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Possible Dreams

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayer and the Green Girl". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A hero dreams of many things. Of the past, the future. Of life and death. But what do they dream when they become slayers?

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Cartoons > Kim Possible(Moderator)acsFR181019,62911913,95815 May 073 Jul 08Yes


Disclaimer: See Chapter 1. Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson belong to whomever came up with the idea of Stargate and owns it now (It's a long list).
Spoilers: See Chapter 1. None.
Summary:Are visions dreams? With sand?
Author's Notes:This idea looked much better in my head than it ended up being. Some of the characters might be a bit OOC. Or not. This one really deserves a longer interaction between Kim and the other characters.
04-May-2011: Slight timeline adjustment: Jack's still a Colonel, not a General.
Word count: 2,668 (7 of 10)

Kim leaned forward towards the crackling fire. She'd lost track of the time more than once watching the hypnotic movements of the flames roaring just feet in front of her face. She was either too close, her skin feeling like it was melting from the heat, or so far away that she could imagine the frost forming on her cheeks from the cold. There was no good place to sit. Trying to find just the right spot was tricky. The log she'd dragged closer to sit on was smooth, almost slippery, as if it had been the seat for countless others before her.

The vision quest had been Wade's idea, after she'd gotten in his way one time too many at their new Go City headquarters, and their contact in Cleveland had agreed with him. Then Ron, he of the short attention span, had also agreed with them that she needed to do something about her restlessness. It had been a shock. He was usually more tolerant of her quirks.

In her more petty moments, she wondered if it had anything to do with all the time he wasn't spending with Yuri. It was either that or he'd actually remembered some of that slayer management training from Cleveland. She suspected it was Yuri's influence. Sure, some of those missions had been really trivial. She hadn't really needed Ron's help with voter registration in Middleton or filling in during story time at the Library of Congress. But he was her best friend and she wanted to spend time with him.

But it really wasn't the same feeling she got from needing to take her slayerness out for a spin anyway. That was more like overdosing on caffeine and sugar. An hour or three in the gym or a fight with Shego helped blunt that feeling, but not this one.

The restlessness had been especially bad for the last week but Shego wasn't answering her phone, Bonnie was in Cleveland, and she couldn't go out and fight crime in the city to deal with it. Hego was already uber-prickly about Team Possible moving to his city.

No matter how many times she told him that they wasn't interested in taking over Team Go's territory he still got huffy when he saw her, a more common occurrence now that Ron had switched his allegiance to the Bueno Nacho that Hego managed. She wasn't looking forward to him finding out that Shego would be visiting her occasionally. Or that she had no plans to try to convince his sister to return to Team Go. Shego was barely civil now for some reason she refused to explain, even under the influence of her well honed puppy-dog pout.

With summer almost over and things calmed down from the excitement of her trip to Cleveland, Kim was once more having the feeling that she should do something more with her life than go to college and be a part of Team Possible. It wasn't that she was worried about the future of Team Possible, and she was actually looking forward to going to college, even if Bonnie was also going to be there. Even the upcoming move to Go City wasn't stressing her.

But something was out of whack. She'd been trying to figure out what was wrong for weeks. She was almost sure it was just that she had too much time to think. But everyone else thought a vision quest would cure her.

Which had led her to here, struggling to keep her eyes open, in a clearing in Silver Creek Park, Minnesota, the closest warrior's grove to Middleton. The fire had already been burning when she'd dropped out of the sky but she hadn't seen anyone when she'd landed. Or when she'd put up her small tent. She'd looked around after she'd finished folding her parachute and changed out of her flight suit into her more vision quest-ish mission clothes but hadn't found any signs of anyone else.

Now, according to Wade and Mr. Barkin, all she had to do was wait and she would get the answer she needed. She suspected it wasn't fourty-two. But maybe she would at least leave the grove in the morning with the question.

The sounds of thousands of voices racing towards her drowned out the whispering breeze. Opening her eyes, Kim looked around at a completely different landscape. While her eyes had been closed the trees that surrounded her had been replaced by rocks and sand. Lots of sand. A desert full.

Pushing herself to her feet, Kim looked around nervously. The voices still murmuring in the background kept her company as she circled the now roaring bonfire. Twice. Turning around to make a circuit in the opposite direction, Kim found herself facing the First Slayer and the mysterious nameless blonde.

"So? Do I finally find out who you are?" Kim asked, trying to ignore Sineya's inspection of her mission outfit. "Sineya is the First Slayer and in deep need of a new outfit. And a haircut. But you've never introduced yourself."

"Who I am isn't important," the blonde said, frowning at her. "Why are you here?"

