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Visions of Vampires

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Mind-Melder Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith drops off an Ancient Artifact at the SGC only to find herself psychically linked to one Cameron Mitchell. Fic-a-thon entry for az_anneliese

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Stargate > Faith-Centered > Pairing: OtherKennieFR15929,22565737,76418 May 0728 Dec 07Yes

What Dreams May Come

Updated Author’s Note – 11th January 2010:

Hello, and welcome to the Fic that started it all! :D This is the fic that grew and changed and took over my mind. It was originally intended as a Fic-A-Thon response for az_anneliese back in 2007, but while I was writing it, my computer died, taking the original draft with it. I jotted down the basics of the plot and focussed on resurrecting my PC. Unfortunately, the first draft didn’t make it back from the dead. I sometimes wonder how different things might be if it had...

I began to rewrite the drabble but it twisted under my fingertips, growing longer and longer until it was an actual story. New plots appeared as I struggled to work out how to end it. The characters never co-operated with me. They were determined to do their own thing, regardless of my plans for them. And then I got the idea for Slayers in Space and suddenly they stopped fighting me. Things kind of snowballed from there...

I tried to follow the original conditions while I was writing this, which is why Visions ended up third in the series; I had to explain how Faith came to know SG-1. When it came to one of the conditions however, I freely admit that I blew it...
ONE of the following pairings: Buffy/Daniel, Faith/Mj. Lorne, Buffy/Mj. Lorne, Faith/Mitchell, Cordelia/Mitchell, Cordelia/Daniel
Or TWO of the following (non-pairing) characters: Buffy, Faith, Vala, Daniel, Mitchell, Sam, Jack.
Max. rating: FR21.
MUST have: Tok'ra, an artifact and closure.
MUST NOT have: Slash, long lost family members and explanations on what a slayer is ... in other words, the stargate people already know. There's no reason for an explanation.

Technically speaking, this story and the whole series should be dedicated to az_anneliese... but as she’s never reviewed a chapter of it I’d like to dedicate it instead to my reviewers. The people who are there every time I post a chapter, inspiring and encouraging me to continue. You know who you are and believe me, I never would have written this much without you. Thank you.

The lucrative rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Stargate Franchise belong to their respective owners and, unfortunately, I’m not one of them. I’m just playing in their universes. I make no profit from the production and distribution of this story. If I did, I’d own a better car.


What Dreams May Come


General Landry looked up from the stack of paperwork to see Sergeant Harriman framed in the doorway, “There’s a Faith Lehane here to see you, sir.”

“Show her into the briefing room,” the General told him, grateful that this time at least, Jack had bothered to tell him about his visitor and her background, even if he hadn't believed him to begin with. “And Walter? Tell SG-1 to meet us there.”

Walter nodded, “Yes Sir.”

The newly reformed SG-1 entered the briefing room to discover Faith sat in one of the leather seats, her feet propped up on the table, idly cleaning under her nails with a knife the guards on duty had somehow missed when they searched her.

“Hey guys,” she said. “Brought ya a present.” She rested a hand on the medium sized crate on the table next to her.

Teal’c beamed at her, “Tek ma tae, Slayer Faith.”

“Slayer?” Mitchell asked.

“Tell you later,” Daniel told him as they took their seats at the table.

“Miss Lehane,” General Landry said, entering the room from his office.

Faith’s face twisted ever so slightly. “Call me Faith,” she insisted.

He nodded. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, sitting down. “I understand that you’ve discovered something that you believe may help to defend Earth.”

Faith shrugged, “Well, we don’t really know what it does. We were going through some stuff of the Council’s that we found the other month and found this…”

She tore the lid off the crate with one easy move and carefully lifted out a metallic blue structure about a foot high. A dodecahedral umber crystal appeared to be growing from the top of the object and there were several slots in the base.

“Willow says that it’s really old and giving off some kind of funky energy so we thought of you guys,” Faith lifted six clear crystal spires from the crates. “We also found these next to it.”

