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Fortune’s Fool

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Summary: Faith has the oddest friends, but sometimes odd is okay. Written for SPN_BtVS Fortune Cookie Mini-challenge.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
Supernatural > Anya-Centered
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The Usual Way

Title:Fortune’s Fool
Rating: R overall
Fandoms: BtVS/SPN
Disclaimer: Certainly not mine. Just playing with other people’s toys.
Characters: Faith/Dean, Sam, Anya (and leaning towards Sam/Anya by the end)
Summary: Faith has the oddest friends, but sometimes odd is okay.
Notes: Written for SPN_BtVS Fortune Cookie Mini-challenge. Each part starts with the fortune inspiration.


Title: The Usual Way
Word Count: 307
Characters: Faith/Dean, Sam, Anya

Fortune: Something you lost will soon turn up.

Faith let out a loud snort and leaned up, resting her arms along the back of the front seat. “Okay, I get that you two get leads from seriously strange sources, but the Weekly World News? Really?”

Sam spread the issue he’d been reading across his lap, turning it so Faith could read the page. He poked at the headline, “Cheating Boyfriend Hulks Out When Caught”.

Faith rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I love how they added the little cartoon of the Hulk in front of that snazzy trailer. Really sells the credibility of the publication.”

She took the paper, freeing Sam to shuffle through his notes. “Um, actually – that’s not a picture of the other woman’s place. I guess a garage apartment doesn’t photograph as well. But Marian, the girlfriend, said the article got it mostly right. That they printed just what she told the – What?”

Faith just continued laughing and Dean flashed a sidelong smirk at her.

“Hey, sweetheart, we’ve chased crazier leads before. You in or is Cleveland starting to look good again?”

Faith reached over and gave his thigh a quick squeeze. “Not getting rid of me that easy. Just sayin’, not sure where to start on this one.”

She skimmed the article. “How exactly does a normal, if morally flexible, 24 year old get caught bare-assed and up to his short and curlies in the bimbo next door, then suddenly turn green and rip a hole in solid wood door with his bare hands?”

“Oh, the usual way. Somebody said the ‘w’ word.”

All three of them screamed, Faith nearly jumping into the front and the Impala fishtailing, as an unfamiliar voice came from the back seat.

Faith had gotten stuck halfway between the front and back seats, teetering. She looked over her shoulder and slid into the back with a gasp. “Holy shit! Anya?”

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