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Of Demons and Souls

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Summary: Darien and Bobby visit Sunnydale with dire consequences for them both. X-Over with the Invisible Man. Prequel to Price of Power by Tazzy.

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Television > Invisible Man, TheKituraFR151113,462122,7741 Jul 031 Jul 03Yes

Part of Your World

Title: Of Demons and Souls
Author: Kitura
Rating: R, for violence, bloodletting, m/m overtones, adult content, and major angst.
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Invisible Man
Pairings: Darien/Bobby, Spike/Willow, Claire/Eberts
Distribution: My site,, IMFanfic, Bite me... Please?, QSArchive, and NeonSilence. Anyone else, just ask.
Spoilers: Anything is fair game. But to be safe, seasons 1-5 for Buffy.
Time-line: Post-In the Woods, Pre-Crush; Post-Den of Theives. They don't line up, but we don't see me caring, do we? ;-)
Summary: Darien and Bobby visit Sunnydale with dire consequences for them both.
Author's Notes: This is an AU story. In my universe, Spike never had the chip, and Tara isn't Willow's girlfriend.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the plot. Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to the mighty Joss and Kuzui/Sandollar. The Invisible Man belongs to Scifi and Stu Segall. "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Red Right Hand" don't belong to me either. "From Dusk 'Till Dawn" belongs to Robert Rodreguiz and Quentin Tarintino.

Chapter One: Part of Your World

"Why do we have to go to Sunnydale?" Bobby asked.

"Because of the sudden rash of unexplained murders," the Official answered.

"But the death rate is already one of the highest in the nation. Especially among teenagers," Darien pointed out for the second time during the course of the meeting.

"I know that. You are to bring me a plausable explaination for the deaths," the Official bellowed at the two agents.

"Fine," Bobby grumbled.

"Fine," Darien repeated.


The town of Sunnydale was quiet, almost quaint. The school was being rebuilt after a fire two years ago, so all the kids went to the next town over. So, at four in the afternoon, most of the younger population still hadn't returned to their homes.

"Nice," Bobby commented as he drove past the Sun Cinema. "Wonder if they have anywhere to get a decent coffee."

"There's a Starbucks on Main. Keep going that way," Darien pointed out the directions.

"How do you know that?"

"I lived here once. For about a month."

"Really? Why?"

"Oh, just something to do, I guess."

Bobby looked at him suspiciously and dropped the subject like Darien had obviously wanted to do.


It was decided to check out the local club after dark to check out the populace.

The Bronze was smoky and crowded. Dingoes Ate My Baby wailed out an uninspiring tune about an ex-girlfriend. Darien remembered reading that their lead guitarist had taken off with out a warning about a year ago. He tried to remember where he'd read that while Bobby got beers from the bar.

"They don't even card here, Fawkes," Hobbes commented, setting the glasses on the table.

"Oh, well, we're not the ATF. Let them worry about it," Darien replied.

"Whatever. Anything interesting?"

"Yeah, the redhead over there," he said. He pointed to the middle of the dance floor where a girl danced very closely to a bleach-blonde. She was average height, but nothing else about her was average. She was dressed in black vinyl from head to toe. Including the bustier wrapped around her slender waist and small breasts. Her movements toward the blonde indicated an intimacy between the two. Red hair flew around her face as she shook her hips and bounced in time with the music and her partner. Her green eyes flashed with desire for her blonde companion.

When the song ended, the couple made for the door in hurried motions. Darien and Bobby, having decided that this girl was as good a place to start as any, followed at a safe distance.

They weren't aware of their own followers until it was too late...


"Wake up, Darien," Bobby purred.

Darien sat up and looked at his surroundings. Everything was clearer and brighter than when he went to sleep. Wait, did he go to sleep? He couldn't remember. He winced at the stinging pains of hunger that blasted their way through his stomach.

"What... What's happened to me, Hobbes? Why am I so hungry?" Darien asked, his voice tight with panic.

