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In the Days of the Beast

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Summary: When Glorificus was cast out of her Kingdom, she fell to Middle Earth. All alone with no minions and no Key she must find her own way back. A certain ring might prove helpful.

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Lord of the Rings > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersForgeFR1314680658515 May 0715 May 07No
In the lands of Middle Earth there were tales told among the wise of creatures dark and terrible not of Iluvatar’s design, of whom the Great Music made no mention. Legend told of a Beast cast from her kingdom and fell through the void into Arda, the world that is. In the dying days of the Third Age, while Sauron made his secret home in Dol Goldur, in the north a child was born among the Dúnedain. Alanna was her name, and she lived happily for some years. She laughed and played with the other children, while under a lone mountain a dragon was slain and a great ring was found. In the East the shadows were darkening, and beneath her skin, beneath the flesh and childish dreams the Abomination grew ever stronger. Alanna grew to be fair and beautiful beyond all others of the Dúnedain.

And while the orcs multiplied and the Nine walked the world once more, Alanna was wed and for a time she was happy. But the Abomination had not slept but waited gathering her strength. And now she perceived her time had now come. While Isildur's Bane sat upon a hobbit’s mantle, in the north among the Dúnedain a child was born to Alanna, who drew her final breath even as her daughter breathed her first. But the child born at that hour could not be counted among any of the races of Arda. She was the Abomination, the Beast unchained and unencumbered, for the shadows of the world had grown so strong and the Beast fed upon them and was made whole. Then before the eyes of men she grew from child to woman in but a single moment, and she went out into Middle Earth and studied the lore of these lands.

The Beast had but one ambition, and she bent all her will upon it--to find a path back to her former kingdom and have her vengeance. And the more she studied the histories of Middle Earth the more she believed that only the One Ring could be shaped to meet her purpose. So she traveled amongst the freed peoples of Middle earth and waited with little patience. Wherever she went madness followed close behind like a plague, and the wise took notice. For a time many birds and beast tracked her at the behest of Radagast, but other concerns soon took precedence. In the Dungeons of Minas Morgul the creature Gollum was subjugated to all the cruel tortures and amidst his screams and inane babble two words could be clearly heard. “Shire…Baggins.” As the Nine crossed the River Isen, the Beast smiled to know her long wait had come to its end. “Finally,” said Glory and thus began the days of the Beast.

The End?

You have reached the end of "In the Days of the Beast" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 May 07.

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