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Slayer Evil

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayer Evil". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: During her stay in Los Angeles after killing Angel, the Umbrella Corporation captures Buffy after seeing some 'interesting' videos of a young girl who's not what she seems...

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilBillGopherFR181027,50124018,62015 May 0718 Jun 08Yes

Chapter One

Slayer Evil

A Buffy/Resident Evil crossover story

Disclaimers - I do not own anything from Resident Evil or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Those are the sole rights held by Sony Pictures and Joss Whedon. This is done purely for no profit and fun.

Author's Note - Not the best of story descriptions I'll admit, but the story is better than my sad attempt to describe it :grin:
Changing Futures isn't shelved any, I just did this to take a break and keep things fresh before getting back to book 3 - "Broken Futures".

Chapter One

December 25, 2065

Dear Diary,
First, I can't believe I'm actually writing in a diary here, but Giles said it would be good for me to get the story, the real and complete story out. And when Willow and Tara are teaming up, you just can't face and win against two "Resolve Faces", so here I am.
In the beginning there was a Void.... Tara who’s watching me write this says that that won't work, damn. I guess that means I really have to start the story with Angel or rather just after I killed him and sent him to Hell. I ran away. I couldn't take the hurt so I ran away and wound up in LA. Took a few weeks to get there and then I ran into Lily and her b/f, what's his name. Got sent to a ‘hell’ pocket-dimension and I had a choice; either hide forever (and die) or to accept that I'm the Slayer. (Guess which one I chose?)
But that still isn't the beginning, that started when I was on my way to catch a bus out of LA and back to Sunnydale and my friends, hoping they still wanted to *be* my friends.

That was where everything started....


August 15
Los Angeles

Tired, Buffy headed towards the bus depot and saw her bus had already arrived and people were already boarding it. Buffy could feel a tickle at the back of her neck telling her that something was wrong when a large, military-looking, black truck came barreling out of the night and screeched to a halt in front of her.

The only thing visible on the truck Buffy could see was a symbol of a red & white octagon right before a dozen armed men jumped out the back of the truck dressed in black everything, ski masks, combat vests, clothing, the works and carrying assault rifles. [HK MP5's] Buffy's mind noted clinically even as she grabbed the first attacker by his vest and pivoted, throwing him over her hip to land 10' feet away. The rest surrounded Buffy, their weapons all pointing at her and yelling for her to ‘freeze’ and ‘put her hands behind her head’. Buffy stopped and raised her hands slowly above her head and holding them there. “Look, I didn't do anything. What's going on?!?” Buffy said in a scared tone of voice even as she noted where her attackers were standing and waited with a look of fear on her face.


If the soldiers had been more observant they would have noticed that the look of fear on their ‘targets’ face never reached her eyes. But they didn't….


Since they hadn't shot her, Buffy was fairly sure that whoever they were, they didn't want her dead. Buffy waited for one of the soldiers to move closer and saw one soldier talking on a radio while another walked towards her with a plastic tie in his hands to bind her wrists.

The soldier stopped in front of Buffy and Buffy whispered something to him very softly.

“What?” The solider asked, unable to hear what the girl was mumbling.

Buffy whispered again softy to the soldier.

“Huh?” The soldier muttered confused. Part of him was telling him to run and another part was telling him there was nothing to worry about from this young girl, she was just another capture in a long list.

“I said, you just made your second mistake…”

Banishing any hesitation, the soldier reached out to grab the girl's wrists. Buffy heard another pair of footsteps behind her and turned her head enough to glance back and see where the second soldier was standing just behind her now. Her left elbow shot back into the soldiers’ throat even as Buffy's right foot lashed out and shattered the kneecap of the soldier in front of her. Then, without turning Buffy reached over with her right hand and grabbed the soldier behind her by his wrist and twisted, forcing him to stumble forward.

Buffy took the soldier she was holding and threw him into the one in front of her before she ran towards a soldier to her left. Buffy heard a flat CRACK as several shots whizzed by her before a voice yelled, “Don't shoot her! No guns! We want her alive!”

