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Broken Child

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Summary: After the battle in L.A Connor is left alone unable to go back to the life his father had created for him and a storm has hit when a woman named Missouri picks him. She is just the person to see the path the son of Angelus has taken. Differnt ending

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Supernatural > Connor-CenteredChosenfireFR1811,036031,27915 May 0715 May 07Yes
Title: Broken Child
Author: Chosenfire
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1161
Spoilers: Its post season 5, SPN post season 1
Prompt: Week 6 Make-Up (Roadhouse) Week 1 Weather
Characters: Missouri Mosley, Connor
Summary: After the battle in L.A Connor is left alone unable to go back to the life his father had created for him and a storm has hit when a woman named Missouri picks him. She is just the person to see the path the son of Angelus has taken.

A/N: This might seem familiar and that’s because it is. The first half starts off like my other story Broken Children but this one is ends drastically different. I had two ideas for this plot bunny so I decided to write them both, while the first is nice and sweet this one is slightly twisted. Hope you enjoy.

The storm raged around him wind whipping his clothes tight to his body stinging in his face as rain poured down soaking the material drenching him in a cold he did not feel. He hated this feeling, this emptiness.

Lack of hope, lack of will, he was just so tired, so fed up with the crap heap that was his life.

He was soaked to the core but he didn’t feel it. Didn’t feel the goose bumps all over his skin or the way that skin had frozen.

So cold.

So numb.

He had thought he could make a difference. Thought somehow that he could change the tide. He was the Destroyer after all, once feared, now hunted. He had thought it was his time to be the hero everyone had told him he could be, the hero his father had been.

But he had failed.

When his father had told him to go he had left because he had believed that he had had something left for him.

A family that really wasn’t his.

A life that was normal and easy and boring enough to be safe.

But he couldn’t fit in that life. He wasn’t the same kid who believed that the things in the dark where a figment of his overactive imagination.

He didn’t know what he was.

All he knew was he had left when he should have stayed, he should have stayed beside his father and fought but he had thought that he could come in and play hero and go back to his dorm room and get some sleep before class.

Maybe he could keep living because he was all that was left. The dust that he had found in the alleyway still clung to his skin and he had seen the fallen body of a person he had once hoped could be his family.

They were all dead and he was running because he didn’t know what else to do.

He didn’t know how to be the champion his father had been because he had never had to do these things on his own. It was always someone else’s responsibility, someone else was always blamed for his failures but now all that was left was him.

Angelus had terrorized hundreds maybe even thousands, Angel had saved even more and now all that was left was a too skinny boy with floppy hair and fear in his eyes.

So consumed in his own inner meltdown Connor, super human that he was, didn’t hear the car that drove up behind him.

“Child, would you like a ride?” Connor was startled by the voice and he turned to the round and friendly woman who had climbed out of her car in the pouring rain to offer him a ride. Her voice was warm and her skin was as dark as Gunn’s had been.

Before the red of his blood had stained that skin so much that he had stopped breathing, so his heart had stopped beating.

So he, like everyone else, had been gone.

She indicated for him to get in her car and he looked from her to her car confused and a bit apprehensive “Boy I don’t have all night, hop in.” She yelled good naturedly making her voice heard above the storm her tone a mix between caring and annoyance.

Her eyes were filled with warmth.

He hesitated for a moment not sure what to do than slowly his feet crunched on the ground beneath him as he made his way to the small blue car and his hand came in contact with the slick handle of the door. He opened it and climbed in letting himself sink into the seat his numb body relaxing.

He could feel her looking at him, studying him and he knew that whatever she saw would be the furthest thing from the truth. She couldn’t possibly know what he was, what he was capable of.

The car started and shifted back on the road.

“I know who you are.” Her voice shocked him and he turned to her his eyes wide a million different ideas running through his head. He knew he was hunted but he didn’t feel even the slightest threat from her. Had he been wrong? His hand reached for the handle prepared to jump out of the moving car if he had to.

He had survived worse and that’s all it was about now, surviving.

“Don’t worry child I won’t hurt you. I have a gift, that’s how I know who and what you are.” He remained silent as she talk relaxing slightly hand still on the door though. He had encountered people like her, the gifted, those who could see and feel things others couldn’t.

“I know you’re hurting but I know some people that can help you. You’re lost, don’t know what to do, and I think you’ll find a place with them.” She told him and Connor stilled not knowing what she expected of him. He didn’t have a place, at least not with the kind of people she was talking about. It was finally starting to occur to him.

He wasn’t a hero; he was nothing like his father, a champion. He never had been. He didn’t save lives. “I have a place,” Connor said softly his hand slipping into his pocket “but I’ll be sure to look them up.” His hand lashed out the blade he held glinting as he sliced her throat her eyes widening as she gasped.

He should be feeling remorse, or pain but he wasn’t. He was so numb, so tired, so defeated.

The car swerved and Connor grabbed the wheel and steadied it was it came to a stop his eyes never leaving the dying woman before him.

It was funny how everyone looked the same in death, everyone died the same. It didn’t matter if they were a hero or a villain. Death all took them with the same ease.

Death was something Connor understood.

All he had ever done was hurt people, he was good at it.

This was what he was.

The Destroyer.

The End

You have reached the end of "Broken Child". This story is complete.

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