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Possible Dreams

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayer and the Green Girl". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A hero dreams of many things. Of the past, the future. Of life and death. But what do they dream when they become slayers?

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Cartoons > Kim Possible(Moderator)acsFR181019,62911913,95815 May 073 Jul 08Yes


Disclaimer: See Chapter 1. See end note for additional info.
Spoilers: See Chapter 1. None.
Summary: Later that summer, Kim has another confusing dream. In orange.
Author's Notes: See end.
Word count: 2,209 (5 of 10)

--- --- ---

Kim blinked. The orange haze disappeared but nothing else changed. She blinked again, and squinted for added effect. Still no change. Reaching up to rub her eyes, her right hand collided with something cold and wet. Looking down, she could see her wrist sticking out of the mouth of a large jack-o-lantern. She cautiously wriggled her fingers, grimacing as they touched the slimy insides of the pumpkin.

She tried to pull her hand out of the pumpkin, but the jack-o-lantern's teeth stopped her. No matter how much she tugged, even leaning back and pushing with her free hand, using what little leverage she could get, the pumpkin refused to move or let her go. It seemed to be glued to the stone fence. And it was a very solid pumpkin. With the force she was applying, it should have been mush by now.

Looking up, Kim could still see the dancing scarecrows out in the middle of the pumpkin patch. They'd stopped doing the limbo and were now line dancing. She suspected foul play of some sort. It was not normal scarecrow behavior. There wasn't a yellow brick road in sight. Dr. Dementor or even DNAmy had to be behind it.


She turned around quickly, gasping in surprise at her sudden freedom. Grabbing Ron with both hands, she managed to keep herself from falling down.

"Sorry!" she blurted out, her pumpkin covered hand letting him go, leaving behind a large orange hand print on his tuxedo.

Sighing, Ron took a small brush out of a pocket and brushed the bits of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds from his clothes. Putting the brush away, he spoke over his shoulder. "Are we ready?"

"Ready for what?" Kim asked, catching sight of a long, low table behind him.

"The taste test."

"Taste test?" Kim echoed.

"You know, refreshments for the party," Ron said.

"What party?" Kim repeated, unable to help herself.

"It's our turn to host the Mad Scientist Halloween Ball this year," he said. "Don't you remember?"

"Why are we hosting it?" Kim asked, confused. "We aren't mad scientists."

"AMSOW made Wade an honorary member. He impressed them with his disintegration ray hair restorer and juicer."

"AMSOW?" Kim echoed Ron again, feeling a slight case of déjà vu coming on.

"Association of Mad Scientists of the World." Ron shrugged, apparently unconcerned. "As the newest inductee, Wade had to spring for their next party."

"Okay..." Kim took a deep breath, knowing she was going to regret asking her next question. "So... what do you want me to do?"

"We need to find drinks for the ball." Turning he gestured at the table. It was lined with a dozen bottles of beer and half a dozen plastic gallon jugs. At the far end was a collection of oddly shaped containers.

"Is that beer?" Kim asked, frowning at him.

"And wine and a few other things." Ron nodded happily. "We'll do the beer first."

"I don't drink." Kim said, hoping she wouldn't have to explain why, since Shego had drunk Mr. Barkin, her father, and Drakken under the table at the last Snowman Hank video marathon, she hadn't touched anything stronger than lemonade.

"Yup that's why you're doing this."

"Huh?" She stared at Ron in confusion, unable to say anything else.

"Your taste-buds haven't been exposed to any of these flavors," Ron told her. Guiding her over to the end of the table, he pulled a chair out for her. "You won't have a favorite so we know you'll picked the ones that taste the best."

Shaking her head at his misuse of logic, Kim reluctantly sat down, wondering who'd given him the idea. "Hey Rufus," she said, seeing Ron's ever-present companion, who, for some reason known only to Ron, was also dressed in a tuxedo, though his was a deep reddish orange and not Ron's almost black purple.

"Rufus, the first one." Ron directed officiously, stepping towards the center of the table. Nodding solemnly, Rufus picked up a small glass and the first bottle and brought it over to him. Using his Official Team Go bottle opener, Ron carefully removed the bottle cap.

