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Slayer Evil

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayer Evil". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: During her stay in Los Angeles after killing Angel, the Umbrella Corporation captures Buffy after seeing some 'interesting' videos of a young girl who's not what she seems...

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilBillGopherFR181027,50124018,62015 May 0718 Jun 08Yes

Chapter Ten

Slayer Evil

Author's Note - This is it people, the final chapter until book 2 "Slayer Apocalypse"

Chapter Ten

Spence ran quickly towards the train station and the train engine where the only way out was waiting for him. Sitting down on the far end of the train platform next to the train, Spence put the case down and opened it taking out the anti-virus and getting ready to give himself an injection. [One shot and I'm good to go and get all my money!] Spence thought pleased with himself and his success in escaping this little hell-hole. A sound echoed in the room and Spence looked around even as he put the needle to his arm. As he was about to inject himself with the anti-virus something made him look up first, just in time to see a large, nightmarish creature dropping down on top of him. "Fuck me," was all Spence had time to say before claws slashed through his body and he screamed........


Everyone watched as the two heat signatures merged and when they separated, one signature was fading away while the other one seemed to get larger.

“So when were you going to tell us about that thing?” Alice asked acidly.

“Because she wasn't. This was your insurance policy, wasn't it?” Buffy asked the Red Queen for everyone else's benefit, as she wasn't surprised.

"I didn't think any of you would make it this far...not without further infection." The Red Queen replied.

“So you just let this monster loose to kill us…you bitch!" Rainne snarled as she leaned against Kaplan, feeling exhausted.

“You must understand. I am not doing this because of any malice on my part, but I do have a responsibility to insure that this virus is not allowed to spread any further..." The Red Queen says with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“So what is this creature?” Buffy asked, wanting to know more about what it was that was coming for them.

“It is a bio-mechanical weapon of the highest order. It was one of the earlier experiments produced by the HIVE and using the same genetic material as the T-Virus. You released it accidentally in the specimen room where you first encountered the ‘zombies’ as you call them. As it consumes more DNA, the larger and more dangerous it becomes...” The Red Queen answered. “However, this is an option for some of you...”

"What?" Kaplan spoke up weakly for the first time in a while.

"I require a sacrifice or two I should say. Not all of you are infected and I show that the S.T.A.R.S. agent, Rainne, has lost a significant amount of her blood, approximately 12.7% to be precise. You're not leaving this complex alive I'm afraid." Again, true sorrow can be heard in the Red Queen's voice. "You're chances are even slimmer Specialist Kaplan...”

"So what is it that you want?" Alice asked finally after several heartbeats of silence.

"A sacrifice, for their lives I will give you the access code to escape from here." The Red Queen answered simply. Just then something slammed against the far wall from the outside.

"I would hurry if I were you. At this point, even the security wall will not last for long against the creature..."

The creature threw itself at the wall 2 more times, before the glass and steel started to bend and warp, allowing them to get a glimpse of the creature for the first time. The creature was massive, standing on four legs and had a large head with an equally large set of mandibular jaws open wide showing off rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. A large section of the creatures brain was visible as well, but it is the long tongue that shot out 6' and Alice managed to twist just out of the way to avoid being impaled by the twin-forked tongue.

"We gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!" Kaplan yells out loud.

"LET US OUT"! Alice yelled furiously at the Red Queen.

“ unt......" The Red Queen mumbled suddenly and the red 'on' light of the camera disappeared.

"What the...?" Alice said as she looked around and saw Kaplan smiling broadly.

"Guess she thought we lost this!" Kaplan said holding up the EMP control device.

With a push the door slid open a few inches and everyone moved to push the door all the way open just as the wall suddenly gave way and the creature jumped into the room. Everyone was out the door and slamming it closed when there was a sudden CLICK as the door shut and locked.

“That shouldn't have happened, should it?” Buffy said pretty certain, electronic doors don't lock when there's no electricity.

