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Heir to the Brotherhood

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Summary: Dean Winchester and Buffy Summers have a lot in common, most notably a relative and a secret there parents kept from them (Hint-Buffy’s adopted and Dean is just as special as Sam) BtVS/SPN/X-Men

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Heir to the Brotherhood

Title: Heir to the Brotherhood
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of this.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Week 7 Third verse BtVS/SPN/X-Men(movies and comic books)
Word Count: 1397
Characters: Mary, John, Dean, Eric, Buffy, Pietro, Crytsal
Spoilers: BtVS post season 7, SPN season 2, X-Men all three movies
Summary: Dean Winchester and Buffy Summers have a lot in common, most notably a relative and a secret there parents kept from them (Hint-Buffy’s adopted and Dean is just as special as Sam)

A/N: Huge thanks to dhfreak for encouragement with this and blue_icy_rose for giving me a run through on the X-Men comic verse, I would have never been able to write this without her. Here is another entry and let me know what you think.

“Is there anything you need?” John Winchester asked his wife the concern practically radiating off the ex-Marine. He shuffled along the room picking up blankets and setting aside bottles. Lines of exhaustion showed on his face but happiness touched the corner of his eyes.

Mary shook her head her voice soft in a whisper “I think we got it covered.” her joy matched his and so did the weariness “Get to work, we’ll be fine.” She smiled brightly at her husband knowing it was hard for him to leave her even for a couple of hours. They needed the money though.

“I love you.” John told her lowering his voice as he bent down and pressed a kiss to her lips, he then kissed the head of the sleeping infant “love you Sammy.” he straightened looking down at his newborn son and wife in adoration.

“Daddy.” a small voice called from the doorway and John turned to see his four year old son in dinosaur footy pajamas and sleep filled green eyes.

“Hey buddy.” John padded over to the boy and scoped him up small arms wrapping around his neck as his oldest boy buried his head in his daddy’s chest “why aren’t you asleep Deano?” Sammy had kept the whole house up last night, John had tried to get Dean to bed but the four year old had refused telling his daddy he wouldn’t sleep if his brother was crying. Finally when they had gotten Sam to sleep for more than an hour Dean had passed out and John had put him in his own bed.

“I wanna check on Sammy.” there was a trace of guilt in his small voice but determination shone from those sleep dazed eyes. Dean was going to be a great big brother.

“Nothing wrong with that.” John smiled and pressed a tender kiss to Dean’s forehead “I’m off to work sport, you look after your mom and brother.” Dean nodded solemnly and Mary shifted the baby slightly so John could put Dean in the bed beside her.

John gave his small family a mock salute and Mary a wink and left for the shop already counting down the hours until he would be back with them.

Dean watched his daddy go his head resting on his mommy’s shoulder as his eyes drifted shut and he let himself go back to sleep knowing he was safe and so was Sammy.

Mary moved her body so she could lay down next to Dean putting baby Sam safely between them. She was so proud of her two boys. Her strong and beautiful sons, she loved her Winchester men.

“Well well what a touching scene.” a man sneered stepping out of the shadows of the corner where he had been observing the little family.

“Long time no see.” Mary bit out coldly sitting up so she could shield her sleeping children from the man whom others deemed as a terrorists. His eyes were distant and amused.

“Mary dear if I wanted to hurt your children I would have done so already.” he was tall and wiry his hair graying and his blue eyes sharp with intelligence. His presence screamed to be obeyed and Mary loved and hated him at the same time, always had and always would.

“I know.” she whispered softly and eased her body gently off the bed so as not to wake her sons. Her white nightgown settled around her and her blond hair fell in soft waves around her shoulders. Erik Lehnsherr was a powerful man and he was her father.

“You’ve done well for yourself I see.” he commented staring past her to look at Dean so small and fragile yet curling himself protectively around the sleeping infant Mary had birthed weeks previously. He turned back to her “Your normal life.”

“I’m happy.” Mary shrugged shifting nervously under his stare.

“And you don’t want things to change.” he finished for her his voice sounding tired.

She nodded. She had called him here because she knew that her children were in danger. What they could become scared her. Everyone believed it was males that carried the mutant gene but Mary knew that her sons where at risk having her for a mother, her father was one of the most powerful mutants to walk the earth and Dean and Sam would be just as gifted.

He sighed and pulled out a large silver band from his pocket, the kind an adult male would wear and tossed it to Mary who caught it deftly with abilities that had been honed as a child and repressed as an adult. She looked at her father a question in her eyes.

“If any abilities should manifest themselves when he is older give that to Dean. It contains an alloy that will suppress his abilities, I shaped it myself.” those eyes were tired and defeated and Mary knew how hard it was for him to let go of her again and to let go f the grandchildren he had just discovered. Mary loved him but she didn’t trust him, she didn’t trust he wouldn’t try to mold her children the same way he had tried to mold her.

“Give my love to Pietro and Wanda.” the one thing Mary regretted most of all was leaving behind her younger siblings. They had made their choice though and were working alongside her father. Last she heard Pietro had had a daughter.

He nodded and just and walked out the door and down the stairs no doubt there was a jet waiting for him outside. Mary looked down at the ring in her hand noting the inscription on the inside, a smile touched her lips, leave it to her father to not give up. In a small script was the words Brotherhood, he had claimed her son in the only way he could.


Pietro Maximoff was having a bad day and it was progressively getting worse. He knew why his father had left that day, to see the older sister he had never met. The older sister who had been raised by their father. As he watched his golden haired daughter sleep he knew it was going to get worse.

This was for the best Crystal had reassured him. While his father was away they could find a way to protect Luna, their two year old little Angel, the reason he did any of it in the first place.

But that meant he had to give her up, for her to have a normal life he couldn’t be involved in it.

“I love you darling.” he whispered pressing a soft kiss into her golden curls and picked her up careful not to wake her. It would only be hardier and Wanda could only keep the child asleep for so long. “Tell me about them?” he pleaded with his wife his eyes showing his desperation.

“They’re good people.” she reassured him tears gathering in her own eyes, she loved her daughter and she hated to see her husband in pain. “Hank and Joyce Summers are hard working and very stable. They love each other and they already have named her, Buffy.” All she wanted was for their daughter to have a normal life and she could never have that if Pietro’s father had any say. This was how they could protect her.

Pietro snorted the laughter bubbling up inside him bitter.

Buffy Summers, approximately normal and dull, the perfect name for the perfect girl.

He wanted to scream.
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