“Cool,” Mitchell picked one of the rods up to get a better look.

Daniel was puzzling over the marks on the base of the device, “It looks Ancient. But I’m not sure of the dialect. I’ll have to look it up,” he cautioned.

“I’ll run some tests on it in my lab,” Sam said as Mitchell leant forward and slotted the crystal spear in his hands into one of the spaces on the artifact. There was a bright flash from the orange crystal and Mitchell froze.

Faith heard a low humming just at the edges of her hearing that was slowly building in pitch. She grabbed the device and pulled it out of Colonel Mitchell’s grasp, her arm accidentally grazing the crystal spike as she did so.

She felt a massive jolt sear up her arm and burrow its way into her mind just as she pushed the device away from her. The darkness came quickly.

She woke slowly and easily recognized the room she was in as some kind of military hospital. A young doctor was hovering over her almost as soon as she opened her eyes.

“I’m Doctor Lam. How’re you feeling?” the pretty doctor asked.

Faith took stock, “Five by five,” she answered, sitting upright. The doc looked like she might object so Faith swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. “I’m good to go,” she assured the doctor.

Doctor Lam looked like she still might object but a small sound coming from the bed behind her had her whirling around to check on an awakening Colonel Mitchell.

“What happened?” he asked.

“You activated the device Faith brought,” Sam said, entering the room with Daniel in tow. “As far as I can tell it’s still emitting low levels of energy on a specific frequency. We’ll know more soon.”

“Rookie mistake,” Daniel commented as Doctor Lam checked Mitchell’s vitals. “Faith pulled the artifact away from you but she got zapped at the same time.”

Colonel Mitchell’s eyes sought Faith as she stood to one side of the crowd.

“How do you feel?” Doctor Lam asked him.

“Fine,” Mitchell answered, slightly surprised by how normal he felt.

“Well, I see no reason why you can’t get up,” she said. “But I’m confining the two of you to base for twenty four hours for observation.”

Twenty minutes and one argument with General Landry later, Faith was installed in one of the VIP rooms with armed security to make sure she “wasn’t disturbed”. Kinda reminded her of her first visit to the secret base. Faith quickly fell back on old habits learned during her time in prison. Only difference as far as she was concerned was that she couldn’t smoke in the SGC. Pacing the confines of her room. she came to the decision that a nicotine-deprived Slayer was a pissed-off Slayer and if anyone objected to her going up top for a smoke then they could suffer the consequences.

Five minutes later she was stood in the bushes just outside the tunnel entrance to Cheyenne Mountain, inhaling the first drag of smoke down into her lungs. She released the air with a long drawn out sigh as she felt her body begin to relax.

She could see her bike from here, she realized, thinking longingly about just hopping on board and riding wherever the road took her.

“There’s blood on the clear crystal,” Sam announced, stepping back for a swab.

“Faith’s gone,” Mitchell said on his way out of the door.

Sam hesitated, torn between taking a sample and following Mitchell. Cam won but her hesitation meant that he was already halfway to the elevators before Sam caught up with him.

“Cam, wait!” she called out, dodging past Siler. “What do you mean, Faith’s gone?”

He paused, allowing her to close the distance between them and walk at his side.

“It’s weird,” He warned running his hand through his hair. “I watching you reach for a swab and then I saw her get on a motorbike and drive off.”

They were at the elevators now and approaching them from another direction were an unhappy-looking Daniel and Teal’c.

“Slayer Faith is missing,” Teal’c announced as the two groups met.

“Told you,” Mitchell said, pressing the button to call an elevator.

“We stopped by to see if Faith wanted to spar with Teal’c and found the two airmen assigned to guard her tied to the bed. How did you know?” Daniel asked.

Sam moved to the phone stationed beside the elevators and picked it up. “Colonel Carter for General Landry,” she told the operator as Mitchell described seeing Faith ride off again. The General picked up and Sam began to report the situation.