"No, not as far as I know. But let's get out of here before we get locked in." Kaplan answered Buffy with a grimace of pain.


The five ran down the corridor back to the train station as fast as possible, only slowing once they entered the station and saw the train still waiting.


"Kaplan, you take Rainne and Matt and get the train ready to go." Alice snapped out orders even as she saw a body at the far end of the train.

Buffy limped slowly towards the train and only stopped when she leaned against the railing, the run having exhausted her reserves of energy.

Alice walked toward the body and saw only the upper torso of Spence lying in a large pool of blood and viscera. Looking over at a pillar, Alice saw a fire axe and walked over, picking it up before moving back towards Spence. As she neared the torso turned and an inhuman howl came from the Spence-zombie. Alice watched as the Spence-zombie used its arms to pull itself towards her.

Bracing the axe in her hands as the Spence-zombie neared, Alice waited until it was just close enough, took one step back and brought the axe down into the Spence-zombie's head, killing it. Dropping the axe, Alice took the wedding band off her finger and dropped it next to Spence. "Consider this your divorce notice..." Alice said with a hint of contempt and walked over to where the case still sat. Quickly she double-checked to make sure that everything was still there, locked the case and walked back towards the train.

"All aboard for the express train *out* of hell!" Alice heard Matt's voice call out as she grabbed the railing and pulled herself up onto the train.

Sliding the door open Alice walked into the train car and let the door slide closed behind her. Rainne sat on the floor, braced against the wall across from her, near her was Buffy who seemed to be sleeping. Walking over, Alice opened the case and pulled out a vial with the antidote, placing it into the large syringe. "You ready?"

"Like you really have to ask?" Rainne asked sarcastically.

With that Alice slid the long needle into a vein in Rainne's left arm and squeezed the trigger, injecting the anti-virus into Rainne's blood. "You should be okay," Alice said as she brushed some hair out of Rainne's face.

Alice got up and went to Kaplan who was in the control room for the train car. "Your turn," Alice said, "Rainne's already got her shot."

"You don't have to ask me twice!" Kaplan said with a small smile as he pushed up the sleeve on his right arm.

Alice slid the needle into Kaplan's arm and injected him with the anti-virus. "How long?"

"We should be out with about 2 minutes to spare before the gate closes the HIVE off for good..." Kaplan answered. "Plenty enough time as long as we don’t run into any problems on the track..."

With a pat on Kaplan's shoulder, Alice turned and walked out of the cab, passing Matt as he walked in. Turning to her left Alice saw Buffy still seemingly asleep on the floor. "She still out?" Alice asked out loud.

“Yeah, been that way since they brought her ass in," Rainne replied testily.

Kneeling down next to Buffy, Alice reached over to check Buffy's temperature when a hand shot up and grabbed her wrist.

"Yes?" Buffy asked, her eyes finally opening and looking directly at Alice before opening her hand and letting Alice's wrist go.

"Just checking to see if you were okay..."

"Pretty much, I'm just really tired right now. It's been a long whatever down here..." Buffy said with a trace of anger in her voice that didn't match the tired look on her face.

"Uh yeah." Alice mumbled her reply and noticed that Rainne had her eyes closed and her head leaning against the wall. If she was breathing Alice couldn't tell. Quickly, Alice drew her Beretta and aimed it at Rainne's head, tears forming in her eyes as she waited. One moment passes and then another when Rainne's eyes snap open and she grabbed the gun by her forehead. "I'm not dead yet, thank you..."

Lowering the gun Alice leaned forward and hugged Rainne closely, happy that grumpy Rainne wasn't dead. "I'm glad to hear it you annoying bitch..." Alice whispered tiredly into Rainne's ear, before moving back when a sudden thump hit the train and it shook slightly. Loud footsteps echoed on the ceiling as something moved around outside...

