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Fortune’s Fool

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Summary: Faith has the oddest friends, but sometimes odd is okay. Written for SPN_BtVS Fortune Cookie Mini-challenge.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
Supernatural > Anya-Centered
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Turnabout’s Fair Play

Title: Turnabout’s Fair Play
Rating: R
Word Count: 887
Characters: Sam/Anya (ish)

Fortune: If your desires are not extravagant they will be granted.

“Goodnight. Be good you two!” Faith said with a wink, disappearing into the room she shared with Dean.

Sam stared at the closed door. His head was swimming from all the drinks he’d downed listening to Marian’s sob story and if he knew Dean and Faith, he wasn’t going to get any peace anytime soon.

“They’re going to have sex now,” Anya offered, sounding pleased. “Probably loud sex.”

Sam looked at her like she was insane. “Yeah, I kinda got that.”

He turned and headed for the motel lobby. Maybe there was some hours-old coffee and a copy of today’s paper to help him kill a few hours. Anya trotted along right behind him, chattering happily about orgasms and endorphins. Sam threw open the door to the lobby with a loud sigh. Could she not take a hint?

“They seem happy – Faith and Dean.” She said it like a question and when he turned, she was watching him intently.

He ran a hand through his hair. “Yeah, they do.”

And it was nice to see Dean happy - it wasn’t that. He just wished he didn’t end up with the room next to them so often.

With a shrug, he turned the corner, only to find the coffee pots in the breakfast room cold and empty.

“That stuff was terrible anyway,” Anya offered. “I think I saw a 24-hour Starbucks up the road?”

He supposed a few more hours with her couldn’t be any worse than being forced to listen to his brother get his rocks off.

Sam dug the keys out of his pocket. “Let’s go.”

On one hand, it was really strange to be looking at someone who looked 25, maybe 26 tops, and realize she was thousands of years old.

On the other, she’d actually lived history he’d only read about. She had great stories about the Dark Ages and the Russian revolution; had him laughing so hard, he nearly sprayed his latte everywhere.

She was odd – but in an endearing way and with a wicked sense of humor. Something about the matter of fact way she talked about everything you weren’t supposed to talk about was calming, like he never had to wonder what she was thinking because she’d just come right out and say it.

It was four in the morning before either of them realized how much time had passed and Anya yawned as she climbed into the car.

They were pulling into the motel parking lot when she turned to him with a smile. “So, are we going to have sex now?”

The car came to an abrupt halt as he stomped on the brake. “W-what?”

She blinked. “Well, we’ve just had an interesting, engaging conversation and shared caffeinated beverages. Was that not a date?”

Whoa – somehow this had gotten out of hand. “No – I mean, sorry?”

Anya considered his reply. “Well, lucky for you, I do have sex on, or even before, the first date. I assure you, I’ve had plenty of time to hone my skills. I can give you many orgasms and of a much higher quality than you’ve experienced in the past.”

His headache was starting to come back and he managed to park the car without incident. “Look, Anya – you are a very nice, very attractive woman…demon…person, but…”

“You don’t want to have sex with me?”

Did he – well, what man in their right mind wouldn’t want to have sex with Anya? And he’d suffered how many frustrating months of listening to the non-stop sexcapades of Dean and Faith but…No. Sex would be a very bad idea. He ignored the inner voice listing the dozen things he’d like to do with Anya and went with the safe answer – the lie. “No – I don’t.”

“Oh, okay.” Anya shrugged and got out of the car. “I mean, I’m disappointed. I mean, you - with the soulful eyes and the mucles and very kissable lips…You look like you could give any woman a lot of pleasure but I understand.”

She smiled and he let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. Even though his answer was no, he didn’t want to hurt her. She’d really helped them out and done some good today. He wasn’t sure if that balanced what she did the rest of the days of the week, but she seemed to have a genuinely good heart.

He let her go first up the stairs, eyes straying, quite against his will, to the way her jeans hugged her curves.

She reached the landing and looked back, smirking when she caught him. There was a dangerous twinkle in her eye. “I wonder if Dean and Faith are still awake. Maybe I should accept their invitation.”

Sam nearly tripped as that sunk in. “Their invitation?”

Anya smiled brightly. “It’s been ages since I’ve been with a man and a woman at the same time.”

The decision only took a split second to make. He could go with the bad idea or he could listen to everyone but him having loud sweaty naked fun.

Not a hard choice.

He took the last few stairs two at a time and grabbed her hand, dragging her down the hall. “Come on – let’s go keep them awake for change.”

Anya just grinned. Faith had the best sorts of friends.

End. End Series.

The End

You have reached the end of "Fortune’s Fool". This story is complete.

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