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Buffy's Mother

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Summary: Two odd people come to the SHS library looking for Buffy, one of which she calls 'Mummy'.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredspaceyFR1513,1550133,57021 May 0721 May 07No
I’m making things this way mostly because it’s fanfiction and I can. Takes place after HP1 and the first episode of BtVS season 3 [‘Anne’, I think]. Definitely AU for both fandoms. This is my first BtVS/HP so be kind.

All copyrighted materials used without permission.

“Excuse me, sir?”

Giles looked up from his work and found two adults standing before the counter. One was a small, blonde woman with pale skin and light green eyes and the other was a tall, slim man with dark eyes and hair. “Yes?” he asked politely.

The woman spoke. “Are we in the right place? Joyce said I was most likely to find Buffy with a Mr Giles in the library after classes. It occurred to me after we left that she might have meant the public library.”

“No, er, I’m Giles,” the librarian said, flustered. The woman seemed nice enough but the man she was with was staring at him in a most unnerving way. “Classes do not let out for another quarter hour.”

The woman and man shared a glance. “She will be coming shortly,” the man said.

“Great!” the woman said. “We’ll wait here then. Buffy will be so surprised!” she enthused.

“Excuse me,” Giles said, “but I must inquire as to your intentions with Miss Summers?”

The man leant his head forward slightly, causing his greasy hair to frame his face in shadows. With a sneer he asked, “Are you her keeper?”

Giles, who was becoming more wary every second he spent in this man’s presence, bristled slightly. “As a school employee it is my job to keep all students safe from... questionable individuals,” he said.

“See, Severus?” the woman said, placing a pale hand on her companion’s black shirt sleeve. “You’d react just the same if strangers came to visit a favored student, wouldn’t you?”

“I have no favored students,” Severus spit disdainfully.

“Right, and I’m American,” the woman shot back. “Just be glad Buffy has someone looking out for her at school!” Turning back to Giles she said, “We’ll just look around while we wait, okay?” and dragged the man off into the stacks.

As soon as they were out of hearing range of the librarian Severus pulled his companion to a stop. “That man is hiding something about Rayna,” he said.

The woman snorted. “I noticed that too. Still, we have to find her as soon as we can,” she said. “Wait a minute–Severus!” she hissed.

“What is it now, Lisha?” Severus asked in a bored tone.

Lisha grabbed the man’s long black sleeve and dragged him to a shelf a few paces away. “Severus, these titles!” she hissed.

A few of the titles on the shelf were: Master or Minion? A Guide to Vampires, Holy Items: Does Religion Matter?, How to Tell if a Victim was Turned, Demonic or Just Undead: A Comparative Study and 101 uses of Holy Water.

Black brows furrowed Severus commented, “I admit this is odd but it doesn’t mean–“

“Well what about these?” Lisha called quietly. Severus followed her voice to the spot his companion had vanished to and she shoved two books into his arms. “A Practical Guide to Common Demons and Demon Remains: Toxic or Just Smelly?” Lisha read aloud. “You can’t tell me this doesn’t look bad, Severus!”

“What do muggles know?” Severus drawled. “Chances are these are all fairy tales and other rubbish. Do calm down, woman.”

Bright spots of color appeared high on Lisha’s light cheeks. “Why– how dare you– I should–“ she stuttered, enraged.

Before Lisha had a chance to really unleash her anger Severus jerked to the side and made a hushing gesture. More people had entered the library and it sounded like they were teenaged girls.

Gasping Lisha turned and fled back the way they had come, hoping Buffy was one of the girls.

“Idiot woman,” Severus grumbled, following at a more reasonable pace.

“–here to see you,” Giles was saying.

“Creepy evil people or police people?” Buffy asked.

“Is there a difference?” a teenaged boy quipped.

“The woman didn’t seem particularly evil but the man she was with–“ Giles stopped mid-sentence and turned around. “Ah, there you are. Buffy, this is the woman who came to see you,” he introduced.

Buffy spun around and saw Lisha. Her light eyes widened in surprise and her mouth dropped open. “Mummy?” she asked.

With a broad smile Lisha opened her arms and said, “Hello Rayna.”

Squealing like a pig Buffy sprinted into the other short blonde’s open arms. “You’re early!” she exclaimed.

“Observant as always,” drawled a silky voice from behind Lisha.

Buffy tensed and pulled away from the embrace. “Who are you?” she asked, glaring at Severus.

“Rayna, sweetie, this is Severus Snape,” Lisha broke in. “You remember him from when you were little, don’t you?”

“Uhm, lady?” the teenaged boy from before called. “Her name is Buffy.”

Ignoring the teen utterly Severus glided closer to Buffy. “Do you remember when you were seven years old?” he asked. “You and your mother went into hiding.”

“Severus? Rayna?” Lisha began. “This might not be the best place–“

Buffy seemed to snap back to reality. She turned around and saw that Giles, Willow, Oz and Xander were all watching her interactions with the strangers. “Right,” she said. “Let’s sit down. Research group formation,” the small blonde added to her school friends.