Kaplan felt the engine car shake as something hit it, quickly checking the mainboard, nothing seemed out of the ordinary as the train raced down the tracks at 175 KPH. Kaplan only had a moment to react as something punched its claws through the door and ripped it off, a moment later a clawed hand reached in and pulled him out of the cab, screaming as he was impaled by something.

Matt stared in shock for several seconds before turning and throwing the door open as he dashed into the main section of the train.


Buffy was up the instant she heard the sound of tearing metal and saw Matt run out of the cab a few moments later into the main car. Grabbing the door Buffy slammed it shut just in time to see something hit the door and leave a large indentation. Quickly, Buffy threw the top and bottom locks, bolting the door in place in time to see the door buckle further under another impact. Looking around the room, Buffy pointed to Alice and then at the roof and saw Alice nod. Before she could say anything to Matt, a clawed hand ripped through the wall next to him, slicing his upper arm open. Running towards the back door Buffy reached it in time to see the door take two successive hits before it flew off its hinges towards her. Twisting wildly as she jumped to the right, Buffy managed to avoid being turned to paste by the steel door only to slam her head into the wall and slid down bonelessly.

Alice saw a large, nightmarish creature with a huge head and jaws and no eyes drop into the car. Dropping into a shooting position on one knee, Alice fired 3 rounds, all directly into the exposed portion of the brain of the creature. Only to see in horror, that not only did it *not* die, but its tongue shoot out across the room and wrap around her leg, and start pulling her towards it. Alice dropped the gun as her hands grabbed the grating underneath her and stopped her progress only a a few feet away from the creature. Alice heard a loud sound and turned her head to see Matt pushing a hanging net of pipes towards her head. Timing it as it moved, Alice ducked at the last second and the pipes caught the creature full in the face driving it back as it roared in pain. Pipes flew everywhere and Alice felt something catch her in the chest knocking her backwards. Her chest throbbed painfully and Alice saw the tongue lash out towards her and caught it this time, using her other free hand to grab a smaller pipe and use it to impale the creatures tongue into the grating below.


Matt saw that his trick had worked and Alice was free when a sound caught his attention from behind and he turned to see Rainne standing up with an hungry look in her eyes even as she hissed at him. "MATT!! OPEN THE GRATING!!!" Matt heard Alice yell, even as he hesitated between helping Alice or shooting Rainne. Matt saw Rainne charge him and he fought to keep her off of him as she fought to bite him even as she clawed at him. With a hard shove Matt pushed Rainne backwards and he heard Alice again calling for him to open the doors. Matt saw the red button he needed to get to behind Rainne and as she moved again, Matt fired once, the bullet hitting Rainne in her forehead and she fell backwards and into the red button.


Alice was wondering what was going on when she heard a single shot fired, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the creature, a few seconds later the gate opened up under the creature and it dropped down onto the tracks. Within seconds the creature started glow red where it was being dragged and a fire started to burn the creature. After another minute the tongue burnt though and what was left of the creature tumbled away behind the train as it sped away. Lifting the pipe out Alice tossed it and the tongue attached to it down to the tracks. Turning around behind her Alice saw Matt, bleeding but alive and Rainne lying on the car floor by the wall in a pool of blood. Alice moved to the wall and hit the button that lifted the grating back into place."You okay?" Alice asked Matt tiredly as every muscle in her body screamed in protest.

"Yeah. What about her though?" Matt asked, gesturing towards the girl Buffy.

"Shit! Go check the controls, I'll check on Buffy..." Alice said, her exhaustion falling away as she moved to check where Buffy was lying.

Alice kneeled down next to Buffy and checked for a pulse, to her surprise Buffy not only was alive but she was looking up at her from where she was on the floor.

"Anyone got the number of the mack truck that hit me?" Buffy said weakly as she tried to grin.

Alice found herself smiling back, "You are one tough little girl, you know that?"

"It's not that I'm short, you just are too tall!" Buffy quipped back as she moved upright and leaned against the wall. "So what happened to plug-ugly?"