“You actually saw her?” Daniel double-checked.

“Told you it sounded crazy,” Mitchell said, jabbing the button to call the elevator again. “I was watching Sam play with her new toy and then all of a sudden I’m watching Faith drive off on a Ducati,” the elevator pinged to signify it’s arrival. “We’ve gotta go after her.”

“After who?” Faith asked, stepping out of the elevator.

Mitchell stared at her, “Where did you go?”

“Can’t smoke in the mountain,” Faith told him. “Who we going after?”

“Cancel that General,” Sam said into the phone. “She just got out of the elevator.”

Faith stared at the group around her for a moment and then her face visibly hardened as she began to walk away from them.

“Faith, wait!” Sam called, hanging up the phone.

Faith turned around, her face so carefully expressionless that it could have been carved in stone.

“We have to meet General Landry in the briefing room in ten minutes,” Sam told her. Faith nodded and then disappeared around the corner.

“Okay people,” General Landry said, settling back into his chair at the head of the table. “What happened?”

Faith shrugged, “Went for a smoke. Came back.”

“The security footage proves that Slayer Faith is indeed correct,” Teal’c said impassively.

“But I saw her!” Mitchell burst out. “She got on her motorbike and drove away. Straight through the barrier. No stopping.”

“It could-“ Sam started to say before Faith’s quiet voice cut over the top of her.

“Can’t deny I thought about it,” The senior Slayer said, her eyes beginning to light up from somewhere deep within. “You think Flyboy seeing my thoughts has something to do with the gizmo?”

“Well, so far we’ve been unable to disconnect the crystal from the base of the device but I’ve only just begun,” Sam told her. “I did discover some blood on the crystal and I’ve sent it to Doctor Lam for further testing. I don’t know how Daniel’s doing with the translation of the symbols.”

Daniel frowned, “The Ancient dialect used on the device is like nothing I’ve seen before. I’m not even sure it is Ancient, it could just as easily be a bastardisation of the language by a later civilization. It’s pointless to speculate at this point but the few markings I have managed to translate warn of the ‘dreams of the many’. Or perhaps just the one. I’ll keep working on it.”

“Hey, if ya need any help I can always give Giles or Little D a call,” Faith offered. “Not that they haven’t already tried translating it into a billion demon languages.”

Despite all he’d seen since arriving at the SGC Mitchell was still having a hard time accepting the idea of magic and vampires. What was next? Bogeymen hiding under his bunk on base?

Across the table from him, Faith blinked and then laughed, “Actually, the last of the Bogeymen was killed almost a decade ago and they preferred to hide in attics and dungeons.”

The rest of the table stared at them.

“Keep me informed,” said General Landry, heading back to his office for some aspirin.

Faith scowled as Sam moved something that looked like a cross between a remote and a Gameboy with a dash of aerial around her. Two days of non-stop tests, simulations and translations all because one stupid Air Force Colonel didn’t have the brains to know when stop what he was doing and back away. Slowly.

The damn crystal still wouldn’t come out of the freaking machine! She’d been this close to just yanking the fucking thing out yesterday after another one of Grandma’s God Quotes had flashed before her eyes but Sam had stopped her. Who cared if they knew what it would happen or not! She certainly didn’t.

Sharing headspace was not fun. The visions were coming thick and fast now and Faith was having to heavily edit her daydreams and thoughts. As far as she was concerned, Flyboy was just plain lucky that they were confined to base and she hadn’t had the chance to go slaying recently. At least she had a steady supply of cigarettes coming in, thanks to the little poker game she’d been running the past two nights.

A vision of roast beef, dripping with gravy flashed before her eyes and as if on cue, her stomach rumbled.

Damn! This sure as hell wasn’t anything like when Red set up a telepathic network before a major battle. That was more ‘watch out, someone’s trying to bury an axe in your back’ and ‘Andrew needs help on your right’ kind of shouts echoing round your head until you’d killed all the bad guys. This crap was random visions of whatever Flyboy was thinking about filling her mind and pushing out everything else.