"Ron? That was a twist-off cap," Kim said, pointing out something even she could see.

"Shh!" Rufus whispered, shaking his small head as they watched Ron carefully pour beer into the glass and place it in front of her.

Sighing, Kim picked up the glass and stared at its murky contents. After sniffing it, she cautiously took a sip. It was cold, and mildly carbonated. The sour flavor was not a familiar one. Taking another sip, she grimaced. There was something of an aftertaste, sort of like squash. With a little bit of cinnamon. Not exactly pleasant tasting.

"Okay." Ron gestured at Rufus who dragged away both the bottle and her glass. "Now write down what you think of it." He handed her a pen and a small clipboard. After she finished writing he gestured at Rufus again.

The second sample was lighter in color, almost orange. Taking a sip, Kim found it almost indistinguishable in taste from the previous one. Until she'd put down her empty glass and the aftertaste snuck up and grabbed her taste buds in a firm grip.

"What was that?" she gasped. The bottle gave no clues. The label had been replaced by a large number.

"It's a local brew. Mr. Barkin insisted we include it." Ron shrugged.

"Did you try it?" Kim asked.

"Umm... no." Ron admitted sheepishly. "Was it good?"

"I wouldn't give that to the Tweebs." Kim said, shuddering as the aftertaste continued to assault her taste-buds. "It was like drinking rotten pumpkin. No more of those, please and thank you."

"Kim... this is a theme event," Ron said. "Halloween? Remember?"

"Which means?" Kim asked.

"These all have pumpkin in them." He waved at the rest of the bottles on the table.

"Even those?" She pointed hopefully at several jugs covered in condensation at the far end of the table. Wasn't cider a very Halloween thing? There was bound to be some for her to taste.

"Pumpkin juice." Ron said.

"Pmpk'n" Rufus added.

Kim groaned at the thought of more liquid pumpkin. "Ron, I'm so not in the mood for this," she said, pushing back her chair and standing. Feeling slightly off balance, she grabbed the table to steady herself. "I've got better things to do than drink pumpkin flavored... things."

"What could be more important than helping us help Wade?" Ron asked, giving Kim a confused look. "Beverage steward is a time honored occupation. Right Rufus?"

"Uh-huh." Rufus said, nodding in agreement.

"That!" Kim pointed across the lawn to where Shego was systematically turning the dancing scarecrows into green tinted torches. "If she keeps that up there won't be any scarecrows left to guard the pumpkin patch."

"Guard it for who?" Ron asked, using the tone that told her he was just humoring her.

"Gee Ron, Halloween? Great Pumpkin? Don't you remember last year?" Kim shook her head at her best friend. He couldn't have already forgotten that they'd helped that Linus kid the year before.

"That's just a myth." Ron said. "Right, Rufus? We never actually saw anything." Rufus shrugged.

"So?" Kim took a deep breath, counting to ten as she let it out slowly. It wasn't worth fighting over, she had scarecrows to rescue. "Let me know when you want to leave. I'll be over there."

"What are you doing?" Kim yelled, standing at the edge of the pumpkin field.

"What does it look like, princess?" Shego asked, a series of backflips and a cartwheel putting her less than a yard away from Kim.

"Ruining Halloween," Kim stated. "I have to stop you. You know that." she said, crossing her arms.

"You can try." Shego said, grinning in a way that reminded Kim of the cat that had just eaten the canary.

"Dammit, Possible! Wake up!" a familiar voice shouted in her ears.

"Just a minute," Kim said, shifting her weight. "Shego's been a bad, bad girl. She needs to be punished."

"Shego isn't here," the voice said.

"She's right there!" Kim waved a hand at her smirking, green nemesis.

"You're crazier than normal, Possible."

"I'm not crazy. I can prove it!" Kim said. On a sudden impulse, she leaned forward and attempted to press her lips against Shego's. She didn't think you could kiss a mirage. But before their lips could touch, a wall of freezing cold water separated them. Gasping in shock, her eyes tightly closed, Kim tried to step back but was stopped by a wall. "Make it stop!" she shouted, the water soaking her to the skin.