"Dropped him out, he didn't have his boarding pass..."

Buffy gave Alice a tired smirk, "Cute." A serious look came over Buffy's face a moment later, "Anyone else make it out?"

"Just Matt."

"Damn," A somber look covered Buffy's face. "I didn't like Rainne that much, but she didn't deserve to die like that, same with Kaplan..."

"We do what we can Buffy and remember the ones we leave behind," Alice said as she put one hand on Buffy's shoulder and squeezed it gently.

Alice felt the train start to slow down, "I think we're almost home free, Buffy."

"Yeah, now help me up please," Buffy asked as she struggled to get up, her ears still ringing slightly from the blow she took on her head.

The train stopped with a shudder and both women walked off the train slowly. Buffy stopped and looked back at the train for a moment before catching up with Alice and Matt as they headed towards the large doorway and the steel door that was sliding down to seal the HIVE off.

The steel door dropped into place behind her when Buffy saw Matt collapse to the ground. Rushing over Buffy saw Alice breaking out the anti-virus from the metal suitcase just as 2 men dressed in white bio-hazard suits walked in. Buffy saw the 2 men grab Alice suddenly and mentally banished the pain and exhaustion her body felt to help Alice out. With a grace her body didn't really feel, Buffy slid up behind the closest of the two men and punched him in the kidney. With a grunt, the man collapsed and Buffy saw several more men in bio-suits walking in, only this group were carrying assault rifles. [M-16's] Buffy's mind automatically ticked off, [Corporate muscle or government?] Buffy only gave that question a half thought as she dodged a blow aimed at her head with the butt of the assault rifle.

Her right foot lashed out and shattered the soldiers’ kneecap, as he screamed in pain Buffy dropped low and her foot swept out cutting the man's feet out from under him and he collapsed in a screaming heap. Without knowing why, Buffy suddenly whipped her head backwards, narrowly avoiding a rifle stock that slid along her cheek, both hands shot up and grabbed the rifle, pulling it free of its owners' hands and tossing it away behind her. A hard blow to the back of her head knocked her to her knees and Buffy kicked back and up with her left foot, feeling it connect with something. A body tackled her to the ground and Buffy grappled with the soldier trying to pin her down. Using a judo move, Buffy flipped the soldier over and landed on top of him. Her elbow came down with all her strength on the soldier's solar plexus like a hammer, leaving him to die as his lungs and heart forgot how to work as Buffy hopped up to her feet.

A pair of arms wrapped themselves from behind around her, pinning her close against someone. Stamping the heel of her right foot down on the soldier's instep, Buffy heard bones snap easily and the arms let go of her but not in time to avoid the rifle butt that slammed into her stomach, doubling her over. Buffy barely managed to get her arms in front of her to block the knee coming up towards her face. One hand immediately slid down and grabbed the soldier's boot and pulling the leg straight even as her elbow came down on the soldiers knee, shattering it. As he screamed, Buffy used both hands on the foot and twisted his leg suddenly to the outside and was rewarded with a satisfying SNAP as the leg bones were broken. Grabbing the dagger Buffy saw in the soldiers' boot, Buffy hefted it and threw it at a soldier taking aim at her across the room. With a sense of satisfaction Buffy saw the blade tear through the bio-suit's mask and into his face, but that satisfaction was short lived as Buffy felt two hammer blows, one on her back and the other rocked her as it caught her on the side of her head. The world turned grey and the last thing Buffy saw was the floor rushing up to her face.....


“Sir! Sir! This one is having a reaction!” Another bio-suit clad man said as he stood over the male survivor.

“Have that one put in the Nemesis Project and bring the others up to the Raccoon Medical Facility in the city.”

“What went on here?” A man in bio-suit asked.

“I don’t know, but we’re going to reopen the HIVE.”


To be Continued in Book 2 - "Slayer Apocalypse"

The End

You have reached the end of "Slayer Evil". This story is complete.

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