Briefly Buffy wondered if this was the Council or someone else she could have ticked off as she ducked under the knife slash that cut through the air where her chest was a moment earlier. Grabbing the arm holding the knife with both hands, Buffy brought the arm down hard against her leg and felt the bones shatter even as a blow hit her in her shoulder from behind. “Ooof!” Buffy grunted even as she was knocked to her knees Buffy rolled to her right and scissored the legs out of the soldier who was next to her. Hopping back up onto her feet, Buffy looked for anyone closer even as her foot connected with the jaw of the soldier she'd knocked down, putting him out. [4 down, 7 left] Buffy's mind ticked off as she looked for where the other soldiers had moved to.

Buffy saw only 2 of the soldiers who'd retreated back towards their truck and wondered where the others had gone. As she moved towards the truck, keeping the 2 soldiers in sight Buffy looked around. Her Slayer senses screamed at her and Buffy ducked down to see a pair of prongs attached to a wire shoot over her head. Turning, Buffy saw the soldier holding the stun gun and charged him as he clawed at the pistol in the holster on his thigh…


Ten minutes later, Buffy stopped and leaned against the truck feeling a little tired. “I gotta start working out again, there were only 12 of them and I'm feeling tired...” Buffy mused, “I guess I missed the bus though,” Buffy thought to herself darkly amused. Before Buffy could finish her thought something hit her in the shoulder and Buffy screamed as 10,000 volts of electricity coursed through her body. Falling to her knees Buffy reached back and grabbed the prongs in her back, pulling them out and tossing them away from her. Forcing herself to her feet, Buffy fought to clear her head and look around for who attacked her when she saw the soldier partially hidden in the shadows.

Pushing the pain aside Buffy started to run at the one soldier when she felt another herself hit again this time on her right side, grabbing the wires Buffy yanked it out of her just as the electrical charge fired and tossed the wires away from her. The sound of running footsteps came from her left and Buffy pivoted, her right left arm coming up and took the brunt of the blow from on her arm from a metal rod and immediately went numb and fell to her side. Buffy's left hand shot out and grabbed the metal rod, yanking it from the soldier and landed two kicks to the soldiers’ stomach before she used the rod on his skull that made a sharp CRACK as Buffy heard bone break.

Buffy felt a hit on her back and another on her leg and screamed as 30,000 volts of electricity ran thought her and her body spasming as she fell to the ground, unable to control her body. The pain seemed to go on forever as Buffy screamed in agony, when it finally came to a stop. Buffy felt her body twitching uncontrollably even as she heard several pairs of footsteps walking over to her.

“Is this her?” The first voice asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Take her to the HIVE.” Was the last thing Buffy heard…


2 Days Later…

Buffy awoke with a start and sat up quickly onto have her head start pounding and lay back down on the cold metal table. Shivering from the cold, Buffy saw she was dressed only in her black sports bra and a pair of sea-foam green surgical pants. The first thing Buffy looked around for was a weapon, the next thing Buffy looked for was anything to pull over her but the room she was in was empty of anything except for the table she was lying on.

The only remarkable things in the room were the door in the far left hand wall and the large two-way mirror on the wall in front of her. Getting up Buffy hopped to her feet, "Hello? HELLO?!?" Buffy yelled and winced instantly regretting it. “Is anyone here?” Buffy said in a quieter voice.

Seeing no-one was going to answer Buffy walked over to the door, a quick look showed that she wasn't going to be able to pull the door open, especially with no door knob and only a keypad/cardkey swipe was on the wall next to the door. A quick survey of the room told Buffy that whoever had her, didn't want her going anywhere anytime soon. With a sigh, Buffy sat down on the table and waited.

It wasn't more than 15 minutes later that Buffy heard a beep and saw a green light go off over the mirror.

“Ahh, I see you are awake Miss...” came a distorted mans voice over a loudspeaker.

“Yes I'm awake and I'd like to know what I'm doing here…” Buffy said in a strong voice, trying to project the confidence she didn’t feel.

“You were in a bus accident and exposed to some dangerous toxins and chemicals. Fortunately you were close enough to be rushed to the Raccoon City Hospital for treatment.” The man's voice replied.

Crossing her arms, “No, I was in a bus station just outside of LA and on my way home when I was attacked...” Buffy said sharply, anger darkening her green eyes.

