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Possible Dreams

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayer and the Green Girl". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A hero dreams of many things. Of the past, the future. Of life and death. But what do they dream when they become slayers?

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Cartoons > Kim Possible(Moderator)acsFR181019,62911913,96815 May 073 Jul 08Yes

Paris Is Burning

Disclaimer: See Chapter 1. The immortal idea? Belongs to a whole bunch of different people who aren't me. Possibly even the ones planning a Highlander remake.
Spoilers: See Chapter 1. None.
Summary: The weirdness continues - from Vikings to space stations.
Author's Notes: There might also be a Star Wars reference or two. If you squint hard enough.
Word count: 1,407 (9 of 10) (1 more to go!)

--- --- ---

Kim stood on the rocky shore watching it burn. She'd run as fast and as hard as possible to get there even though she'd known she would be too late to stop what had quickly become a funeral pire. She'd felt her death through their connection. A sharp blast of pain and love. And then nothing. For an infinitely long second Kim's heart had stopped. She wasn't even sure if it had started up again.

The pillar of smoke had been visible more than a kilometer away. Now, so close she could smell the distinctive odor of burning leather and flesh, and hear the roaring flames, the dragon head on the boat's prow was barely visible as it rocked slowly in the incoming tide. Burn marks, from both blasters and plasma, were revealed by the shifting wind.

There was smoke everywhere and flames everywhere else. The occasional jet of green flame would reach upward as the fire reached something flamable. The charred remains of their enemy's minions bobbed like apples in the surf.

Even as recently as a century ago she would have hurled herself into the blaze, unwilling to go on without her, but she'd grown since then. They'd been together for a long time but Kim had been under no illusion that Shego would live forever. The comet power that had fueled her existence could only keep her going for so long and there had been recent signs of it weakening. But not like this. They hadn't even had time to say goodbye.

Kim knew she would have plenty of time to curse her own immortality later. But first there was the matter of revenge. Only one person would have dared to attack them here.

--- --- ---

She'd been chasing him for decades, from one planet to the next, but he was slippery. No matter how often she thought she'd cornered him, he always managed to escape. Along the way she'd picked up the occasional scare that her quickening wouldn't heal, her body honed to a single purpose.

It was a small backwater planet. Looking down from the orbiting station, it was like looking at an empty Earth. There was a huge automated C Corp transfer station and a few small mining settlements. But nothing to indicate why he'd led her here.

Kim instinctively dropped to the deck at the familiar humming-buzzing sound of a light saber cutting through the space where she'd been standing milliseconds before. Before she stopped rolling to her left, her own light saber was gripped in her right hand, its green blade blocking the downward chop of her assailant's weapon seconds later.

"We meet again, Kim Possible!" her old foe Zorpox hissed, his blue skin glistening in the harsh light of the upper docking bay.

Kim merely grunted as she pushed him back to give her enough room to stand. Witty banter could wait.

She couldn't completely prevent a reaction to the sight of a large troop of syntho-drones standing behind him. Escape had now become a priority. She desired revenge, not suicide.

"Not so confident now are you." he said, grinning evilly, detecting her dismay. "You should have died with her," he added. "You're nothing without her. A nuisance. Not worth my time."

Behind her was freedom, of a sort. The center of the station was weightless. All she had to do was jump off the walkway into it and the rotation would take her out of his reach. If she could avoid getting shot by one of his minions or missing and falling twenty levels to her death. It was only ten meters in light gravity.

Keeping her light sabre pointed at Zorpox, Kim prepared herself for the jump. Just as she flipped over the railing, Zorpox darted forward, slashing at her with his weapon. Everything went black for a moment.

--- --- ---

Wondering how she'd so misjudged the distance, Kim rolled over onto her back and pushed herself up, surprised she wasn't splattered all over the lower level. Shakily getting to her feet, she looked around. The place was featureless. Everything was white. It was a huge, empty room. A warm breeze blew in her face. Maybe she was dead, she thought.

The ceiling was far above her head, the walls way off in the distance, and the floor below her. And it was so quiet she could hear herself breathing. It must be heaven, or some place in between, Kim thought, going back over the last thing she remembered - the sharp pain, the smell of flesh burning, and the weightlessness of free-fall. And then nothing. She wondered if it had been another dream. Her memories of her life with Shego and chasing Zorpox were already fading.

She looked down at herself. She was dressed in a long, flowing gown. White like the room. Not her normal style or color. And no signs of what must have killed her in the dream, if it wasn't the fall. She had all of her fingers; she counted all of her toes. Pulling at the collar, she looked at herself. Nothing. Not a scrape or bruise.

And no sense of time. She'd had to develop a good sense of time over the years. Knowing how long they had before a villains lair was going to self destruct; or how long to get somewhere when she couldn't look at her watch had come in handy over the years. But in this place, it was like all of the clocks and timers in her head had stopped.

"Good imagination, kid," a voice said, in a distinctive accent.

The sudden sounds caused her to jump, landing facing the person who had suddenly appeared.

"Good reflexes too," He said with a smirk.

"Who are you?" Kim asked. He just grinned at her. It wasn't a comforting look, reminding her of some of the more disreputable minions she'd run into in the past.

"Whistler!" a familiar voice said, in not quite a yell. "What did you do!"

"Hey Blondie," he said, turning so that he was facing both the blonde and Kim. "Fancy meeting you here."

"Why did you bring her here," she demanded. "She's not one of yours. Leave her alone."

"They were curious," he said, winking at Kim. She wondered who 'they' were. She assumed the oddly dressed man was called Whistler.

"They aren't going to play their games with her," the blonde told him.

"The only one playing games is you," he said. "They have just as much right as the others."

"No, they really don't." Blondie said, stepping between him and Kim.

As they started to argue, the room around Kim started to fade away

--- --- ---

Sitting up, Kim wiped the drool from her cheek. It'd been risky taking a nap in Wade's office but the only other options were to go home or sleep in her car. Hopefully she'd managed to turn all of the cameras off. She'd hashed out rules about her privacy with Wade years ago but his office was a grey area. She really didn't want pictures of her sleeping showing up on the Internet.

"What's that?" Kim asked, getting up. Wade was looking at pictures containing familiar, though much younger faces.

"It's a new history of the Council of Watchers," he told her. "These are the original Scoobies."

"Who's that?" Kim asked, pointing as a picture of Willow Rosenberg and a very familiar looking blonde flashed by on the screen.

"Willow and her first girlfriend," Wade said, pausing the slide show. "She died the year before she activated all of those slayers."

"I've seen her before," Kim muttered. "Does she have a name?"


"Well... ?" Kim prompted impatiently.

"Tara Maclay."

"Thanks." Kim thought for a moment. "Could you check something for me?"

"Sure. What do you need?"

"Can you look up someone called 'Whistler' for me?" Kim asked. "Please?"

"Just a name?" Wade asked, his fingers flying over his keyboard.

"He's short, dresses like a refugee from 'Flashdance'." Kim said. "Sort of like the boyfriend of the main character's sister. And some kind of East Coast city accent. I didn't hear enough to know exactly."

"Flashdance?" Wade looked at her in surprise.

"It's Mom's favorite musical." Kim said, her fingers crossed behind her back, hoping he would believe her. She didn't want to explain why she was watching 80's dance-porn. That way led to badness. And green plasma in potentially sensitive places.

"If you say so, Kim." Wade winked at her.

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