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The Life of a Cross

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Summary: A look into where the cross that Angel gives Buffy in season one came from, and where it went.

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#1 – Recurring Semblance

Disclaimer – I have not, do not and will not ever own anybody who by their very existence make money, which includes the people in this story; I do own the poems, that is all.

Pairing - Methos/Angel


#1 – Recurring Semblance

You haunt me
Your laughing face
I see it
It appears
Cracks in a wall
A bunch of leaves
Flames flickering
Your laughter echoes in my ears
Everyday sounds
Transformed into
Heavenly noise

It was still sitting on the table when he got home from another evening of trailing the Slayer.

A plain envelope, pale and white against the dark wood.

It seemed to glare at him, so after doing several chores that really didn’t need doing he gave in.

The paper of the letter itself was yellowed and tracked with a faint tracery of blue lines.

The script was serviceable, small and flowing, with a peculiarity to the E’s and lowercase A’s done in the old fashioned way.


Got to thinking of you the other day, a new Irish lad joined up and his accent was familiar.

I thought that this would bring back a few memories, and I can no longer be completely confident in my survival, so I wanted you to have it. From older times hey?

Anyway, I know that you’ve been watching the new Slayer (don’t ask) and you could maybe pass it along to her (don’t tell).

I got it a long time ago and maybe, just maybe, it can survive past both our life spans, as long as they may be.

Anyway, I must go now, the pesky highlander is of to fight another crusade against evil and I find myself caring what happens.

History is very much a cycle, wouldn’t you say Liam?

Anyways goodbye.


Angel tipped the envelope and out of it fell a silver cross on a silver chain.

He left it there, next to the letter on the uncluttered table, and moved to the fire, staring into its depths.

For one moment he thought he caught a glimpse of a proud profile with an arrogant nose and the sound of the flames was the laugh of a long ago lover.

But only for a moment.

A/N – I have no idea if Methos’s writing was ever shown or if I described something wrong, if so I deeply apologize.

PLEASE review, I need the love to make it through school.
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