“I'm sure you are mistaken Miss...Smith. My files shows that you were exposed to several deadly toxins and you'll be here a while undergoing decontamination as well as study to insure that you suffered no permanent, long-term damage before we release you.” There was an audible click as Buffy heard the mic shut off.

“You want permanent damage? Here, let me show you damage!” With that Buffy walked over to the heavy metal table and picked it up, walking back towards the mirror. Shifting her grip on the long table, Buffy put one hand at the back and threw it into the mirror as hard as she could only to see it bounce off, leaving a small mark in the mirror. “So, that's how you want to be fine. Let me show you why you don't piss the Slayer off!” Grabbing the table once again, Buffy held it as in improvised battering ram and proceeded to ram the table into the mirror over and over until she began to see it crack under the repeated blows. With a final heave, Buffy threw the battered table into the mirror and shattered into a million pieces. Before Buffy could jump through the mirror, the door shot open and in charged 3 men in white coats, shirts and pants. Two of them fired stun guns, Buffy dodged one set of prongs just as the other one hit her in the shoulder

Buffy felt the electricity hit her just as she grabbed the wires and pulled it free of her shoulder. With a grimace Buffy tossed them away from her just in time to meet Moe # 3 as he swung a haymaker at her head. Blocking the punch, Buffy used his own momentum against him to push him past her, her fist hit him in the back of the neck, dropping him. Running towards Moe #1 who was closest to the door and desperately trying to reload the stun gun to fire it, Buffy stiff-armed him, bowling him over as she dashed towards the door and freedom.

Just as Buffy ran out of the room her Slayer senses started screaming at her, only it was too late...

Buffy felt herself hit over and over by stun guns, her body overwhelmed by electricity so she was unable to even scream. Thankfully, the pain was brief before she passed out...


“Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.” A deep voice echoed and Buffy struggled to pull herself out of the darkness. And still the voice repeated over and over. “Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.”

“Please either shut up or I'm going to shove a....hmmmm?” Buffy noticed when she tried to sit up, she couldn't. Looking, Buffy saw that she was strapped down onto the metal table.

“Now Miss Smith, we understand that you are a little bit ‘upset’ by your seeming confinement here in this facility. But it is for your own well-being that we are keeping you here.”

“Fine, then let me contact my family and let them know that I'm okay,” Buffy suggested, keeping a firm grip on her temper.

“I'm sorry, that's not possible right now. However, as soon as it is, we will allow you to contact your family directly. In the meantime though we'll let your family know that you are safe and we’ll need to draw some blood to run some tests inorder to insure that your body is clearing the toxins out of it,” the voice continued to tell Buffy in a reasonable tone of voice.

Closing her eyes, Buffy let the two men take several vials of her blood, shivering inside.


The next 2 days were continuations of the first, with Buffy being kept strapped onto the table, [Not that I can't break these leather straps eventually,] Buffy thought with a mental grin. More vials of her blood were taken every few hours and then the questions began; “Where are you from? Are there others like you? When did you know that you weren't 'normal'? Do any of your family/siblings have abilities like you?”

Buffy had been working on the straps in between the questioning sessions when she alternately ignored them or gave ridiculous answers. Now she waited, pretending to be asleep for Larry & Curly to return for another blood sample. Buffy heard the door open and peeked to see things had just taken a steep turn for the worse. As in walked a half-dozen people, two of whom were carrying surgical trays. No longer waiting, Buffy broke free of the straps holding her down, as she stood up Buffy felt dizzy and fell to the floor, her limbs felt as if they were made of lead.

“Did you really think we would underestimate you a second time, Miss Summers?” Came a different voice over the loud-speaker.

Buffy felt herself being picked up and placed back onto the table, a needle slid into her arm and Buffy winced as she felt something cold injected into her veins.

“Now we start the *real* testing Miss Summers. If we are right, you will have solved a problem that some of the most brilliant minds could not. Of course, even if we're wrong, you'll have advanced the science of medicine, so take some comfort in that knowledge that for your stay here, you'll be helping your fellow man.” Buffy heard the voice say cheerfully.

Buffy felt herself go cold as she watched one of the white-suited figures pick up a scalpel off of a surgical tray before it moved out of her line of sight, just before the pain began.....

Continued in Chapter 2
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