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Possible Dreams

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayer and the Green Girl". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A hero dreams of many things. Of the past, the future. Of life and death. But what do they dream when they become slayers?

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Cartoons > Kim Possible(Moderator)acsFR181019,62911913,97015 May 073 Jul 08Yes

Swept Away

Disclaimer: See Chapter 1. All things Harry Potter belong to J.K.Rowling.
Spoilers: See Chapter 1. For HP - Spoilers, sort of, for "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"
Summary: Another dream.
Author's Note: The transition from dream to awake caused me problems in this one. Feedback always welcome.
Word count: 1,811 (3 of 10)

--- --- ---

Kim gripped the broom tightly between her legs, her hair pushed back from her face by the wind. She leaned forward as she raced towards the other end of the pitch. It wasn't a racing broom, just a basic training model she'd borrowed for the afternoon. She could feel the smooth wood trembling slightly under her fingers as she accelerated out of the turn, pushing it to its limits. From the way it eagerly followed her directions, if she hadn't known better she would have sworn that it was alive and could read her mind.

Aiming upward, she soared high above the pitch, the stands dwindling far below until they were just a small spec next to the large castle. Kim shivered as the air around her cooled with the increase in altitude. She'd been in outer space, traveled all around the world, done more things in the last year than most people would do in a lifetime but flying on a broom was a unique experience for the teen heroine.

If she thought too hard about it, about the way a skinny piece of wood was the only thing between her and the ground, she might wonder about her own sanity. But her motto wasn't just bragging. Anything was possible for a Possible, even if it meant ignoring the way magic seemed to bend reality.

Pointing her broom back at the ground, Kim raced downward in a huge spiral centered around the middle of the pitch. The wind increased, the G-forces pulled at her as she tightened the circle, tucking in her legs to increase her momentum. This was the only place she could attempt such acrobatic feats and she intended to take full advantage of it. Her parents supported her in everything, as they'd always done, but magic made them nervous. Discovering their daughter could do it, that she was a witch, had come as a minor shock. They'd eventually agreed to let her be tutored in the basics but only if it was under very controlled conditions.

She'd been discovered by Professor McGonagall one night in the middle of an intense battle with Shego in the heart of London. She couldn't remember why they'd been there. Probably some insane scheme cooked up by Drakken to use the Crown jewels to take over the world. Or maybe he'd wanted to have tea with the Queen. It didn't really matter anymore. She'd interrupted their fight when she'd seen Kim using magic to shield herself from one of Shego's plasma blasts.

Finding out later that she'd unknowingly been using magic for years had come as a shock, though oddly enough Shego hadn't been surprised when the cat that had wandered between them had morphed into the rather stern looking Hogwarts Headmaster. Shego's reaction was another in a long line of such. Kim suspected there was a lot more to Shego's past than even Wade had been able to unearth.

It was at times like this that she almost regretted not accepting the invitations from Salem Academy and Hogwarts to learn magic in a formal setting. But she'd been too busy helping people; too involved in traveling around the world to stop Drakken, Monkey Fist, DNAmy, and her other foes to take time out and really learn magic. It wasn't that she had any trouble believing in magic. She and Ron had seen too many things over the years to not. But it wasn't a priority.

Finding a couple weeks that first summer to visit Hogwarts had been difficult. The things she'd seen and learned in that short time had been amazing but she wasn't ready to abandon her current life. She didn't think she ever would. Helping people was too much a part of who she was. The wizarding world's isolation from the rest of humanity just didn't work for her. And not just because she would have had to leave the non-magical Ron, Rufus, Wade, and Monique behind.

She'd come away from the experience with a wand that she kept buried deep in a drawer where her brothers wouldn't find it, a better understanding of her anti-plasma spell, a love of flying, and a standing invitation to borrow a broom whenever she was in the neighborhood. And several days a month she would travel by portkey to Hogwarts and spend several hours with Professor McGonagall or one of the other professors learning to control her magic. The flying was her reward. Before heading home she would grab a broom and fly for an hour or two.

There were only two things that gave her a bigger rush than flying on a broom at high speed. One of them was jumping out of a plane and free falling for thousands of feet, breaking her fall at the last moment with a well timed opening of her parachute, the snap of the harness as it jerked her back from the ground at the last moment a feeling like no other.

The only thing that made her feel more alive than that was a no holds barred fight with Shego. Ten minutes of all out, adrenaline drenched effort, blocking punches, leaping over kicks, pitting her skill against Shego's. Nothing in her life so far could top that.

