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Willow's and Xander's pokemon adventure

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Summary: BtVS/Pokemon XOver: Completely AU. 10 year old best friends Xander and Willow set off on the start of their Pokemon journey. Takes place in the Kanto region season one. (Temporary Hiatus)

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: i don't own anything or anyone in this story

Willow let her best friend Xander into the house she and her parents lived in; together they ran to the television set in her bedroom talking excitedly as they went.

Xander had already turned ten years old a day before her but he had waited so that they could train together the next day when she had her tenth birthday, your tenth birthday was always a day to be excited about, because when you turned that age your Pokemon adventure began and the entire world opened up to you.

It was a great feeling when you wondered which Pokemon you wanted to choose, there were Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. All great Pokemon, but you could only pick one and that was where one of the decisions lay.

Squirtle, the water type Pokemon he would be good against rock type Pokemon and fire types. But not grass types or electric types.

Charmander, the fire type Pokemon, a cute orange Pokemon that had fire at the tip of its tail, good against grass and bug Pokemon; bad against water and rock Pokemon.

Then there was Bulbasaur, the grass type Pokemon; brilliant against rock and water Pokemon but had a disadvantage with fire Pokemon.

Which one?

That was the question that Willow and her friend Xander were asking themselves and had been asking themselves for the last few weeks. But they still had no answer.

The two children climbed onto Willow’s bed and turned up the volume on the television so that they could watch Prof. Oak’s commentary. They listened closely and fidgeted with barely controlled delight.

After the show was finished they switched the television off and started talking about what they were going to do the next day. Xander had to go back to his parents house which he didn’t really want to do.

Xander’s parents weren’t very nice people and they made him cry a lot when he was younger, not that her own parents were saints. Ira and Sheila were perfectly happy to abandon their only daughter at home while they went touring all over the world, they weren’t even around for her to talk to or even to say ‘happy birthday’.

Willow frowned; her parents probably didn’t even remember that it was her birthday.

“Wwwiiiillll!” she snapped out of her thought as her best buddy waved his hand in front of her face. She’d zoned out.


“You okay?” he asked noticing that she wasn’t grinning anymore.

“Yeah, parents still haven’t come back yet,” she said sadly. “I bet they don’t know it’s my birthday.”

Xander gave her a sympathetic look and put an arm around her, “They’re just stupid, besides you got me.”

Willow cheered up at that, “Yeah, you’re right.”

Xander grinned goofily. “I always am!”

Willow snorted in amusement. They got off the bed and said their goodbyes until the next day.

Xander stuffed his hands in his pockets and said, “I can’t wait until I can leave my parent’s house, no more shouting.”

“Me too,” agreed Willow, she rubbed her eyes tiredly. “If I’m not awake by tomorrow you’ll be knocking on the door, right?”

“’Course,” promised Xander. “And you’ll be around mine if I’m not here?”

Willow nodded as she swept her fiery-red hair into a ponytail, “Right, tomorrow at six.”

With that sorted out Xander left and Willow was left to her own thoughts, she loved Pokemon but she wasn’t sure if her goal was to be a Pokemon master or a Pokemon professor like Prof. Oak.

With those thoughts running through her intelligent mind she walked downstairs with her growling tummy to get something to eat, she looked in the refrigerator and saw a half-drunk carton of orange juice and two peanut-butter sandwiches that either her mom or her dad had left out for her.

She grabbed the sandwiches and poured herself some juice and sat at the table with the television on.

Much later she went up to bed and fell asleep thinking about which Pokemon she was going to get, her question was still unanswered.
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