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Willow's and Xander's pokemon adventure

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Summary: BtVS/Pokemon XOver: Completely AU. 10 year old best friends Xander and Willow set off on the start of their Pokemon journey. Takes place in the Kanto region season one. (Temporary Hiatus)

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chapter three

Willow grabbed her red backpack and put clothes in it, a blanket with a picture of a pink pokeball on it, her purse, her pokedex went in her front pocket and her pokeballs went in the side-pockets. Her pokeball with Charmander in it was clipped to her belt.

Xander had advised against wearing her jeans and yellow shirt because of the blazing-hot weather, so she changed into a pair of blue three-quarter length jeans that were a little thinner that her other pair and a red sleeveless t-shirt.

Her dark-haired friend had also taken his own advice and borrowed some of her money to buy new clothes that were suitable for a pokemon trainer which were a dark blue short-sleeved t shirt and a pair of jeans. He had decided to carry several packs of Twinkies, some Ding Dongs and a bottle of water while Willow carried the sandwiches.

After they had packed Xander had rested on her bed and immediately fallen asleep and had been asleep for the last few hours; it was now midday so she shook her buddy awake for lunch. He rubbed his stomach as it growled with hunger.

Willow guided her friend downstairs and made them both ham, cucumber and lettuce sandwiches, her friend rolled his eyes at the lack of junk food; she was always eating the healthy stuff. He only ate junk food and microwave TV dinners, not that he had much choice; neither of his parents knew how to cook and if it wasn’t the TV dinners then it was his mom’s famous call to the Pizza place.

Willow unclipped her pokeball from her belt and released her new pokemon, she gave Charmander his pokemon food in a bowl and put it on the table that they were going to be eating on. The lizard pokemon jumped onto the surface of the table and began eating happily; she and Xander smiled at each other.

She held out Xander’s sandwich which he took from his buddy and inspected it for a moment before taking a huge bite stuffing his mouth completely; he smiled at the redhead around the food in his mouth. She grimaced as a piece of chewed-up, soggy ham and bread dropped from his mouth; she shook her head and continued eating her own sandwich.

A little while later

Xander cleared up the table after they ate while his red-haired friend got their backpacks with Charmander trailing behind her; the pokemon looked around the house curiously taking in all the details including some weird-looking models.

Willow caught Charmander peering at the models, she knelt down beside him and asked, “Do you know what those are?” the pokemon shook his head in a ‘negative’.

“They’re small statues of Jewish symbols and gods,” she pointed at one of the models and said, “That’s David, he’s-

“Will, come on!” called Xander sounding excited. “We gotta go get my pokemon!”

Willow looked at the clock on the wall of the hallway, it was 1:24pm; she turned to Charmander and said, “I’ll tell you later.”

Charmander nodded and watched his trainer as she stood up, she held the pokeball out and he disappeared in a flash of red; she clipped the ball to her belt, took the two backpacks and went downstairs.

Xander was jumping up and down energetically and the grin on his face was threatening to split his face in half, “Come on, Will.”

Willow gave his bag to him and secured hers on her shoulders; they ran out of the house towards Oak’s lab and didn’t stop until they got there; by the time they arrived they were wishing they had bikes. They opened the door and looked around the lab, the professor was sitting at his computer; he had a few pokeballs and a pokedex on the small table beside him.

The two friends grinned at each other and they ran towards the professor, “Professor Oak!” they exclaimed and they hid smiles as the man jumped with fright. “Sorry Professor, we didn’t mean to startle you,” Willow apologized trying not to laugh.

Oak shook his head, “You are a terrible liar miss Rosenberg.” She blushed while Xander smirked at her.

“Mr. Harris, I believe you are here for your pokemon,” the man stated looking at the boy.

Xander nodded and then said, “What pokemon can I choose from?”

Oak turned back to the small table, picked out six pokeballs and laid them on the other desk for Xander to choose from, he pointed to the pokeball on the left and said, “This ball holds a Voltorb; an electric pokemon.”

Then he pointed to the one next to it, “This is Poliwag, a water pokemon.” The other four were; Rattata, Machop, Pidgey and Caterpie.

After much thinking, questions and more thinking Xander decided to pick Machop saying he liked the pokemon better and that it would be cool to see it fight in a battle. Machop was a superpower pokemon and also a fighting type; the pokemon’s was body was made up entirely of muscles and that he and his fellow Machops were highly intelligent which made him a formidable opponent.

Xander grinned at Willow after taking the pokeball; she smiled back at him, he flipped the pokeball open and a red light came out of it and then the pokemon was standing facing them with an inquisitive look on his face. “Machop Chop.”

Xander’s dark eyes were as wide as dinner plates as he looked at his new and first pokemon, he grinned, “Hi buddy, I’m Xander!” the pokemon just gave him a suspicious look. The boy looked perplexed, which wasn’t new.

“Don’t take your pokemon’s lack of trust personally, it’s normal for a trainer to have to earn that trust,” explained Oak seriously. “If my judge of character is right then you should be able to gain the trust.”

Xander mood lightened considerably and he turned to his pokemon, “We’ll be fine, it’ll just take time.”

Oak took the pokedex from the small table and handed it to the boy giving him the same speech that he gave Willow several hours ago. Xander just nodded and eagerly accepted the red electronic pokemon dictionary from Oak.

Oak looked at Willow, “If you take the path north of this lab it should take you out of Pallet Town and to Viridian city, but the grass is full of wild pokemon so be cautious.”

The two kids nodded and then Xander held out his pokeball and Machop was consumed in a red light and sucked into the ball. He put the ball into the side pocket of his backpack.

Oak presented him with five pokeballs to catch pokemon with and the boy put the balls in various places in his bag and then secured the bag over his shoulders. Xander was more than ready to go and so was his best friend who was beside him looking excited and restless.

Oak looked at the kids and said, “Good luck on your pokemon journey, I’m sure the both of you will do well.”

Willow and Xander thanked Oak and ran out of the lab excitedly, once they were out the redhead turned to her buddy, “This is it then. We’re starting our pokemon journey now.”

“Yeah,” said Xander nervously. “I guess we really are.”

For a few moments they just stood there in the middle of Pallet Town looking very serious, then their faces split into wide grins and they bounced slightly feeling like they were seven and had just eaten a ton of sugar.

“We can’t stand around here all day,” said Xander happily. “Let’s go- as in NOW- fast!”

Willow shook her head; he was such a hyper-active kid sometimes, but then again they weren’t exactly going to miss their parents very much, so there wasn’t anything to keep them at Pallet Town any longer.

Willow looked at Xander, “Do you think we’ll find any Pidgey in the grass?”

“The only way we’ll find out is by going!”

He starting running back the way they had come, he dodged a couple of little kids that ran in front of him and ran north towards Viridian as fast as he could. Willow ran to catch up to him.

“Wait for me!”

Willow was glad that she was leaving her home town and her parents behind and even happier that her best friend was away from his parents for good, they were both practically adults with the whole world open to them.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Willow's and Xander's pokemon adventure" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 May 07.

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