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There was once a....

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Summary: Limerick is an under-appreciated art form. On reading this, you'll probably understand why! A collection of BtVS / Stargate crossover pairings in 5 lines.

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Stargate > Multiple Pairings(Moderator)jrabbitFR1323900132,35413 May 0718 Apr 08No

There was once a...

Disclaimer: Stargate belongs to MGM, BtVS to Joss Whedon and corporate masters and Limerick belongs to the Irish.

Now our favourite Slayer, young Buffy,
she often became terse and huffy;
but when Daniel got back
from his missions with Jack,
his loving left her warm and fluffy.

A most beautiful key, was our Dawn,
over whom, all the airmen did fawn;
and though they did their best
to be her love interest,
she wanted brains in a man, not brawn.

We all know that Giles is a watcher,
and he's easy to fluster and bother;
which gives Vala Mal Doran
so much leather-clad fun,
watching him try to furtively watch her.

They all thought it would be Xander’s fate,
to end up with gou’ald as a mate;
given his dating history,
none saw any mystery,
when Hathor asked him out on a date.

For some time now, Jack O'Neill had found,
Sam’s answers made his head throb and pound;
But the pounding got worse
causing O'Neill to curse,
When high speed Willow-babble did sound.

When faced with a premenstrual slayer,
Daniel learned it was best to obey her;
So even if that meant
that he would have to rent,
films starring Brad Pitt and James Spader.

When Cassandra met Buffy and Dawn,
a new threat to Earth’s safety took form;
In the malls far and wide
shop assistants did hide,
to evade the great shoe-shopping storm.

It would be hard to make Teal’c admit,
just how perfectly Faith and he’d fit;
but the matchmaking bug
was for Dawn, like a drug,
and now she had her first prime target.

I'll leave this open for additions in case anyone else is mentally unstable enough :)
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