"You're one of us now, mate," a new voice came from the shadows. The owner of the soft accented lilt, that reminded him briefly of Claire's, stepped out into the light. He was tall, with bleached hair and piercing blue eyes. He was dressed in all black, smoking a cigarette. The man from the club.

"What are you?" Darien yelped.

"We're vampires, ya git. I'm Spike, your grandsire."

"Grandsire?" Darien looked puzzled.

"He's my sire. And I'm your sire," Bobby whispered in Darien's ear.

Darien searched his brain for the meaning of "sire". "You.. You turned me, Bobby?"

Bobby nodded smiling, "Yeah, no one, will tell us what to do ever again, Darien. We're so much better than humans. We have power now!"

"Chill, mate," Spike snapped, "he can learn the joys of being a vampire later. Now, he needs to eat." Spike walked to the refridgerator and pulled out a bag of what looked like blood to Darien. He ripped open the bag with his teeth and poured its contents into a coffee mug.

Afterwarming the mug in the microwave, Spike handed the mug to Darien. He took a long, slow drink and winced at the tangy, metallic flavor. He downed the rest of the blood and slammed it down on the table to his left.

"Thanks, man," Darien said, licking his lips and frowning at the discovery of his sharper, elongated canines. "Ok, so, someone want to explain a few things?"

"Like what?" a distinctly feminine voice said. She was carefully shutting and locking the door to the small apartment.

"Hello, pet. Did you have a nice time shopping?" Spike asked the girl.

Darien stared at her. She was beautiful, no doubt about that. The girl from the club.

"Who's your new friend, William?" she asked the blonde. She hugged and kissed him. Darien knew from their actions at the club and then today that they were lovers.

"Where are my manners, pet? This is Darien. He's a friend of Bobby's. Darien, this is Willow. My favorite little redhead," Spike said, running a long-fingered hand throught her bright red hair.

The petite girl held her hand out to Darien. He shook it and smiled. His smile faded slightly. "Wait, are you... Is she..."

"A vampire?" Spike finished for him. "No, mate, she's not. She won't let me turn her until she finds a more permenant restoration spell."

"Restoration? To restore what?" Darien asked.

"Tsk, tsk," Bobby chided, "don't you worry about that. We'll talk about it later. For now, let's hunt."

"Hunt? People?" Darien asked, feeling even more puzzled.

"Yes, people. We drink their blood. It's our raison d'etre, you could say," Spike said.

"You *do* say. But no killing, you three!" Willow shouted from her place in the kitchen.

"Right, no killing. I'll rip both of your throats out if I find out you did," Spike snarled.

"Killjoy," Bobby muttered.

"What was that?" the blonde vampire snapped.

"Nothing, Spike. Just a little bit of tension releasing itself." Bobby turned to smile at Darien. "Shall we?" he spoke with an air of confidence solely belonging to the senior agent.

Darien nodded his acquiesence and shuffled toward the door.




"Hobbes? We need to talk."

"Fawkes, will ya shut up? You're fucking up my concentration."

"Sorry," Darien whispered. He stood for a moment before following Bobby into the alley.

Every one of Darien's senses were onoverload. Things flew through his mind at the most astonishing rate. He could smell things now. Blood, fear, panic. All of which got his own lifeless blood boiling. He stopped to watch as Bobby tracked his victim.

Bobby seemed to take such a perverse pleasure in playing with his victim. It almost saddened Darien to see so much of what he liked about Bobby being snuffed out, ripped away with his soul. He was determined to retain some shred of his humanity, if it killed him... again.

Darien's face dulled in thought a moment, like he was drawing inside himself to find a peaceful place to think. It was hard to do any thinking with this demon in his soul's home.

Darien wasn't sure why he felt such a hole in his existance. One that Bobby apparently didn't feel. He'd have to ask Spike about it later.

For now, he was hungry... again.


Darien walked down the middle of a deserted street looking for a snack. He looked up in the sky expecting to see stars twinkling down on his dark purpose. Instead, he was greeted by the ever-shining sun in all its glory.

His first instinct was to run and hide, but something stopped him. The realization that he wasn't on fire took over his senses. The second thing that confronted him was Kevin.

