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The Fifth Son

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Summary: Chase Collins finds himself up against Dean Winchester and Buffy Summers, the odds speak for themselves and since he already knows he’s not going to live much longer he leaves a little gift behind. BtVS/SPN/The Covenant

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
Movies > Covenant
ChosenfireFR1511,175261,86119 May 0719 May 07No
Title: The Fifth Son
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off this.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Week 7 Third Verse BtVS/SPN/The Covenant
Word Count: 1257
Characters: Chase, Dean, Buffy
Spoilers: BtVS post season 7, SPN preseries, The Covenant post movie
Summary: Chase Collins finds himself up against Dean Winchester and Buffy Summers, the odds speak for themselves and since he already knows he’s not going to live much longer he leaves a little gift behind.

A/N: And yet another entry for this week or weeks challenge, this one I have wanted to do for a long time and this gives me the perfect opportunity. I love the movie and I hope you guys enjoy this :D

His eyes glinted as they took in the sharp edge of the blade a smug grin slipping its way on his face as his body hummed.

His time was running out, he could feel his body giving out on him, fee the power he had come to weld start to tear him up from the inside. So much power trapped in a human shell and every time he used it killed him

That little curse was a bitch.

He stalked across the room and crouched down beside the chair where he had a pretty little blond tied up. Her eyes were wide and fearful and Chase laughed letting that fear wash over him.

At moments like this he had all the power.

He had been stopped by the Ipswitch boy, Danvers had barely ascended and he had been able to defeat him.

He should have been able to beat the boy easily, would of if it hadn’t been for William Danvers. A father who loved his son enough to die for him, it was a nauseating cliché.

He had failed and now he would die; he had thought he could beat death but he was wrong.

He knew all this but that didn’t stop him, it was in his nature to never give up. A trail of bodies followed him and Chase knew he had garnered unwanted attention.

That of a Hunter.

Chase had had run ins with Hunters before. They were the shot first and don’t ask questions later type, dangerous, and he avoided them if he could. One sure way to bring the whole self righteous community on his ass was to kill one.

He might not have a choice now with a Hunter following. He could feel it, the impending sense of dread knowing that things were about to come. He was weakened from the fight with Caleb.

“It’s okay,” Chase whispered to the frightened young girl tenderly pushing a stray hair behind her ear.” It will be over soon.” he reassured her and brought forward the knife his eyes flaming and going black.

She stopped crying an a glint of determination entered her eyes and she smiled around the gag in her mouth.

“You got that right?” a voice muttered from behind him and he moved to turn but lights head as something heavy met with it with a large crack. He crumpled to the ground his mind becoming fuzzy as he heard the scuffling of feet beside his prone body.

“You didn’t kill him right?” the girl’s voice floated through his consciousness, the girl he had lured so easily. Too easily.

“God I hope so.” the voice was rough and male a hint of an accent breaking through and Chase heard a thump as the girl hit him. “Hey.” he knew it was the Hunter “he’s evil, I thought the whole point was to kill the evil things.”

“He’s still human.” the girl seemed to place a big deal on that and Chase repressed a groan as his head started to get more clear and the pain more intense. Apparently it had been a set up and he admired them for it, simple but brilliant.

The pretty little blond who reeked of power had been the bait.

“He’s still a monster who should be put down.” the Hunter shot back and Chase couldn’t stop the smile that lingered on his lips, he may be dieing but he would go out with one hell of a bang.

“Dean.” her voice was annoyed and it was obvious this was a common argument.

“Buffy.” Dean mocked childishly and Chase closed his eyes feeling the power inside of him raging. It was so seductive and so deadly, it was a temptation he had never been able to ignore and he was addicted to using as a smoker to cigarettes. It made him feel powerful and it was eating him up inside.

“You know,: he matched Dean’s mocking voice letting that power lift him to his feet “you should really make sure the bad guys down before you have your lover’s spat.”

The Hunter lifted up a rifle and Chase easily used his powers to toss it aside plucking it out of the air and sending it loudly into a wall “Now now there is no need for that.” when the blond, Buffy, moved to advance on him he lifted her body and with a flick of his wrist sent her crashing into the same wall with enough amount of force to send her falling to the ground unmoving.

He turned back to Dean grinning gleefully as the Hunter struggled against he unseen force that held him in place “I’ve heard of you and yours, killers, eradicating the world of things you deem supernatural.”

“Great its time for the monologuing.” he gritted out eyes blazing with hate as he promised “I’m going to enjoy killing you.”

“You’re already too late.” Chase smiled softly aware that the Hunter’s girlfriend was stirring “these little abilities of mine come with a price and I should have been dead weeks ago, still I prefer going out this way.” he could feel his hold on the man weakening and he let it go knowing he needed to stay alive a little longer.

As soon as he was free Dean slammed him into the wall his breath hot on his face as he pulled out a gun and held it to the witches forehead.

At that moment Chase smiled a bright and sincere smile and said slowly happiness dripping from each word “I…WILL…YOU…MY….POWERS.” wave after wave of fire tore through his body and he heard the yell of the Hunter as the power he had contained for so long rushed out of him and into its new vessel.

The fifth family of Ipswitch would live, not through blood but through power and Danver’s little Covenant would have to deal with the backlash.

Chase hoped Dean would kill them all.


“Dean?” Buffy coughed pulling her body up on shaky muscles ignoring the stinging in her back as the bright light that had filled the room faded. “Dean?” she yelled louder desperation entering her voice.

She saw the huddled figure on the ground and rushed over only to find the cold and dead eyes of Chase Collins, the witch they had been hunting.

She saw another figure by the body and moved to him her heart pounding furiously “Dean?”

Slowly he turned to her his eyes wide in a stark fear, those green eyes widened in terror and his voice was hoarse and scared “Buffy, he did something…there’s something inside me.” his iris’s flamed and went completely black as the power of the fifth son of Ipswitch moved through him marking him and changing him.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Fifth Son" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 May 07.

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