"It's your own fault." the voice said, as the water seemed to magically stop.

Kim could feel the water dripping from her hair and clothes. She cautiously opened her eyes. Standing in front of her was an equally soaked Bonnie with blazing eyes. She looked so angry that Kim was surprised there wasn't any steam coming off of her.

"What's my fault?" Kim demanded shakily, hoping she hadn't almost kissed Bonnie. "And why are we in the shower? Together."

"You were fighting a Dali demon and breathed in."

"So?" Kim asked, trying to ignore the effect of the cold water on Bonnie's white t-shirt. A difficult feat with Bonnie blocking the door to the shower.

"Two things, Possible." Bonnie said, leaning against the door so she couldn't escape. "One, you don't fight demons. We all agreed that's my job. If you see a demon you call me. And two, the blood of a Dali demon turns into a hallucinogen when air touches it."

"I can do anything." Kim protested weakly, starting to shiver. She wondered if the blood of this Dali demon also caused amnesia. And if it was why she'd tried to kiss Shego. She hoped the effect wasn't permanent. Kim had no memory of fighting anything. She'd definitely have to ask Wade when she got home.

"Even die," Bonnie said bluntly. "You're lucky I showed up."

"Um, thanks." Kim mumbled, suddenly embarrassed. "Can I have a towel?"

Stepping out of the shower, Bonnie reached to her left and grabbed a towel from somewhere, throwing it at Kim. Without saying another word, she started drying herself off with another towel that seemed to magically appear.

Staring at herself in the mirror, Kim carefully pulled her brush through her hair. It wasn't her favorite color combination but she didn't have much choice. The neon green blouse Bonnie had leant her, combined with the dark orange leather pants she'd found in her locker made her look like a Halloween decoration. And it wasn't even Labor Day yet.

"Very festive." a voice said, followed by a soft giggle.

Turning around, Kim found herself looking into the eyes of the blonde who'd been haunting her dreams for the last few months. "Who are you?" she asked, hoping for an answer for once.

"You'll know soon enough. But not yet," she said, stepping closer. Brushing several stray hairs out of Kim's face, she spoke softly. "Impatience must be a slayer thing." She pointed towards the mirror.

Turning back around, Kim stared in confusion. Two women were visible in the mirror, putting on a display of fighting techniques only a slayer could follow. Leaning in closer, Kim could see that one of them was Bonnie and the other was the primitive looking woman who'd accompanied the blonde woman into Kim's dreams in the past.

"What's going on?" Kim turned in a circle, trying to find Bonnie. She had to be somewhere nearby if her reflection was appearing in the mirror. By the time she'd completed the circle, Kim had discovered that she was alone. The blonde, Bonnie, the other slayer, and the mirror were all gone. "Where'd everyone go?" Kim mumbled, lying down on the large beach towel at her feet.


"Oh, hey Wade. What's the sitch?" Kim turned her head slightly, watching him approach from the rooftop entrance, the dim light from a street light several stories below illuminating his face.

"Time to go home," he told her. "I can put a cot in your room, Kim." he added. "It's better than being up here on the roof. The paint's been dry for days."

"No big. I can see the stars up here," Kim said. "Besides, it's great for thinking about things," she added.


"Just things." Kim shrugged. She wasn't ready to tell him about her newest dream, although it was definitely of the lucid, slayer sort. There was just something personal about it. She wanted to keep it to herself for now. Like the other ones. Shego in one of her dreams wasn't completely unexpected, she'd been popping up for months along with the cryptic blonde, but Bonnie appearing was new. She wondered what it meant. This and the other dreams all seemed to be leading somewhere.

"Kim?" Wade interrupted her thoughts. "If you want company, I can stick around."

"What?" She shook her head in an attempt to clear it. "Sorry, I drifted off for a moment. No, I'm good."

Nodding in reply, Wade gave her a small smile before leaving her alone once more on the roof.

--- --- ---
[1] Although this dream is Halloween themed it occurs, in Kim's timeline, in early August.
[2] Additional disclaimer: The Great Pumpkin and Linus [van Pelt] belong to the estate of Charles M. Schulz. They've probably never heard of either Buffy or Kim Possible.
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