"Hey," Kevin spoke softly.

"You-- You're dead," Darien choked out his whisper of a greeting.

"So are you. And you have questions. I'm here to answer them," Kevin offered.

"How are you here?" Darien asked, still reeling in his disbelief.

"I'm here because the Powers that Be want me here."

"The Powers that Be what?"

"They get that a lot," Kevin laughed. "Now, I don't have long, so ask me your real questions."

"Will I still have to have the counteragent?" Darien asked warily. He hoped he got the answer he wanted.

"No, you won't. Your "demon" that emerged when you went quicksilver mad is gone. He left your body with your soul. You're just Darien the vampire, who has an amazing trick up his sleeve."

"Good, can I get the gland taken out now? Since I'm already dead, ya know?"

"No, the gland turns to dust with you. If you ever get dusted, that is. Beware of the Slayer, Darien. She alone has the power to destroy you, inside and out. So, don't fuck with her, ok?" Kevin touched his brother's arm fondly.

"What happened to me and Bobby?"

"You were attacked outside the club. Not by Spike, 'cause I know that's what you're thinking. Willow wouldn't allow it, anyway."

"Will I ever see you again?" Darien asked, a tear threatening to make an appearance at the corner of his eye.

"Not in this life or the next. But know that I'm watching you, and I always will be. So, behave, please. You've been given another great thing. Even if it is ruled by evil. Don't waste it, and don't piss off the wrong people," Kevin smiled warmly and laughed. Darien almost melted in happiness. His brother *was* in a better place now. He hadn't been told as much, but he knew. He just *knew*.

"I'll behave, Kevin," he promised.

"Now, Darien, wake up, ok?" Kevin said. At that, he vanished in a swirl of mist. Darien's hand shot out into the mist and touched something human. His brother's soul. He clutched madly at it, trying to retain a bit of it for himself.

A burning sensation began at the back of his head, and he turned to dust.


Darien woke in a cold sweat. He was drawing deep, unneeded breaths to calm his unbeating heart. "Christ almighty," he said in between pants.

"You okay, there, partner?" Bobby asked from across the room.

"Yeah, just a dream, Bobby. I'm fine," Darien replied. Hobbes sat up and walked to Darien's bed. He laid a gentle hand on Darien's bare shoudler. Without even registering it, Fawkes leaned into the touch, drawing strength from it. When he looked into Bobby's eyes, he didn't see the light of the demon who took such joy in the suffering of a human. He saw his old friend, his partner. "I'm fine. It was just really intense."

"You're sure?" Hobbes asked again, his voice thick with an emotion only described as concern.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Thanks, man. Get some sleep, ok? Spike said something about a bit of work tomorrow," Darien replied.

"Yeah, you too, buddy." With that, Bobby went back to his bed and back to his demon's dreamless sleep.

But Darien was not gone so easily. He stayed awake for hours thinking, analyzing, over-analyzing his dream. Did he catch that part of his brother he had been so frantic to keep for himself? He wouldn't know until later.

He looked out the window at the masked sunshine. He almost wished he could be out there right now. But he had to remind himself that if he went out there, he would die. He didn't want to die. He wanted to live - or un-live, as the case was - for Kevin. For the part of Kevin that remained within him. The part of Kevin's soul forever embedded in his demon psyche.


"Spike?" Willow asked softly. She didn't want to wake him if he was sleeping.

Spike groaned and scratched lazily at his chest where her hair had fallen.

"Spike, are you awake?"

"I am now," he replied. He opened one eye and looked at her. "This had better be so important, luv."

"I think it is. Something's bothering me."



"What about 'im? He's kinda lost right now. Adjusting and all that bollocks," he said, keeping one eye closed.

"He seems different than any of the others. He seems more like you than he does Bobby."

"You're right. His human personality must be slightly stronger than the demon. Like mine was," he pointed out.

"Yeah, that's probably it. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before."

"Don't worry about it. Sleep. You can talk to him tomorrow. Okay, pet?"

"Okay," she replied, kissing his earlobe. She snuggled closer to his body, warming it with her own.

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