As much as she wanted to go out and kill something she had to wonder if she’d even be able to fight during one of the visions.

Mitchell snagged a cup of red jello and sat down opposite Daniel. “Please tell me you’ve got something,” he begged, digging into a plateful of macaroni and cheese.

Daniel looked up from the papers and books spread around him, “Hmm? Oh!” The archaeologist scrabbled around pulled a photograph of the markings out from underneath a thick book. “Well, it’s definitely not Ancient,” Daniel said, scratching his head. “The markings are but the syntax is completely different. It could be a code of some kind.”

Mitchell had stopped eating and was staring at Daniel, “Just tell me that I’m not gonna be stuck like this.”

“You’re not gonna be stuck like this,” Daniel told him. “I just need a little more time to figure out what it says. Besides it’s not like you have to stay within a hundred feet of each other.”

“No, I get a psychopath with full visiting rights to my brain instead,” Mitchell said, staring into his jello morosely. “And is it just me or does she remind you of Vala? It’s that predatory look she gets in her eyes,” Mitchell decided. “It’s like she can’t decide whether to knock me out or jump me. Except I know she’s not planning on jumping me.”

“Faith or Vala?” asked a confused Daniel.

“Faith, of course,” Mitchell paused, a spoonful of red jello suspended in mid-air as a vision of fighting vampires frolicked before him. “Damn!”

“What?” Daniel asked as Mitchell rubbed his forehead, the jello forgotten.

“Another vision,” Mitchell told him. “Of all the people for me to get mind-melded to, why an antagonistic vampire slayer?” the Colonel asked the ceiling.

Daniel grinned, “Hey, you wanted to work here.”

“Well, I was thinking more along the lines of off-world missions and kicking the crap out of the Goa’uld when I put in my transfer papers. Not being stuck on base while visions of vampires dance in my head.”

“It’s not as though Faith wanted this either,” Daniel reminded Mitchell, gathering up his papers. “Maybe you should take the time to get to know her.”

“What’s to know?” Mitchell asked, following Daniel out of the cafeteria. “I already know that all she thinks about is demons and how to kill them. And if you’d told me that we would be having an actual conversation about vampires a week ago...”

Faith blocked Teal’c’s overhead swing with her staff and delivered a jab to his kidney before dancing back out of reach. She grinned at the massive Jaffa.

“Having fun yet?” she asked, moving back in with a feint to the left and a thrust to the right.

Teal’c blocked the thrust and countered with a blow to Faith’s ribs that sent her back a pace or two. “Indeed,” he said. “Although I suspect that you are still holding back.”

Mitchell arrived at the training room in time to see Faith let loose with a flurry of attacks that Teal’c was hard-pressed to keep at bay. As much as he didn’t want to be, Cam was impressed and found himself imagining what it would be like to have Faith fighting by his side on off-world missions.

Abruptly Faith stopped moving, just in time for Teal’c’s staff to connect with the side of her head with a resounding crack.

Even before Faith had hit the floor, Mitchell was moving for the telephone.

“Med team to the Training Room,” he told the operator, hanging up straight away and moving to the centre of the room where Teal’c was crouched over Faith’s still form.

“She is breathing still,” Teal’c told Mitchell as he bent down to check on her.

“It’s my fault,” Mitchell admitted, taking hold of one of Faith’s hands. “She had a vision. That’s why she stopped.” For the first time, Cam was seeing the young Slayer defenceless and it shook him more than he wanted to admit. Even to himself.

Coming soon in Chapter Two

"General, there's a group of people at the gate, asking for Faith... Sir, they're on foot."

...Faith was now at the point where she was seriously considering hurling the freaking thing at a wall just to make it stop.
Cam saw that...

"Faith, meet Anise. Anise, Faith..."
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