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The Four Pranksters of the Apocalypse

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Summary: Pranking people is fun. Pranking people interdimensionally even more so.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Multiple Crossings > Dawn-Centered
InfinixFR1567,19235523,32119 May 077 May 08No

Ooh spandex!

The Four Pranksters of The Apocalypse
Rating: 15
Summary: Don't expect much plot this is really just an outlet for some of the more twisted ideas that pop into my head.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Buffy verse characters. Neither do I own the Potter stuff. In fact I don't any of the characters settings etc etc herein so don't bother me anymore.

“Fred, old chap, it feels good to be doing this again.”

“Indeed it does George. As fulfilling as it is to help the newer generations in their pursuit of mayhem and mishap I have missed getting our hands dirty.” George replied.

“Shush, this is supposed to be a quiet mission.” Came the harsh whisper from the brunette in front of them.

The twins exchanged grins, “You know Dawn we put up silencing spells the moment we arrived nobody can here anything outside the four of us.”

That brought both of the brunettes in the group to a stop, “Then why are we sneaking around on tip toes?”

“Why Alexander, because it looked funny of course.”

Xander apparently could appreciate this logic because he returned their grins however from Dawn's annoyed huff she didn't share in the amusement, “Now Dawnie I thought I taught you better. Don't get annoyed when you are the butt of the joke especially if it's a funny one, just decide what you will do to get even.”

“Sure Xan, now cast the spells you two so we can get to the next place.” Dawn's malicious grin warmed the twins' hearts. Dawn really was coming along rather well and Xander was a true joker in the grand fashion of pranksters everywhere.

The twins had been in a bit of a rut when the beautiful brunette had entered their shop. The only pranks they had played recently had been business related testing out new products.

Their new obsession might have been contributing too. When they had moved out of the Burrow they had rented a small flat in muggle London. The problem had been that the flat was prefurbished and that had included a television. While they would never admit to anyone especially there obsessed father they had truly enjoyed it and when they had been tinkering with it to see if they could get the pictures into three dimensions they had only managed to get more channels. The end result was that they were receiving stations from all over the world, including the United States.

So when what looked like a character from one of their favorite shows had walked into their shop they had been a bit suspicious. Dawn had cleared it up with a demonstration of her new power to open up inter dimensional portals. She had been fascinated to find that their lives in Sunnydale were a TV show in this world and the twins and been just as fascinated to find out about the Harry Potter books although they assured Dawn that they had a much larger part in reality.

Needless to say they were more than happy to have their merchandise be used inter dimensionally on Dawn's friend's, family and mini-slayers.

A week later when Dawn had come back to tell them how everything had worked out she had also brought along her boyfriend Alexander Harris incidentally one of their favorite characters of the show.

The four of them had gotten talking about some of their favorite pranks and eventually decided that they would really like to work together. More thought had decided that they really shouldn't limit their fun to their own to realities and should share across the multi verse.

It had taken hours of deliberation to find a name that they could all agree on but eventually they decided the more pretentious the better and The Four Pranksters of The Apocalypse was pretty pretentious. Xander and Dawn thought Destruction and Fear respectively had a nice ring. Fred and George decided upon Chaos and Confusion as their names because where one was the other was sure to follow.

The four pranksters sat back in over stuffed chairs waiting to see the outcome of there hard work.

“Really must compliment you on these spells Dawn, really makes it all the more satisfying to be able to see their reactions first hand,” Fred was digging into a large bowl of popcorn as they all watched the wall in front of them.

“Thank Willow, it's her spell. I was slightly worried the monitoring spells wouldn't work but they are working great,” on the wall were images that seemed to come from nowhere

“Okay looks like the Bat is up first.” Xander's voice was dripping with anticipation.

One of the images showed a cave filled with high tech computers, equipment and a vehicle that would be quite intimidating if it wasn't pink.

“Oh he found the Batmobile. Oh look at that scowl he's pissed.”

“There's the dramatic turn with obligatory cape spin and he's going to, yes check the computer for the security footage. Oh he found Dawn's present. How nice of the new avatar to offer to help pull up the footage,” Xander was practically bouncing with glee.

Dawn's smirk was malicious, “You don't think it was a bit mean to model the Avatar after Andrew do you?”

There was a chorus of 'Nah.'

“We never did thank you for setting up that magically shielded computer in our shop did we? It makes the accounting so much easier.”

“Ah poor Andrew, Bruce is yelling at him.”

The screen clearly showed an irate figure in black yelling rather loudly. The image of Andrew on the large computer screen was pouting and was working it's way towards hurt indignation.

“Oh look the watchtower spell went off!” Dawn pointed to another of the viewing spells that was cycling every few seconds.

“Fred I think that the spandex dissolving spell is a resounding success.” George had tilted his head to one side as the spell showed a naked except for her bracelets, tiara and boots Wonder Woman running down the hall.

“Yes it is.” Fred's reply seemed a nit distracted for some reason.

“It's just to bad that Green Arrow switched over to a leather costume.”


“Shush Xander, we agreed I wont complain when you look and you wont when I look because we both know who we are going home with.”

“Your the best girlfriend in any dimension Dawnpatrol,” Xander pulled his eyes away from the half naked superheroins to smile at his girlfriend.

“Bet your sweet ass I am. Speaking of Arrow, he's found the catalog.”

One of the screens right next to the watchtower spell showed a laughing Green Arrow stumble into his room. When he had gotten himself under control to the point where he was only chuckling he saw the catalog and picked it up. He looked thoughtful as he leafed through the booklet but his grin was getting wider and wider as he went.

“Well I think he will be a big customer for the FPotA Inter dimensional division of Weasley Wizard Wheezes .“ With Dawn delivering the orders delivery was safe, secure and near instantaneous. Profits from the division were split evenly between the four and with the plans they had there was going to be plenty of profit. Just because the twins wanted to actually be doing the pranks didn't mean they weren't going to be making money too.

After all there was no better advertising than an inter dimensional campaign of pranks and gags. All of the viewing spells started showing the results across the world. Lex Luthor was being arrested for sleeping on a park bench wearing nothing but a gimp mask, hot pants and yellow rain boots. The Joker was being chased out of his most recent hideout by a pair of hyenas that between a short conversation with Xander and a spell thought the clown had steak in his pants. Gorilla Grodd woke up shaved and styled to look like a neon green poodle. John Constantine was getting laughed at by a demon he was exorcising because of his new red skin and horns and angelic white wings.

All across the world superheroes and villains alike were finding themselves in painful, embarrassing or just plain annoying situations.

A few select people already known for their love of a good joke like Oliver Queen and Wally West were finding a catalog of high quality fun.

The four of them had decided they needed to leave a calling card or just some kind of grand finale. After much debate they had decided on something subtle and classy. Xander used his knowledge of explosives to spell out HAHA! In one hundred meter tall block letters in the middle of the Nevada desert.

They all wore self satisfied grins as the charges went off in a domino like effect but Xander summed it up best, “We did good. So where's next on the list?”
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