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Possible Dreams

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayer and the Green Girl". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A hero dreams of many things. Of the past, the future. Of life and death. But what do they dream when they become slayers?

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Cartoons > Kim Possible(Moderator)acsFR181019,62911913,95815 May 073 Jul 08Yes

Reality Based TV

Disclaimer: See Chapter 1. The Cliffs of Insanity belong to William Goldman. Possibly.
Spoilers: See Chapter 1. None.
Summary:Kim has another confusing dream. And Shego isn't amused.
Author's Notes:Not really much of a crossover this time.
Word count: 1,569 (6 of 10)

--- --- ---

Kim brushed her dripping hair away from her face and wiped the water from her eyes with her free hand. She tried to ignore the cold rain running down her nose, occasionally reaching her bruised chin. The sharp pain in the palm of her other hand where the rough metal railing dug into it was harder to ignore. If that had been her only means of support she would have fallen hours ago. Her feet were numb but still holding her up.

Any minute now Ron would show up and rescue her from this trap. Maybe this time he would still have his pants on. She couldn't remember who had created the trap - she'd been stuck here so long that details like that were a bit fuzzy - but she was sure it would come to her as soon as she was warm again.

The distinctive sound of wet rope slapping against the cement wall near her face almost caused Kim to jump back. Only her quick reflexes prevented her from plunging into the depths below. Reacting quickly, Kim grabbed the rope. It wasn't long enough to reach around her waist, the end just barely reaching her chin, so she wouldn't be able to use the end as a safety line.

Tugging on the rope with her hand, Kim tested it with her full weight. When she was satisfied that it would support her, Kim let go of the railing and grabbed the rope with both hands, dangling from it for several tense seconds before she started pulling herself up.

For every yard she climbed up, she slipped back a foot or two on the wet rope. It felt like she'd been going up for hours, up her very own Cliffs of Insanity but even if her watch hadn't been broken, there was no way she could check the time as she climbed.

--- --- ---

Reaching the top, Kim flopped over onto her back in the muddy grass, every muscle and joint in her arms and shoulders screaming in agony. She lay there forever before she could move again.

Slowly getting to her feet, Kim looked around. The first thing she noticed was the rope she'd been climbing. It ended several feet in front of her. It wasn't tied around anything but just lay there in the grass. Reaching down she tried to grab it with both hands but as soon as her fingers touched it the rope started moving, hissing as its end flew towards the edge she'd just climbed over, roughly grabbing at her already sore palms.

In shock, Kim stared where it'd disappeared for a minute, flexing her hands against the stinging. Taking a shaky breath at the close call, she moved away from the edge. At some point she was bound to run into Ron and they could figure out how to get home.

Several dozen yards ahead was a large circle of light, aimed towards the ground like a spotlight. As Kim approached it, everything else seemed to fade away. Stepping into the light, she inhaled sharply as her clothes dried in a quick flash, enveloping her in musty smelling steam. Turning around, she tried to look back the way she thought she'd come but there wasn't anything visible in the dim light.

Turning the rest of the way around, the only thing she could see while in the bright light was a distant wall that seemed to shimmer, almost as if it were moving. Taking a deep, calming breath, Kim stepped out of the spotlight towards the nearest end of the wall. Her feet made no noise as she walked, random thoughts running through her mind about symbolism and metaphor and what everything meant. She was beginning to suspect this was another of those confusing, not quite lucid, slayer dreams. Now all she needed was Shego, the mysterious blonde and the scary neolithic First Slayer.

Approaching the wall, Kim discovered that it was covered in large tv screens, all of them showing something. The wall's movement from earlier now made more sense. As soon as she was close enough to make out what she was seeing they started to change. It was an almost discernible wave, going from short clips of Shego in mostly unfamiliar places, doing things she was sure she wouldn't approve of, to scenes from her own life. And not just fluffy moments.

More than one of the scenes showed times when she'd let the stress of juggling Team Possible, her family, her friends, cheerleading, and school get to her and she'd exploded in a huge emotional avalanche. Or when she'd behaved like the spoiled brat she tried so hard not to be. Sure, there was the occasional triumph - stopping DNAmy, or stopping Senior Sr. Senior and Senior Senior Jr., or stopping an alien invasion with Ron.

