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Diego discover's demons in trouble

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Summary: Based on the popular Go Diego Go. Diego realizes that there are things in trouble that he probably shouldn't rescue.

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Cartoons > Go Diego GoStardustFR729880485416 May 0716 May 07Yes

Chapter One

disclaimer: I solemnly swear I don't own either of the two universes about to be tortured. Go Diego Go belongs to whatever corporate hell came up with it, and the beloved Joss Whedon owns rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thank you and help keep the muse population down, neuter 'em.

ficlet here.

Diego looked at Alicia like she was crazy. Quite possibly she was, claiming that Click the Camera had taken interesting photos of bright red scaled jungle cats treed by a petite blond girl. But since there was a weird whistling scream thunk sound coming from the camera in question, maybe he shouldn't be calling people crazy.

"Diego aren't you going to find out what animal is in trouble?" Alicia asked, backing away from Click at the same time as though she were afraid of what would be shown.

"Click, take a pic." Diego said as he watched Alicia turn and hightail it towards the kitchenette where she'd had a bottle of water sitting in the cooler, and a bottle of aspirin sitting on the counter. It seemed a lot of this had happened during the night, whatever this was.

As Click's song came to an end and she played the sound that had alerted the two staffers to the creature in trouble. Diego frowned in worry, that didn't sound anything like a creature he'd heard of before. "Click can you locate the animal quickly, I'm curious about what Alicia said happened."

Click hummed and then started zooming through the forest with one of her remote spore cameras. Each time the camera stopped it was a different site of blood and gore and no animal. In one case, there were even scorch marks, and the clean cut from a sharp implement of mass death.

Finally the spore stopped where another scaled jungle cat type creature had just been knocked from it's tree. And a little blonde was standing over it getting ready to swing some scythe looking weapon down. "Oh heavens to Rescue Pack, what is that thing?"

He didn't have long to wait because once the beastie was disposed of Buffy Summers looked up at the remote camera and smiled, "I'm glad I called Wills and told her about the flying demons as well. Now I can track this one back to it's source." She withdrew a handful of bright pink powder and blew it up towards the remote spore. "Take me to your leader, nasty flying demon bit thing."

"Alicia what's a demon?" Diego inquired as the picture went black, "Alicia? Where are you, I asked a question." He found his dark haired associate sitting in the kitchenette staring at Rescue Pack and dare I say it looking somewhat homicidal and happy about tearing apart the somewhat sentient being.

end fic.

A/N: and all because I had the song to Click the Camera running through my head all day yesterday... as well as Rescue Pack, Back Pack... and some others. I think I should lay off whatever it is and find peace.
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