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Of Fractured Minds

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Summary: Dean has been trying to deal with his brother’s abandonment the best way he can, by shutting down. But memories that aren’t his are taking their toll doesn’t know how much longer he can go on until the nightmares come true….or are they already true.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
Television > Dark Angel > Buffy - Centered
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Of Fractured Minds

Title: Of Fractured Minds
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off this.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Week 7 Third Verse BtVS/SPN/Dark Angel
Word Count:1067
Characters: Buffy, Dean, Ben, Max
Spoilers: BtVS post season 7, SPN preseries, Dark Angel season 1 “Polo Loco”
Summary: Dean has been trying to deal with his brother’s abandonment the best way he can, by shutting down. But memories that aren’t his are taking their toll doesn’t know how much longer he can go on until the nightmares come true….or are they already true.

A/N: This is another entry for the spn_btvs weekly challenge. I was thinking of doing the common Dean is Alec story but this popped into my head and wouldn’t be denied. All you need to know about Dark Angel was Ben was a transgenic who killed a lot of innocent people in the name of his beliefs. Yeah I know I am fudging the timeline, if you are a die hard fanatic about detail just bare with me.

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Chapter 1 Of Fractured Minds

It was a dorm room, the type little boys were shoved in when their camping or at boarding school. He saw a group of boys all like him, hair shaved like a soldiers everyone dressed the same.

Not all of them were boys, the girls heads were shaved too.

“They crawl up from the basement through special tunnels. And when you're not looking...BAM! They break through the wall and drag you away.” He remembered the faces of the monsters; he had grown up around monsters

“Well, what do the Nomlies do with you?” the larger of the boys asked, his presence screamed for others to obey, to follow orders.

Dean realized that the voice speaking was his “They keep you as prisoner of war and eat you up, little by little, forever.” He came to shaking his eyes closed tightly as he tried to forget the memory. He knew he wasn’t suppose to remember, he didn’t want to remember.

With a hiss the flame danced before his eyes its deadly light revealing flickering contrasts of golden skin and strong lines. It glowed and the flame fell and ignited on the decaying corpse the stench nauseating familiar to the man who watched the body burn.

He glanced around the cemetery making sure he was still alone and grabbed the container of gasoline and shoved the vial of rock salt into his back pocket right beside a gun.

Another ghost sent to wherever the hell those things belonged.

His cell phone rang and he sighed looking down at it reading the text message. A soft grin slipped on his face.

The deaths had stopped.

He had done good.

Dean slipped into the car debating calling his father. He knew it could wait till morning, he didn’t feel up to going thorough step by step details of how he had finished off the spirit.

He slid into the Impala letting the smell of leather sooth him, this was the only place that had felt like home to him.

He quickly made his way to yet another run down hotel he was crashing in for the hunt. He knew that there was a bar and a diner close by.

His phone rang again as he pulled into the parking lot and he winced just wanting to go to sleep. “Winchester here.” He growled closing the door and making sure the car was locked.

“You’re obliviously in a bad mood so I’ll call back later.” Her sweet feminine voice washed over him and Dean’s bad mood disappeared.

“Baby I could never be in a bad mood around you.” He poured it on thick knowing she was rolling her eyes. He had a reputation as a ladies man but the truth was he only had one lady.

There was laughter in her voice “I’m flying in tomorrow to see you.”

He grinned “I’ll be waiting, clothes are optional right?”

“Bye Dean,” Buffy told him “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He hung up when the line went dead, how he had ever ended up wit the Slayer of all Slayers was beyond him. He was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he, Dean Winchester, was domesticated.

He made his way into the hotel room efficiently laying the salt lines and checking the locks on the door before he shrugged off his jeans and shoes and collapsed in bed praying his sleep would be undisturbed that night, he was tired of the nightmares that had plagued him for months.

Tired of the sinking sensation that told him they weren’t just nightmares.

The building was abandoned; it made it easier to do his work. He pulled on the shirt and turned away from the reflection in the mirror. He opened the reinforced door and gazed at the man who would serve his means “It’s time.” He held up the gold pendant that always rested around his neck. He had found that when he took it off things became clearer.

It was an attempt by his father to cloud his mind and deter him from the work he knew must be done, John Winchester should have known by now his son would catch on.

He had started to remember his time in camp that his father had wanted him to forget.

The eldest son of John and Mary Winchester, Dean Bennett Winchester could not be made forget that he was also one of them, the chosen one, a transgenic.

“Put this on.” Dean now Ben ordered the man adrenaline starting to pump through his body as he prepared himself. He was a Hunter after all.

The man’s neck snapped so easily and Ben pocketed the pendant knowing he wanted to remember who he was, he was tired of forgetting.

The bright light of morning streamed through the room from where Dean had forgot to draw the curtains and Dean groaned as he stopped shaking. His hand went to the pendant around his neck he never took off, a gift from his father and it terrified him the idea of losing it.

Despite the strong enchantment John had had placed on it those infected memories were starting to break through.

There was a loud knock on the door and Dean knew it was Buffy and he couldn’t hide this from her any longer.
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