But the emotional baggage outweighed the good stuff. Laughing the first time Ron's pants had fallen down. Fighting with Bonnie over some trivial cheer routine. Monique telling her some home truths after her breakup with Ron. Discovering she was a slayer. And getting in over her head more than once trying to prove she was just as much a slayer as Bonnie.

She must have walked several miles, trying really hard to ignore the constant 'This Is Your Life' moments, before she noticed she wasn't alone. Staring up at the wall was Shego. And not a happy Shego. She could only guess what her sometime nemesis was seeing.

There was another shift in the visible clips as she got closer. Moments between Sego and herself started to replace the ones with just one of them.

Shego must have seen her at least a mile ago, Kim thought, taking in her tense stance, but she continued to stare at the monitors.

"It's your fault," Shego said, not relaxing. If anything, she seemed even more tense.

"My fault? What do I have to do with this?" Kim waved a hand at the wall.

"You've been dragging me into your dreams for weeks now," Shego grumbled, giving Kim a sideways glance.

"Have not!" Kim said. "And if it's my dream, you aren't really here anyway."

"Then this won't hurt a bit," Shego said, turning to face Kim, a small ball of green plasma floating above one outstretched hand.

"Shego..." Kim said, stepping back to give herself more room to maneuver. Real or not, getting in the way of one of Shego's plasma attacks could lead to a ferociously bad time. If it wasn't for the special shampoos Wade had cooked up for her, her hair would be permanently frizzy from all of the close calls.

"She's right. Partially," a familiar voice said, speaking from the darkness, startling both of them.

"Oof." Before she had a chance to react, Kim found herself knocked out of the way of Shego's plasma ball by the neolithic slayer. Trying to get up, she found herself pinned to the ground by the almost naked woman. And she seemed to be humming? "Hey! You can let go of me now." Kim mumbled.

"She thinks you smell nice." the blonde said, giggling as she stepped into the light.

"Tell her to smell someone else," Kim heard Shego growl.

Suddenly free, Kim rolled to her feet. The slayer was circling a confused looking Shego. Kim cautiously joined the blonde. "What's she doing now?"

"She's curious. She's never seen anything like your friend's powers in a non-demon," the blonde said.

"She's not my friend." Kim said, trying not to laugh at Shego.

"Really?" the blonde looked at her for a second before staring intently at Shego for a minute. "She's your something. Otherwise she wouldn't be here."

"Why is she in my dream? I didn't bring her here." Kim asked, wondering how long it would be before the blonde started being cryptic again.

"No, but a slayer's dreams are special. She wouldn't be able to travel here if you didn't want her to."

"See, it's your fault." Shego said, joining them, finally tiring of her shadow. "Interrupting my sleep."

"She didn't say that." Kim said, glancing warily at Shego's hands. "Right?"

"You'll figure it out." The blonde blew across her palm. A cloud of sparkling dust flew at Kim and Shego. "Eventually." Kim heard her mutter before everything went dark.

--- --- ---

The sound of her kimmunicator woke Kim. Sitting up she wiped the water off of her face and pulled it out of its waterproof pocket. The storm had delayed her pickup by more than an hour and the barn she'd found shelter in wasn't much, giving new meaning to the word leaky. "Talk to me Wade." Kim said, flipping it on.

"Hey Kim. Looking soggy."

"Hadn't noticed." she said sarcastically, squeezing the end of her ponytail with her free hand, producing a stream of water he couldn't miss.

"Okay..." Wade said. "Your ride should be there in 10."


"Yeah?" She could hear the tell-tale sound of his keyboard.

"Can you look something up for me?"


"Slayer dreams." Kim paused for a second. "It's no big but could you get the 411 on slayers sharing dreams?"

"Got it."

Looking up she could hear something in the air. "Looks like my ride is here." Kim said. "I'll talk with you tomorrow. Should be dried out by then." Not waiting for an answer, Kim shoved the kimmunicator back in its pocket and stepped out of the barn.
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