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Much That Once Was, Is Lost

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Those Who Live to Remember...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Akallabeth. Buffy is not the only one in which things from the past are stirring...

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Words of Warning

Title: Words of Warning (6/6)
Series: Much that once was, is lost
Timeline: After Akallabeth; season 2 of BtVS.
Summary: Jenny suffers from nightmares.

The glow from the computer screen lit Jenny’s tired face. She had been unable to sleep yet again, her mind troubled by nightmares that never seemed to end. They were always the same and they always left her feeling ill and weak. It frustrated her that she could never remember anything beyond the terror and the running…the endless running. She could never remember what she was running from and why she was so afraid. That and the nightmares themselves were wearing her down, driving her to the refuge of her computer and a search for anything that could explain her predicament.

Not even simple calming spells had helped. In fact, they seemed to heighten the fear that she experienced. As if something inside her was afraid of the magic and repelled it. She felt a shiver of unease at the thought.

She frowned at the information displayed on her screen. Something was stirring in the underworld. There were vague mutterings all over, portents of…something.

Jenny rubbed at her tired eyes, trying to ignore the image of deepening circles that had stared back at her that morning. She clicked on another link and sighed when she realized it only led to the ramblings of one of the crazier seers.

A line of text caught her eye. The Sleepers awaken. She scrolled down, a feeling of foreboding filling her.

…the lost Faithful…
…tall ships and tall kings…
…the black sword…
…foe of the world…
…light of trees…
…walls of night…

The words blurred in front of her. Jenny leaned back in her chair, rubbing at her eyes once more. This was useless unless she could get more sleep. She looked at the screen once more, the words glaring accusingly at her. The world is changing, much that once was…She turned the monitor off, unwilling to face the words.

Jenny shook off the strange feelings that reading that had given her, knowing that the text had likely been nothing more than the ramblings of an insane mind. Ignoring the whispers of doubt threading through her, she turned towards her bed once more, praying that the nightmares would be held at bay for the rest of the night.


The End

You have reached the end of "Much That Once Was, Is Lost". This story is complete.

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