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Slayers vs. Wizards

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Summary: Buffy meets a group of death-eaters and nothing will ever be the same again.....

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredcrazypurpleferretFR1545,55625112,99917 May 0715 Jul 07No

Sauron? and Intruders

Hey everyone, I'm really sorry that it took so long, but I study German Law and had to take my mid-term tests.

"Which I passed with flying colors. Yeah me!!!!"

But now I'm back with the next attack on your humor-center and I will try to update regular from now till the next round of tests. So read and have fun with my latest bout of insanity.

And don't forget to review!!!!!!!!!!


"Something broke through our first barrier, are you sure?" Buffy exclaimed disbelieving, while looking searchingly at Willow.

Bellatrix cackled full of malicious glee, as she heard that

"See, you stupid muggle our Lord comes to kill you, should run now little muggle..."

Buffy just flipped her the bird and ignored the ranting of the mad woman.

Willow just nodded her head at Buffy's question, but her anxious expression cleared almost instantly after that, as she answered cheerfully.

"They may have broken through my first barrier, but now they're stuck in the second, one of them actually got to the third,... not too bad!"

Buffy grinned and turned to the four still bound people in her cellar, with a courteous bow she said

"If you will excuse us, we have to collect your friends, but don't be sad we will be back in a little while and then we can play show and tell with a few new players!"

Willow chuckled at Buffy's antics and dragged a still brightly smiling Buffy with her.

Both friends made their way to the entrance hall, Buffy pushed the big folding door open, that lead outside.

Buffy stopped gaping at the top of the steps, which lead directly to the wide garden below.

Suspended in midair, nearly nine feet above the ground, were seven people struggling against the invisible barrier. Buffy's lips twitched, as she tried too hold back her laughter. Willow on the other hand just looked smug.

Still trying to hold back her laughter Buffy took a look at the seven.

Six men, one women, all in black robes, all with a stick in their hand, but Buffy didn't doubt that Willows barriers could hold them, grinning Buffy asked her best friend

"Wills, you said they had broken through two of your barriers, .....but how many barriers are there? I mean when we came here you just locked yourself inside your room for a whole week,......exactly how many barriers did you make?"

The read-headed witch just looked confused for a moment before she thoughtfully said

"You know that's a good question?! I'm not really sure Buffy, the first two days I made twenty and then....I mean I didn't sleep the whole week,....I just lost count, ...I'm not sure if I dreamed making over one hundred, but there have to be more than thirty that's for sure. I wanted to make one-hundred-and-six, 'cause I think that's a really cool number..."

Buffy just stared at her friend over thirty barriers and perhaps even over one-hundred, good God no wonder Willow was so dead when she came out of here room after the week, Buffy thought.

Still frowning thoughtfully over Buffy's question, Willow looked the seven intruders over.

Buffy followed Willow's line of vision, something caught her eye and she leaned over to Willow, whispering

"I don't think we will get Christmas presents this year, 'cause Santa Clause is evil and hanging in your barrier!"

Willow chuckled and swatted at Buffy, who smoothly ducked.

"Be serious Buff, everyone knows that Santa Clause is really a demon, which feeds on happiness!"

The Slayer just starred aghast at Willow, a wounded look on her face, dramatically she moved a hand to her heart and swooned

"NO could you Willow, my world will never be the same!"

Both women chuckled and Buffy straightened, she asked

"So Willow now I'm curious, if these witchy minions and Santa Clause came to the third barrier, where would the First Evil be stuck?"

Willow rubbed her chin and mused

"Hmmm, I would assume somewhere between the fifteenth and the twentieth barrier, Glory would have been somewhere around the ninth!"

Buffy declined her head to the side and contemplated

"Wills, what exactly did you think could breech all of your barriers?"

Willow smiled and grinned evilly as she answered


"Oh I know who could breech them all!" a third voice claimed

Willow shrieked and Buffy spun around, when her eyes landed on Andrew she just sighed, but damn the nerd could be quite. Willow grabbed her chest, trying to stop the wild thumping of her heart

"God Andrew, do you have to do that? I swear someday I'm going to hex you!"

