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Slayers vs. Wizards

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Summary: Buffy meets a group of death-eaters and nothing will ever be the same again.....

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredcrazypurpleferretFR1545,55625112,99917 May 0715 Jul 07No

Icky demon slime and light-sticks

I own NOTHING, Joss Whedon owns Buffy and J.K Rowling owns Harry Potter. I do not make money with this!

This plays after the defeat of the First, the characters may be OOC, so you have been warned.

The sixth book HBP didn't happen and perhaps I will play with the time-line, but don't worry I will warn you.

Now have fun and review.

"But Buffy you're our most experienced Slayer it wouldn't be right to send a junior slayer!"

Buffy mocked in a false deep voice trying to mimic Giles, while stalking down a dark alley.

"Oh but Giles it was my evening off, you know that I wanted to go to a movie with Willow and Faith!"

"Buffy there are times when you have to take responsibility and you are the best suited for the Job, we're searching for a most important and dangerous artifact!"

Buffy said imitating Giles accent.

With a huff she exclaimed grumbling

"oh yeah Giles, thank you so much, you know how i love running around in the sewer system, getting icky demon slime all over my new clothes, searching for a artifact that the bloody demon didn't even have!"

With two fingers Buffy picked a little bit of glowing yellow demon goo from her formerly blue shirt flicking it in the darkness.

"Just like I wanted my free night to be, being covered all over in demon slime and smelling like I have been sleeping in a garbage can all my life!"

With one last grumble she turned into another alley.

After the defeat of the First all of the Scoobies made the decision to go to England and reestablish the council again. That was the reason why Buffy Summers found herself in the middle of London trying to get home for a much needed shower.

With a fierce scowl Buffy gripped her trusty stake tighter as she heard screams.

She broke into a run and turning the last corner to dust whatever vamp dared to come between herself and her warm shower.

Just in time she threw herself to the ground so that the glowing green light flew over her head connecting with the wall behind her and ripping a large chunk of stone out of it.

Cursing Buffy crouched low on the ground taking in the fight going on across from her.

A group of black robed men with white masks were holding..........sticks.

Buffy would have laughed if the little sticks wouldn't have fired different colored light, like the green light that had taken the chunk out of the massive wall. On the other side of the alley across from the black roped figures.....Buffy blinked it looked like a woman constantly changing her hair-color, she too had a stick spitting colorful light while she took refuge behind the edge of a building.

Grumbling Buffy got to her feet

"No Giles I don't have the artifact but i have demon gore and bits on me ....oh and by the way I found some really weird people wearing dresses and waving with light-sticks....yeah that will go over real well with him, he already thinks I'm nuts!"

Shrugging her shoulders Buffy launched herself right at the three unsuspecting black robed figures, she knocked two down with a round house kick before she had to duck a glowing light.

"hey you can't throw that at innocent people someone could be hurt!"

Buffy exclaimed resentful while avoiding the flying debris from behind.

The masked figure cackled insane, the voice betrayed the women behind the mask and under the robe.

"Poor little Mudblood, it would have been better for you to run, but now i will have to teach you a lesson!"

Buffy cocked a blond brow and mocked:

"Oh... Yeah you insane scream wanna-be, with the bad fashion sense,.... I can see...mhhh no I really can't see what you would be able to teach me!"

With a scream the insane woman fired with her stick at Buffy,

"Die you stupid mudblood!"

Buffy avoided the light by ducking and rolling to the right.

Even while she attacked the woman Buffy mused:

"You know it's not clever to attack me right now, I hate to fight while already covered in demon goo, you know how disgusting it is to move when your clothes are glued to your skin and icky demon slime is running along your body to places I don't even want to think about!"

With a last somersault Buffy avoided the attack of the mad woman and delivered a hard punch to her face.

The white mask cracked as the woman fell to the ground, out cold. Buffy huffed and bent down to take the stupid light-stick, she also collected the other two and started to shake them, with a whine Buffy complained

"That's not fair, why won't they make the stupid light-show for me!"

"You have to be a witch to use a wand!"

Buffy spun around and came face to face with a laughing woman who's hair was changing from blue to purple to yellow.

Hope you like and don't forget to review!!!!:)
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