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Diego discover's demons in trouble

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Summary: Based on the popular Go Diego Go. Diego realizes that there are things in trouble that he probably shouldn't rescue.

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Cartoons > Go Diego GoStardustFR729880485516 May 0716 May 07Yes

The truth will come out.

disclaimer - still don't own the rights to either Buffy the vampire slayer nor Go Diego Go. As amusing as it seems right now, I don't think either would survive my ideas.

fic here

Alicia watched warily as Diego grabbed Rescue Pack in an attempt to go find other animals like the scaled jungle cat that had been killed earlier. He had been muttering something about pink dust and the blonde hunting down flying demons... whatever that was about. He hadn't returned, and she'd just got a call from his cousin Dora. It appeared there was trouble brewing for Dora as well, and not scaled jungle cats. This time it had something to do with Swiper the fox running in fear whenever he saw Dora.

As she finished preparing lunch for two, hoping against hope that Diego would return and they could discuss everything that had happened that threw their perception of the jungle completely out of whack. She heard someone come in the door. "Diego is that you? Lunch is ready."

"Erm no, I'm not Diego, was he the guy with the orange possessed rescue pack." Buffy asked as she walked over to where she'd heard the voice. "Because I think I saw him trying to erase his trail half an hour ago."

"Possibly, but I don't think Rescue Pack is possessed. But then again we've always taken it in stride that the little face pops up and talks to us every so often when we need something and can't remember what it is." Alicia frowned, "Holy frijoles, your the blonde who was decimating the scaled jungle cats. Why were you doing that?"

"Those scaled jungle cats as you call them, are really one of the root causes of forest fires, Frolian's are notoriously difficult to track down when they aren't about to cause trouble. I think I got the nest, I'm not certain." Buffy smiled wanly, "But about that flying demon thing. Is that the host?" She indicated Click the Camera, "cause I'm going to have examine it for demon taint and make sure it's not bent on world domination. I'm supposed to be on vacation, but I get the feeling that's going to wait until I find some girl named Dora. She has some special ability that has Willow salivating."

"Er, Click's not a demon, you can ask her yourself." Alicia lead Buffy towards where Click sat on her tripod. "Click, there's someone here to speak with you. Click?" Alicia frowned, "that's not like her at all."

Buffy looked more closely at Click and then closed her eyes and extended her Slayer sense, "oh, okay... she's just retreated, totally freaked out that I might destroy her when she's trying to help animals in trouble."

"So she'll be okay once you leave?" At the confirmation Alicia breathed a sigh of relief. "What is this Dora girl's special ability?"

"Something about catching stars. Willow thinks it might come in handy. But she's not sure." Buffy said as she packed up her weapon. "I've got to be off. Do let that Diego fellow know that someone will come by in about a week to check on everything."

end fic.

For real this time.

The End

You have reached the end of "Diego discover's demons in trouble". This story is complete.

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