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New Place, Same Fight

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Summary: Hermione has move away from Europe trying to handle the lost of her love ones. She goes and attends Stanford. However she learns that nothing will ever be easy in life. SPN/BTVS/HP

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dhfreakFR1855,820063,14019 May 0731 Mar 08No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15


Chapter Five - Revelations

Hermione and Sam returned to the room and saw that Dean was still sleeping. They exchanged sad smiles and went to their separate beds. Emotional exhaustion overcame both of them and sleep came quickly.

Dawn came on the heels of a nightmare for both Sam and Hermione. Sam’s shouting of Jessica’s name brought Hermione out of her horrible dream. Dean slept on without a care and didn’t wake until both of them had already showered. He jumped up and took over the bathroom, finishing quickly and sitting on his bed to lace up his boots.

“So, are we all talking now?” Dean asked, his eyes on Hermione.

“I guess we are.” she responded, her gaze alternating between the brothers before it stopped on Dean.

The silence grew between the three, and it seemed as if neither were willing to begin. Sam broke the quiet. “We don’t know much about the demon that killed Jess.” Sam’s voice was still husky with emotion.

“We just know that it has a thing for our family.” Dean finished before Hermione could ask anything.

“How do you know it’s after your family?” Hermione asked.

“It killed our mother when I was baby.” Sam answered.

“Oh, Sorry.” Hermione said, her gaze dropped and silence grew in the room again.

Dean interrupted the quiet this time. “We’ve been trying to get information on the demon ever since ‘IT’ killed our mother. But the only one that may have any information is our father.”

“Can you contact him so we can find this thing?” She asked, relieved that they weren’t completely in the dark.

“Not easily. We don’t know were he is, just coordinates of where he might be.” Sam answered with a frustrated tone. Hermione glanced up to catch Sam glaring at Dean. Dean saw her watching and rolled his eyes at her.

She was torn between so many emotions right now, amusement at Dean and Sam’s brotherly behavior was unexpected and close on its heels was guilt. She pushed it all back. There was important work to do. Feelings would have to wait. “And the coordinates, that’s where we are heading?” Hermione asked.

Both Dean and Sam nodded.

“And that is how we got into this business. What about you? What’s your story?” Dean asked her.

Her gaze dropped again, dreading both their reaction to what she was about to reveal and the pain associated with dredging up buried memories. “Well… as I mentioned before, I am a witch. In England there is a school for wizards and witches. If a child manifests magical ability then they are invited to attend at age eleven. I was sent an invitation and attended school in Scotland for seven years. Well… Six actually. Due to circumstances I’d rather not go into, I tested out of my seventh year.” She said still not meeting their gaze.

“So you went to an actually school where they taught you how to wave a stick around?” Dean asked as he stared at her with an odd expression.

“Yes.” She smiled at his comment; her gaze remaining in her lap.

“Are there schools like that here? Why haven’t we heard of them?” Sam asked.

“Well, I suppose that the schools were originated in Europe and in Asia. Since the wizard ministry may have not approved on any relationship with the colonies that settle to the Americas. They believe that they were being to liberal with the muggle by showing them their abilities. Which that started the whole process of the Salem Witch trials.” Hermione said in a knowledgeable way.

“I haven’t really read about American wizardry. But I suppose that is why Wicca was more common in the Americas. I think I have to do more research on this subject.” She said, quietly angry with herself for not knowing anything about this subject. She should have thought to do research on this matter.

“Your parents know about this and let you come to America?” Sam’s question interrupted her internal rant.

“My parents knew of all of it. They past away a few years back.” She said as she finally met their gaze.

“Sorry,” Sam responded.

Hermione sent him a small smile and returned her attention to the subject at hand. “So I guess we are going to where ever your father wrote he may be.” She said as she stood.

Sam stared at her strangely but didn’t comment on her sudden change of subject.

“Okay” Dean said as he also stood. “We need to head toward those coordinates.”

Sam took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and Hermione nodded in agreement with Dean. She turned to pack up her belongings. The sense of a presence behind her had Hermione dropping the bag to the floor and she turned around. Dean stood behind her, the expression on his face a mixture of discomfort and apology.

He reached up and scratched the back of his head. “Look I’m sorry I acted like such a jerk last night, I …”

She could tell this apology was hard for him and interrupted. “It’s okay, we were all out of it yesterday.” She offered a small smile and dropped her gaze to the floor. “I got the feeling that you don’t apologize very often.” she said. Her gaze left the floor and watched as his fingers threaded through his hair.

“You got that right,” His smile was rueful and he shot a conspirator look at the bathroom door. “Don’t tell Sammy that I apologized, okay?” His smile broke out into a grin, reminding her of a mischievous little boy.

“Don’t worry I won’t.” Hermione turned and resumed her packing.

Sam exited the bathroom soon after and within minutes, the car was packed and on the road once again.

“Where do the coordinates lead to?” Hermione asked from the back seat.

“Some where call Blackwater Ridge in Colorado,” said Sam as he looked at the map.

“Fun.” Hermione’s tone indicated her thoughts were of a different opinion as she leaned back in her seat.

The trip to Colorado was far from fun. Between Dean and Hermione arguing, and the constant nightmares that plagued both Hermione and Sam, everyone was on edge. They thought they were hiding it, but Dean had noticed both of them were having nightmares.

If it had just been him and Sam, Dean might have bullied Sam into copping to the nightmares. So he didn’t bring it up to avoid possible girl tears from Hermione. He avoided the subject, knowing well what the source of those nightmares was. However, that thought may not entirely true.

Hello everyone I would like to apologies for the delay of this chapter. I will get right on it once again. Thank you dhark_charlotte for helping me out in this chapter. Also, I apologies for the length of them, I notice I work better if they are short length.

Thank you for all your reviews and your patients.

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You have reached the end of "New Place, Same Fight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Mar 08.

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