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Summary: After the fall of Sunnydale, Xander looks up some old St. Louis

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: NathanieldarkmagicianFR182225,9268136132,22814 May 073 Sep 09No

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Anita walked into the hotel's lobby and found the person she was looking for, Rupert Giles. "Mr. Giles, Jean Claude is expecting you and your group at the Circus tonight, at eight. He fully expects you to keep your Slayers in line."

"Very well Miss Blake. Any suggestions as to what type of gift I should bring? I know that it's customary for someone to bring a gift when approaching a Master politically. As much as I hate it, this is very much a political matter."

"Hmmm....probably something old fashioned. He particularly enjoys items from the eighteenth century."

"Ah, yes, then I have just the thing, if an eighteenth-century ceremonial athame is appropriate."

"I think he will enjoy it for it's historical value and it's beauty far more than the fact that it is a weapon. He does so love beautiful things."

"Thank you for your information Miss Blake. We will be there at the appointed time. Will Xander and Nathaniel be joining us? I haven't seen them since yesterday."

"I'm on my way to Nate's apartment now to tell them about the meeting. I hope that they aren't...engaged in other activities. I accidentally walked in on them one time and...let's just say that Xander's color did a cooked lobster justice," she finished with a snicker, before laughing uproariously at the horrified look on Giles' face.

"Miss Blake, that is hardly an appropriate thing to say," spluttered the Watcher. "I have no desire whatsoever to hear of young Mister Harris'...exploits with Mister Graison. It's rather crude."

Still laughing, Anita took her leave of the flustered Brit, heading over to Nate's apartment.

Nate was snuggled up to Xander as they talked quietly on the couch. "Xan, I thought you were going to wait before we got back together?"

"I was, Kitten, but while I was out of it after the encounter with Narcissus, I got a visit from Anya," admitted the taller man.

"Oh?" The young leopard was intrigued. "Will you tell me what she said? I mean, unless it's none of my business..." he trailed off waiting his companion's answer.

"There's no reason not to tell you, since it involves you. She basically told me to get over her death and get back together with you or she was gonna come back and kick my ass."

That earned a light chuckle from the redhead.

A sharp knock on the door pulled them from their reverie, before opening. The pair were in fighting stances when Anita walked in the door.

"Geez, you two. It's just me. I'm not gonna kill ya. Relax."

"Sorry, habit," grumbled Xander.

"At least it wasn't like the last time Anita walked in on us," muttered Nate. His ears perked up when he heard Anita's full-out laughter at that remark. "What's so funny? That was downright embarassing!"

"I had just told Mr. Giles about that time. The look on his face..."

Xander started laughing too. "I can just imagine it. All British-stiff-upper-lippy and everything."

When the laughter finally diminished they asked Anita why she was there. "Well, there's that diplomatic meeting at eight tonight between Jean Claude and the Watcher's Council. Both Mr. Giles and Jean Claude want you to be there."

"The big question is, whose side do they want me on?" sneered the carpenter. "I'm in the perfect position to be their blasted pawn, and I won't have it! I'm sick and tired of being the butt-monkey! From Buffy to Dracula and now Jean Claude and the Council? FORGET IT! After that Dracula incident I swore, NO MORE BUTT-MONKEY!"

"Butt-monkey?" questioned Nate, but Xander ignored him in favor of ranting.

"This time they've gone too far. If they think they can push me around, they haven't seen anything yet!"

Los Angeles


"Angel Investigations. We help the helpless."

This is L. A. General. We were wondering if Mr. Angel could please come in and answer a few questions.

"I'm sure it would be no problem. I'll get him over there right away."

Thank you, miss. CLICK!

Winnifred Burkle, aka Fred, hurried from the receptionist desk and into Angel's office. She waited until the vampire had finished speaking with Wesley and turned to acknowledge her.

"That was a call from the hospital where Cordy is. They want to ask you some questions and if you could come right away."

"Well, seeing as we've still got several hours of daylight left, it's going to be tricky. I'll have to use the sewers."

"Do you want us to meet you there, Angel?"

"Yes, please. I may need your assistance."

L. A. General

"Excuse me. I'm Mr. Angel and I was called a little while ago concerning something?"

"Ah, yes. Mr. Angel. Doctor Conrad will be here shortly, will you please take a seat?"

After sitting down, the vampire regarded the doctor. He smelled apprehensive. "Doctor. What's going on? Is it Cordelia?"

"That's just the thing, Mr. Angel. She's gone."

Angel growled. "What do you mean gone?"

"I mean exactly what I say. We had all the security cameras checked. There was no evidence of tampering, and no sign of anyone going into her room who wasn't supposed to be there."

"Thank you, Doctor. I have to make a phone call. Excuse me."


"Hello? Giles here."

"Giles, it's Angel. We've got a problem."

"And what may that problem be, Angel?"

"Cordelia is missing from the hospital."

"Oh dear. I'm afraid I know where she is. She is here in St. Louis with us."

"How did she get there?"

"I believe that is was the doing of the Goddess. She was brought here to help in the fight against the Mother of Darkness. We may need the rest of your team here."

"I'll get Spike, Fred and Gunn and get the next nighttime flight out there."

"I'll have someone meet you. Wait a minute. Did you say Spike? He was killed when the Hellmouth was sealed. That amulet called down the power of the sun to destroy the Turak Han."

"Long story. I'll explain when I get there.

"See that you do." CLICK!

This should be interesting.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Healing" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Sep 09.

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