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The Life of a Cross

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Summary: A look into where the cross that Angel gives Buffy in season one came from, and where it went.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsEzzAFR1531,487051,13418 May 0729 Jun 09No

Chapter 3 - Graffiti

Disclaimer - Not mine, if I find them can I keep them?

A/N - WARNING - drunkenness. My first drunk fic, awwwwwww.

Pairing/characters - Abby/Dawn (with cameos from Gibbs and Xander.)


#3 - Graffiti

“Carved on tables
Cut in glass
Inscribed on bricks
The graffiti artist
Had free rein
Who were they?
Where are they?
They will be
Without a name”

The initials of some long forgotten student were scratched deep into the hard, dark wood of the table.

"Ya see, it's like this, this, this EFA."

"It's a P." Abby twists her head round to try and see the initials more clearly, half falling off her chair and pouring another shot to steady herself.

Dawn holds her glass out, it weaves through the air in a drunken version of the infinity symbol.

The vodka is poured, rather shakily it's true, but most goes in the glasses.


"Here's to that which goes in hard & stiff and comes out soft & wet."


"What? there's nothing wrong with bubublegum toasts. bubububelgum? bubblelgum?"

"Anyways, it's like this, EPA, who were they? You see the initials everywhere on campus and no one knows who they were. I want her to always be remembereered, and to travel. She liked travel. Especially where the guys had cute accents." Dawn tips her shot glass upside down over her mouth and licks inside.

"Well, I'll remember her. She can see the lab and watch over my Mass Spectrometer"

"You can't say bubblegum, but you can still say Spectromancer?"

"Bubublelegum's a hard word."

The two women realize the glasses are empty again.

This is remedied almost immediately.

"A toast to bread,
as without bread,
we'd have no toast."

"Here's to you,
Here's to me,
Here's to sex,
When it's free"

"You pay for sex?"

"She better not."

"Oh crap."

Xander, who is clearly fighting off the grin enveloping his face, carefully leans down and looks under the table. "Dawn?"

"I'm not Dawn, my name is Geraldiney, Master Magitionesses"

Abby, clearly missing all the fun, slides down under the table too.

Dawn smiles lazily at her, "Your head is on my tummy."

"Well yours is on my... those look like Gibbs shoes, Gibbs! Gibbs! we're under the pirate."

Xander who could see exactly where Dawn's head was, looked up, now definitely grinning, to see the silver haired Agent Gibbs walk over.

"Hello, is one of these yours?"

"Gibbs! Gibbs! This is Dawn, she has a pirate! Did you see her pirate? He's cuuuute."

Gibbs, eying the pirate warily, leans down, "Abby, what did I tell you about drinking in bars with strange men?"

"To always ask if they're a serial killer?" Dawns head lolls back and she smiles drunkenly at Gibbs.

"But I haven't been drinking with strange men, only Dawn, and shes not a man."

"Wanna check?"

"Dawn!" Xander shakes his head, "Look, Gibbs? I only just got here, although the barman says these two have been here for half the day."

"It's morning."

"Hence the drunkenness... and apparently the kissing."

Indeed, under the table the girls are now indulging in drunken smoochies.

Gibbs hasn't seen anything more wrong since the last Christmas party. Tony, Ducky, Ziva, asleep, standing up, in Jenny's upstairs linen closet. Shrouded in confetti, Ducky still dressed as Santa, Tony topless. The scariest thing though was Ziva in pigtails.

"We getting them out of here?"

"I'll take Dawn, you take Abby, tomorrow we torture them OK?"

When Abby woke the next morning she had a killer hangover, several hickeys, a new silver cross and an unsympathetic Gibbs standing over her bed.

A/N - Hey, I can write fic with more than two people in it. The toast are from, fun site.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Life of a Cross" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Jun 09.

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