a boy's name.

And the little Malfoy brat was right, of course.

She was named after a dead man. Her father's godfather, to be precise. A man who had died years before her father even met her mother.

He had been dead for over a decade before her birth, but his legacy lived on, and her name still raised eyebrows whenever she was out in wizarding society.

Mom's side of the family didn't care. They had never met her namesake, or anyone with the name, so as far as they were concerned, there was no proof it couldn't be a girl's name.

Besides, her middle name was girly enough to cover for both names, even if it, too, was based on a man's name.

Because what every little girl wanted was to be named after a convict and a vampire.

She had once asked her mother if either of her parents had any dead female friends. Her mother had glibly responded that they were saving those for a baby brother. Her mother had a strange sense of humor.

And of course, when said baby brother was born when she was four, he got two very masculine names: James William.

Sirius had given up, convinced that the girls in the family had lost the name battle.

But now she had a baby sister.

How come the baby got two perfectly respectable girly names like Joy Lily, when she would be forever known as Sirius Angelina Potter?

It just wasn't fair.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Names" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jun 07.

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