Kim shook her head to bring her attention back to where she was - twenty feet in the air, headed towards the ground, hanging onto a stick that was moving at speeds she rarely achieved on wheels. They could do wonders with magic at Hogwarts to fix broken bones but embarrassing herself by running into something while flying wasn't high on her list of goals for the day. Reaching the bottom of her spiral she shot off towards the furthest goal twice as fast as before, a huge grin on her face at the results of mixing physics and magic.

Feeling someone watching her, Kim leaned back, slowing down as she approached the goal posts. Hearing the soft murmur of voices, she spun around but couldn't see anyone. Puzzled, she continued to circle the pitch until her beeping watch reminded her that her time was almost up. Gliding down to the ground, Kim reluctantly dismounted from the broom. She was supposed to meet Ron at Bueno Nacho in an hour. Even with a portkey, she still had time issues. There was only so much of it to go around.

Turning around after putting away her borrowed broom, Kim thought she heard the voices again but their owners were still hidden. Picking up her bag, she started walking to the exit from the Quidditch field. Her progress was halted by Shego suddenly appearing in front of her.

"What are you doing here?" Kim asked, surprised.

"Doing here?" Shego frowned. "You tell me, it's your dream. I was minding my own business and suddenly I'm here." She waved at the empty stands. "With you."

"Dream?" Kim stared at her. Shego didn't look any different than normal. Her green and black catsuit seemed painted on, just like always, clearly revealing Shego's well developed physique. Her green tinged hair moved in the faint breeze. There was a vitality, almost a glow, to her favorite foe.

"Come on Kimmie!" Shego snorted in amusement, resting a hand on one hip. "Flying on brooms? Magic castles? What did you think this was, kitten?"

"Hogwarts." Kim continued to stare at her, wondering what game she was playing.

"So, you're at a school and there are no children running around?"

"They're in class." Kim said.

"On a Saturday?"

Kim shrugged. It was always like this when she visited. The only person she ever saw was Professor McGonagall. Before Shego could say anything else she heard the voices again. Once more turning in a circle she couldn't see anyone other than herself and Shego.

"How do I know this is a dream?" Kim asked skeptically. "Maybe it's something Drakken came up with to mess with my head. He was a bit tweaked last week when you set off the sprinklers while we were fighting and fried his death ray thingy."

"It was an accident. How many times do I have to say that!" Shego said, glaring at Kim. "Besides, it should have been waterproof. We were in an underwater lair. And why would I want to be here with you anyway?"

"I don't know." Kim said, attempting to step around Shego. "I've got to go."

"Not a very good host, are you." Shego said, stepping back so she could stay in front of Kim. "Invite me over and then you leave."

"I didn't invite you here!" Kim growled in frustration, once more tried to go around her. She'd been n a good mood after flying but Shego seemed determined to ruin it.

"Interesting," a soft, warm voice murmured behind her.

Kim spun around in surprise. Standing several yards away, watching them with a curious expression on her face, was the blonde woman she'd seen in her dreams several times before. "Is this another dream?" Kim asked.

"Who're you," Shego demanded, stepping to Kim's left.

Shaking her head, instead of answering their questions, the blonde threw something at them, a fine powder that glittered as it enveloped them. "Hey!" she shouted as the world started to fade away. Reaching out for Shego, Kim's hand passed right through where she'd been only seconds before.

Hearing her mother loudly ask, "What are you reading Kimmie?" Kim rolled off the couch in surprise, only her fast reflexes preventing her from banging her head on the coffee table. "Ouch!" She rubbed her hip, which had hit the floor first.

"It's a book for my summer class," she said several minutes later. Leaning over she picked it up off of the floor where it'd landed, glad she'd been able to find a copy without the garish cover. It didn't take a lot of effort to know how the Tweebs would react if they saw her reading this particular book.

Her mother frowned for a moment. "That on-line course about fictional heroes?"

Kim nodded, getting up from the floor and sitting back on the couch. "This week we're reading a 'Harry Potter' book," she said, hoping her mother wouldn't ask for details. It was actually a course sponsored by the Council and taught by Willow Rosenberg. It was supposed to teach new slayers like herself the differences between real magic and magic as depicted in books and pop culture.

Her mother sat down next to her. "I'm sorry I interrupted you."

"No big," Kim told her. "I needed a break."

"Good." Her mother smiled mischievously at her. "You can set the table. We're having a guest join us."

"Who?" She knew it couldn't be Ron. He was treated like family at dinner time.

"It's a surprise." Her mother winked at her before getting up and shooing her towards the kitchen.
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