Kim shrugged, not having a good answer. Her current problems seemed too trivial to involve this being and the First Slayer.

"Never mind, that was rhetorical." The blonde shook her head. "A vision quest is not always the best way to discover your purpose in life. It's not for everyone, no matter what certain Watchers think."

"So I can go?" Kim asked, trying not to appear too eager. "And do you have wisdom to share before I jet?"

"You're near a lake. She says you need to spend the day fishing," the blonde said, winking.

"Okay..." Kim looked at Sineya who gave her an encouraging nod and a shove. Out of the corner of one eye Kim could see the blonde throwing some kind of powder towards the fire before everything faded away. Kim was really getting tired of the whole mystic dust as conversation ender thingy.

A sudden shower dowsed the bonfire, the hissing steam waking Kim up. Getting up quickly, Kim dove into her tent. Wincing at the prickly feeling in her legs, Kim dug out her kimmunicator to check for any messages. If she called Wade now he would find her a ride. But she wasn't ready to leave yet. That could wait until she had a chance to use the advice she'd just been given. She wasn't sure what was so important about fishing but she was a Possible and fishing didn't scare her.

Pulling off her damp clothes, Kim crawled into her sleeping bag. There were still a couple hours until dawn. It wouldn't hurt to take a quick nap before she went in search of the lake and its fish.

She'd been walking all morning before she stumbled onto the dirt track. It didn't really qualify as a road but she'd seen worse. Hopefully she wouldn't have to climb a mountain to get to the lake. Assuming she'd picked the right random direction to walk in to find it. Her tent and parachute were made from some fancy high tech material Wade had found that folded up unbelievably small but her small knapsack was stuffed with clothes and other necessities for an overnight stay in the woods. Even with her slayer strength, a long hike would eventually wear her out.

She followed the track for almost an hour before it ended in a small clearing with a cabin to one side next to a lake. From a distance the cabin looked well cared for but unoccupied. Cautiously entering the clearing Kim headed towards the small lake.

Dropping her knapsack at the edge of the small dock, Kim rummaged around in it for a minute. Finding the small wilderness survival kit she'd started carrying the summer before, after a bad experience while tracking down one of Dementor's psych-warfare labs, she pulled it out, adding a couple energy bars for lunch. Sitting at the end of the dock, Kim opened up the kit and took out one of the fish hooks and some line.

Baiting the hook with a small piece of one of the energy bar, Kim tossed the end into the water and made herself comfortable as she ate. She didn't expect to catch anything this way but that wasn't the point. If the First Slayer thought she should go fishing she wasn't going to argue.

She'd been there for an hour enjoying the warm weather with no bites - of fish or mosquitos, when the sound of a truck interrupted the quiet. Glancing over her shoulder, Kim watched as a large SUV with Colorado plates pulled up to the cabin. It sat there for several minutes before two men got out and headed towards her.

"Catch anything?" the older, gray haired man asked.

"No," Kim answered, giving him a small smile, wondering if they were going to ask her to leave. Something about him was tweaking her subconscious. Not in a 'Danger, Will Robinson' kind of way but in a 'reminded her of Betty Director' kind of way. Someone who expected to be in charge.

"There aren't any fish in the lake," the younger one said, adjusting his glasses, reminding her of at least one Watcher she'd met in Cleveland.

"That's not the point Danny," the older man said, winking at her.

"Jack, fishing requires fish."

Jack ignored him. Turning to Kim, he said "You're welcome to join us for lunch Miss..."

"Kim, Kim Possible," Kim said, taking the hint. "No thank you, I ate earlier," she said politely. Before either of them could respond, the distinctive sound of the kimmunicator blared out. "Excuse me," she said, putting down her line before standing up to pull it out of a pocket.

"We'll be up at the cabin if you're interested," Jack said.

Kim nodded before turning away from them to answer the incoming voice call. Out of the corner of one eye she watched the two men turn around and head back to their truck.

"Hey Kim," Ron said. "How'd it go last night."

"Okay, I guess," Kim said. "I think I saw the First Slayer."

"Wow." She could hear the surprise in his voice. "Did she say anything?"

"She told me I needed to go fishing," Kim said, wishing she could see his face.

"Fishing? Aren't you in the middle of the woods?"

"There's a lake," Kim said. "But apparently no fish."

"How do you know that?"

"I've been sitting here for hours and I haven't caught anything," Kim said. "Besides, the old man who lives here says there aren't any fish."

"Okay," Ron said. "When are you coming back? Did you want to join us for dinner?"

"Us is who?" Kim asked curiously.

