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The Kids go to Kindergarten

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This story is No. 2 in the series "New reality, new lives, new family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: No. 2 in the series "New reality, new lives, new family". The first day of Kindergarten

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Stargate > GeneralpezgirlFR733,85101110,23014 May 0725 May 07Yes

Xander O'Neill

Disclaimer: i don't own anything from Stargate

Toys were scattered a young boy’s bedroom which was dark except for the night-light that illuminated the room and took away the weird-looking shadows on the walls.
Under Snoopy bed covers there was a lump and a mess of dark hair peeked from under the covers and rested against the pillow.

The lump moved slightly and a sleepy noise came from under the covers, a second later all movement and noise had stopped and then without warning a small figure leapt out quickly and ran out of the room.

Xander Harris was almost five years old and very excited as he hugged his favorite stuffed bear, as he reached the bottom of the stairs he yelled, “Mommy, dad!”

The light was on in the kitchen; he ran towards the door and opened it.

“Hey kiddo, where’s the fire?” Jack was amused as his little Alexander bounded around the kitchen with his Scooby Doo pajamas on. The boy stopped suddenly and looked around.

“I don’t know?” he sounded worried and stuck his thumb in his mouth, which was a habit of his when he got scared. “There’s no fire.”

Jack grinned and picked him up, “It was just a figure of speech, Xander.”

Xander swept his dark, long fringe out of his chocolate brown eyes that looked so much like his father’s and looked at his dad bewildered, “What’s a figa of- what’s that mean?”

“Just joking,” he replied simply. Xander looked relieved and then grinned.

“Daddy, it’s school! When can I go?!” he exclaimed excitedly.

“Well, it’s not time to go yet,” the older O’Neill said. “How about I get you some juice?”

Xander grinned and showed that he was missing a few teeth, he nodded eagerly and accepted the sippy cup full of apple juice, “Where’s mommy?”

“Out back,” he replied and stopped his kid before he ran out. “Get your slippers on first.”

Xander mock saluted and ran off in search of his Scooby Doo slippers, but he was a little quieter because he was trying not to wake his little sister, she was only a few months old and was pretty darn cute.

He walked into his room which seemed darker after the brightness of the kitchen. He would have turned the light on but he wasn’t big enough and couldn’t reach that high, so he navigated his way in the semi-darkness and looked hesitantly under his bed, his daddy had made the monster go away a few nights ago but it could come back.

He checked quickly and stood up abruptly wanting to spend as little time as possible looking under his bed, and then he looked in his closet in the same way he’d looked under the bed and immediately saw the slippers.

Grinning, he grabbed the slippers and put them on his feet and then went downstairs and into the kitchen still clutching his bear to him.

He grinned as he saw that his mommy was in the kitchen, he pushed the door open, “Mommy!”

Sam bent down to almost eye-level with her son and hugged him, “Hey sweetie, are you excited to go to school?”

Xander nodded furiously and moved his dark fringe out of his eyes again; he giggled as she tickled him and then said, “I’m hungry.”

Sam ruffled his shaggy hair, “Well, we’re going to have to do something about that, won’t we?”

Xander nodded still grinning.

“You’ll be happy to hear I managed to get ‘Froot Loops’ yesterday,” she grinned as Xander cheers mixed with her husband’s “Yeah!”

Those two were like two peas in a pod; she silently wondered what her Elisabeth would be like.

Sam and Jack drove their son to Kindergarten on their way to Cheyenne Mountain; they went with him to the front desk and got him registered.

Sam pulled her son over to the side quickly as he started to looked worried, “Don’t worry so much.”

Xander tried to speak around his thumb which was now in his mouth, but he couldn’t so he took it out and said, “What if I get told off? Or I break something? What if the other kids don’ like me?”

His thumb went in his mouth again and looked up at his mom who kneeled in front of him so that she was the same height and then she said, “Just do your best, okay.”

Xander looked determined, “I will.”

He swallowed nervously as he was taken away from his parents for the first time; he looked back and waved at them with his thumb in his mouth.

The teacher opened the door and pushed him gently inside, there were a lot of kids in the room sitting by brightly-coloured desks and chairs and they were all watching him.

Xander felt his face go bright pink and he shifted awkwardly, the teacher started speaking and he looked up at her so that he wouldn’t have to look at all the kids.

“Class, this is Alexander,” he winced as the teacher used his full name. “He’s knew here and I want you all to be nice to, you all remember how scary it was on you first day.”

“Yes Miss Ryan,” the class chorused.

Xander was then sat down on a desk that had a girl and another boy, the girl smiled at him brightly while the boy gave him a bored look.

As they started colouring pictures, he forgot his nervousness and drew his daddy, his mommy, his little sister, his two cousins; Rupert and little baby Willow, his aunt Janet and Uncle Daniel and his oldest cousin Cassie. He also drew the dog called Davy - he had sandy coloured hair and friendly brown eyes.

The girl sitting next to him was called Emma Ross and the boy who hadn’t said a word yet was called Luke. Emma merely told Xander Luke was a “quiet boy.”

They went to the playground at recess, it was a sunny day and Xander played with Emma who liked cart-wheeling and running around.

Xander talked to Luke who was very shy and soft-spoken and who rarely said a word. After a long time of speaking and making jokes the boy grinned and said in a soft voice, “You’re funny.”

Xander gave him a goofy grin, “Yeah I know.”
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