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A new Dawn

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Summary: Draco/Dawn and some other pairings, but mainly Draco/Dawn After the First, Dawn is send off to Hogwarts, to learn how to control the green energy inside her, the story is much better than the summary, so just read it^^ UNDER REVISION

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy(Past Donor)SchizophrenFR151931,19017334,04017 May 071 Apr 10No

Hogwarts?! Why me?!

Hello guys, this is my next story..... I hope you like it.

First of all, I don't own anything besides the story.

It takes place after the First, Dawn is sent off to Hogwarts to learn how to control the green energy inside her.

She has learned some things from Willow, so now she is able to open Portals, it’s like apparating, just that she can do it at Hogwarts too and she can use some wandless magic Willow taught her.

Some characters will be a little ooc and since this is my story, I played a little with the timeline, which means, that Dawn is 16 years old after the First, I know that she is older in the Series but I want her to be 16 and now she is.^^

She is in the same year as the golden Trio and Malfoy.

And in the HP universe, the events of the sixth book HBP never happened.

I guess that’s enough for now. And don't worry, the Scoobies will come and visit Dawn once in a while.

Now enjoy and please review.


Dawn sat alone in a compartment of the Hogwarts Express. She sighed while looking out of the window.

Why did she have to go to this school? She didn't want to be all alone again. Wasn't it enough that she had lost her best friend, Spike? He always was like a big brother to her and now he had died saving the world.

Her eyes began to water thinking of Spike, she missed him so much.

Then she thought of her family back home in Sunnydale. Buffy didn't want her to go, but Giles said it would be the best for her. Because it could be dangerous, if she didn't learn how to control her powers. It wasn’t fair, just after the First was defeated she was able to use the bloody green energy she was.

Why hadn't she been able to do so before? Maybe she could have saved Spike or Anya.

That thought had haunted her for weeks now, because she knew for so long that she was the Key, but she never tried to use the magic energy inside her.

Dawn hit the window with her head and groaned, Spike wouldn’t want her to be depressed like that.

She was ripped out of her thoughts as the door of her compartment opened and three people stepped inside.

"Hey, can we sit here, the other compartments are all full." A bushy haired brunette girl asked.

She seemed nice so Dawn nodded.


"I am Hermione by the way and the two guys over there are Harry and Ron." Hermione answered as she sat down in front of Dawn.

Dawn smiled, maybe it wouldn't be as bad as she thought.

"Nice to meet you all, my name is Dawn."

"I’ve never seen you around, are you new?" the dark haired guy, Hermione introduced as Harry, asked.

"Yeah, I’m fresh from the States; this is my first year here."

"I bet you’ll like it, Hogwarts is the best school for witches and wizards in the whole world, are your parents muggles?"

Dawn smiled brighter she liked the bushy haired girl, somehow when Dawn looked at her she thought of Willow.

She was glad that Giles and the Headmaster, what was his name again, oh yeah, Dumbledore had taught her a lot of things over the past weeks. Since she knew that she would go to Hogwarts, a lot of different and strange people had visited her to teach her the things she should know.

"Yes my parents are muggles, I am the first in our family with magic skills. My older sister couldn't do a spell if her life depended on it."

"Oh that’s great my parents are muggles too. Which year are you in?"

"I am in my sixth year. Man that was a lot of work to get here."

"We’re in our sixth year too." Hermione answered, excited. She was glad that she had met a girl she liked. Sometimes it was too much hanging around with just boys. She loved Harry and Ron, but she could never talk about girly stuff with them.

"Why was it hard to get here?" Ron asked, confused.

"Because I’ve never been to a magic school before, so I had to learn everything over the last nine weeks."

The boys gasped and stared at her in disbelief.

"You’ve learned everything in nine weeks. That’s impossible." Harry said looking at Hermione for backup.

"It isn’t, it’s just a lot of hard work." Hermione answered and Dawn smiled thankfully at her new friend.

"Why didn’t you go to a magic school in the USA?" Ron asked after he found his voice again.

"I never got a letter, I think they just overlooked me or something." Dawn lied, she didn't want to tell them everything about her being the Key and that she existed for only two years.

"How come your going to Hogwarts now?"

"The Headmaster is a friend of a friend and he said I had some kind of magic talent, so Professor Dumbledore came to my house and tested me. After that he said I would be welcome to attend Hogwarts." Dawn replied, throwing her hair over her shoulder.

Hermione wanted to reply but at that moment the compartment door opened and three guys looked inside. Two big ones and a slightly smaller one.

"Look who we have here. Potter and his stupid gang. You’ve found yourself a new friend?" he asked referring to Dawn.

Dawn paled and just stared at the boy.

"Oh my god he looks like Spike." she thought, not able to take her eyes off of him.

"Get lost Malfoy." Ron shouted and glared at the blonde boy.

"Do you think I would ever do what you say Weasel? When that happens, the world has to be doomed." He smirked at Ron, whose face grew bright red with anger.

"Oh it has quite few times, actually." Dawn said breaking out of her trance.

"What are you talking about?" Malfoy spat, his eyes now on Dawn.

Dawn rolled her eyes and stood up.

"Do you think I am afraid of you?"

"You better, little girl." Malfoy sneered at her, but Dawn wasn't impressed.

"Oh please, I’ve seen much more scary things in my life and you are not even in the Top 100. I mean, just look at you, you’re just a boy with a big head, nothing more. So would you be so kind to go?"

Malfoy stared at her, not knowing what to say, no one had ever talked to him like that.

"You’ll regret that." he growled, and with billowing robes, he left the compartment, the two big figures following him.

"That’s what they all say." Dawn mumbled and let herself fall back into her seat.

"That was bloody brilliant! I have never seen Malfoy tongue-tied before. You have to do it again-it was bloody hilarious!" Ron laughed and Harry began to laugh too.

"Oh I will." Dawn smiled thinking of the mini Spike.

Maybe it really wouldn't be so bad at Hogwarts


I hope you liked it and please review. The next chapter will be more interesting, at least I hope so^^
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