"Anyone in the 'lair. Bueno Nacho has a new delivery service," Ron told her excitedly.

"Pass," Kim said. "Mom is expecting me home for a late dinner tonight."

"Gotcha," Ron said. "Do you want Wade to arrange a pick-up?"

"No, I'll call him, thanks," Kim said. "I'll talk to you tomorrow. Later, Ron."
Hanging up, Kim immediately called Wade.

"Hey Wade, I need some info. And a ride home."

"Sure thing, Kim."

"Can you check out this license plate?" She quickly rattled off the number.


"No big, just curious," Kim told him.

Kim could hear keys clicking away for a minute. She idly wondered if his keyboard was really that noisy or if it was just a sound effect.

"Belongs to a Colonel Jack O'Neill. He works at NORAD outside of Colorado Springs. Their security is better than Global Justice's. His records at the Pentagon are blacked out even more than those Rangers who work with the Council. If you want me to dig up more it'll take some time."

"Any pictures?"

"Just a driver's license," Wade said, shrugging.

A picture of Jack appeared on the kimmunicator. "That's him," Kim said. "I was fishing near his cabin and he invited me to lunch."

"Fishing? You?"

"Yes. Me." Kim tried not to laugh at the astounded look on his face. "I'll explain later. Can you arrange that ride for me for late afternoon? Something inconspicuous? Please and thank you."

"You're the boss," Wade said, winking at her.

"We all know who's really in charge," Kim said, "and it isn't me."

"Rufus!" they both said at once. Giggling, Kim said goodbye and put away the kimmunicator before sitting back down on the dock. She still had a couple hours to find that non-existent fish and to figure out why Sineya thought she should go fishing.

"Help yourself to a soda," Jack said, putting a cooler down at the end of the dock, before heading back to the cabin. He returned five minutes later, fishing pole in one hand, folding chair in the other, along with his friend.

"So what brings you out here?" he asked. "Shouldn't you be off at some Global Justice training camp for new agents?"

"Global Justice?" Kim felt her face go blank. Obviously the Colonel knew who she was.

"Jack!" His friend burst out. "Shouldn't you introduce yourself first before you interrogate her?"

"Right." He shook his head at his friend. "The one with manners over there is Daniel Jackson. I'm..."

"Colonel Jack O'Neill. U.S. Air Force," Kim interjected. "You do something for NORAD."

"Huh." Jack gave her a piercing look. "So, Global Justice."

"I don't work for Dr. Director," Kim said. "She'll send work our way but we're independent."

"You'll have to tell me how you escaped her clutches," Jack said.

"Some day," Kim said, taking a sip from her soda.

"Does anyone outside of GJ know you're a free agent?" Jack asked. "You must be drowning in recruiters."

"We're officially a non-profit NGO," Kim told him. "We're too busy to be recruited."

"Ah." Jack nodded, taking a sip of beer.

Kim turned to his friend while Jack set himself up on the dock. "So, Mr. Jackson, you didn't say what you do. Are you in the Air Force also?"

"Archeologist and linguist," he said. "I consult for one of Jack's projects." He looked at her intently for a few moments. "What brings you here?"

"Parachute," Kim said, winking at him.

"And?" He prodded, ignoring the exasperated sigh from his friend.

"My friends thought I needed to get away from everything for a few days," Kim told him. "But the whole vision question thing? Total bust."

"Vision quest? Is that common in your peer group?" Daniel asked, watching her curiously. "Usually it's something a shaman or holy warrior attempts."

Kim shrugged, having no desire to tell him how close he was with the 'holy warrior' idea. "No idea. Had the vision thing but the spirits were a bit tweaked that I was there and told me to go fishing instead."

"Smart spirits," Jack said.

It had been a rare stress free afternoon. Sitting on the dock, using a borrowed fishing pole, answering random questions from Jack and Daniel. She even caught one of the fish that wasn't supposed to be in the lake.

She'd just released it back into the lake when her kimmunicator beeped to indicate her ride was approaching. "My ride will be here in a minute," Kim told them, "Thanks for letting me hang out today. I really needed it."

"Sure, You betcha," Jack said.

Packing her bag, Kim could hear the low pitched whisper of a Global Justice helicopter running in stealth mode. Looking up, Kim could just barely see the outline of the machine against the sky.

"Fancy ride," Jack told her. "If you ever feel like you need a different challenge give me a call."

"Thanks," Kim said, frowning at the rope descending from the helicopter. "Hopefully they'll take me straight home," she muttered. Grabbing the rope, Kim stepped into the loop at its end, waving at the two men as it pulled her up into the sky.
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