Andrew just pouted and whined

"But I know who could breech your barriers, ...pleeeeease!"

Buffy sighed again and said

"Ok Andrew, you have one minute!"

Grinning like a loon Andrew nodded his head

"I just need one word, Sauron!"

Both Buffy an Willow stared at him, Willow asked frowning

"Sauron? You mean the Big Bad from Lord of the Rings?"

Andrew just nodded, both women looked at each other and took a swing at him, both their hands connecting with his head.

"Ahh!" Andrew shouted while rubbing his head "That's not fair, I mean I know it's just a book, but I have this theory about parallel dimensions...."

Willow and Buffy just ignored him, grumbling Andrew turned around and stalked back to the house.

Buffy just shook her head at her friend, Andrew could be annoying, but after the First he was her friend too.

Her eyes landed again on the seven trespassers, only now did she ask

"Wills why don't they say anything, I mean their lips are moving but....are they all mute?"

Willow smoothed a imagined wrinkle out of her dark green blouse and shoot a pointed look at Buffy.

Who frowned for a moment, but then she said

"Oh, of course you did something magicky, right?!"

Willow swallowed her laughter and looked at her shoes

"Perhaps my barriers have a teeny weeny silencing charm on them!"

Chuckling Buffy dropped gracefully down on the stone-steps and brushed aside some of her blonde hair.

After she caught herself again, she asked the now blushing redhead

"Why Willow?"

The witch shrugged and said

"Whenever someone is trying to break in, they make such a fuss about it, I thought it would be..... relaxing!"

"Good thought Willow, but what if something breaks thought the barriers, I mean all of them....somehow.....perhaps!"

Doubtful Willow nodded

"Your right I think I will take the silencing charms of the barriers!"

Buffy got up again and said

"I think, we should come to matters at hand.......Oh god, I sound like Giles!"

Still whining Buffy moved forward to face the seven intruders.

The two women moved towards the seven struggling and silently cursing trespassers, Willow levitated them down to their level and stared at them thoughtfully, while Buffy started to poke and probe one of them.

The tall dark haired, hook-nosed man started to slowly turn red in the face, screaming silently at Buffy as she took his wand from his tightly clenched, but unmoving fist.

Willow meanwhile collected the other wands.

Buffy twirled her borrowed wand and plucked at the black robe of the tall man, while starring in awe at the big throbbing vein on his forehead.

"Wills I think it would be best if you took the silencing charm from them, my one here looks like he's going to burst a blood-vessel!"

Willow chuckled and with a wave of her hand the seven intruders started to shout, Buffy grimaced as the tall dark man screamed at her

"Idiot, imbecile, if you don't let me down this instant and give me back my wand I'm going to...."

All seven fell silent as a shrill, ear-piercing whistle cut them of. Buffy turned around to glare at the person.

The tall, young women with long brown hair just smiled brightly under Buffy's glare and said

"Sorry you just looked like you could need some help....and why are there dress-wearing people....hanging in our garden?"

"Dawnie!" Buffy whined "you know I hate it when you whistle, someday I swear my eardrums will just rip and I will be the first deaf Slayer in history!"

Pouting Dawn skipped the last few steps to her sister and exclaimed innocently

"If I remember right, it was your idea that I learn how to whistle, so that you will always know when I need help!"

Buffy grimaced and just nodded her defeat.

Dawn moved forward to the seven still frozen people and asked

"And who are you? ....Are that dresses?"

The tall dark man at Buffy side looked like he was going to shout some more, but the one who looked like Santa Clause said gently

"No dear, we don't wear dresses, those are robes and if I may introduce myself, I am Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, we really mean no harm!"

Buffy snorted

"Of course not, you're hanging frozen in front of us and you couldn't even harm any of us if you wanted to, even Andrew would beat you!"

Dawn snickered and said

"But you have to say that the little nerd has a really good right hook!"

So, what do you think? Should they let them down? Who should the others with Dumbledore be?

Did you have fun?

So review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^ More will come to those who review!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Slayers vs. Wizards" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jul 07.

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