Together the two small blondes and Severus moved to a table that now had Buffy’s friends sitting around it. Buffy and Lisha both grabbed chairs but Severus stood in a corner nearby and scowled.

“Grab a chair, creepy man!” Invited the obnoxious boy from before, Xander.

Shooting a venomous glare at the teen Severus said, “I prefer to see everything. It minimizes my chances of being caught... unaware.”

Lisha elbowed Buffy. “Baby?” she asked. “These are all... people you’re going to tell... anyway?”

“That is most unwise,” Severus cut in. “The fewer people who know where you are the safer you will be.”

“We ripped her away form her life once, Severus, and now we’re here to do it again. Rayna’s old enough–“

“Her name’s BUFFY!” Xander shouted.

“–to decide if her friends can be trusted, this time, so we must let her,” Lisha continued.

“Wait,” the redhead, Willow, said. “Who are you? Why are you here?”

The two blondes shared a look. “I can’t,” Buffy whispered.

“That’s Severus Snape,” Lisha gestured to the dark man, “and I’m Lisha Malloy. This,” she said, placing an arm around Buffy’s shoulders, “is my daughter.”

“What about Joyce?” Oz asked.

“Joyce is my older sister. She and Hank couldn’t have children and...” Lisha closed her eyes.

“Rather than trap her daughter in the life of a fugitive on the run with herself Lisha sent Rayna to her aunt in America,” Snape finished.

“A fugitive?!” Buffy squealed. “Mummy, what–“

Lisha started crying. “Mummy?” Buffy asked.

Severus stepped forward and gently placed a sallow hand on the crying blonde’s shoulder. In a voice that was gentle for him, but still rather cold, he asked, “Do you remember when you were seven years old?”

Buffy frowned. “That’s when I came to America and started calling Aunt Joyce and Uncle Hank Mom and Dad,” she remembered.

“What about before that?” Snape questioned, holding the teens aqua colored eyes in his onyx gaze. “What do you remember?”

“Mummy cried a lot,” Buffy said. “You... you made her cry!” Buffy jumped from her chair and rounded on the man touching her mother. “What did you do to make her cry!” she demanded.

“Sit down, Baby,” Lisha instructed. When Buffy had done so, with obvious reluctance, her mother sighed. “Do you remember another man with black hair?”

Buffy scowled. “I remember you cried a lot and this Snape man was there and...” she trailed off uncertainly. “And a demon with red eyes that made everything burn.”

Lisha squeezed her light green eyes shut tightly. “Yes, him. That is the one who made me cry, Baby, not Severus.”

“No, I remember! He kept coming over and he was all sick and bloody all the time and you’d cry,” Buffy insisted.

“Your mother,” Snape began in an obviously displeased tone, “has always had an unfortunate tendency towards self-harm. She could not accept anyone else taking her beatings for her–“

“Which you did altogether too damn often!” Lisha snapped. “I could handle myself just fine. You had no business taking my punishments on top of your own!”

“You had a daughter to raise!” Snape bellowed. “He bloodied you every night for sport! If I didn’t step in he would have killed you!”

Lisha’s pale eyes seemed to glow with a faint green light and her shoulder-length blonde hair swam in a breeze of her power. “If I died you could have taken Rayna away in the confusion and made sure she was raised properly–!”

Snape cut her off by smashing his lips roughly against her own. When the two broke apart they were both trembling. “This is not the time,” Severus scolded.

“Might I ask what the bloody hell is going on here?!” Giles yelled.

“Rayna–er, Buffy–‘s birth father isn’t a very nice man,” Lisha began. She tactfully ignored the derisive snort from Severus. “He has very strong feelings about blood purity. Joyce and I come from a very old, very pureblood family. Joyce was–defective–but I am not. Despite the efforts my teachers went to, to keep me safe, he got his hands–and a daughter–on me.”

Buffy gasped. “I was an accident baby?” she asked.

“Oh it was no accident,” Snape sneered. “Your father expended quite a bit of effort finding the right woman to bear his heir. He had potions made and performed rituals and sacrificed–“

“They do not need to know this, Severus!” Lisha snapped, silencing the man behind her. Turning back to her daughter she continued, “No, Baby, you were no accident. Lor– your father spent over a decade preparing for your birth. You were the summation of everything he had spent the past twenty-odd years working on. Rayna, you were conceived to be pure, and strong, and to rule the world after Lor– after him.”

“Lord,” Buffy said distantly. “The ghosts all called the demon ‘Lord’,” she remembered. “You mean that was all real? That he was my father?”

“Not ghosts,” Snape said cooly, “Death Eaters. Your father’s... minions. His followers.”

“His punching bags!” Buffy said. “He used knives and whips and that stick–“

“What did you see!” Lisha demanded. “You weren’t to see any of that!”

Snape’s black eyes narrowed and he hissed, “He cursed her.”

“What?” Lisha demanded, pale eyes wide.

“He cursed you, didn’t he?” Severus asked Buffy softly. “Pointed the --stick-- at you and caused you pain?”

Buffy bit her lip and nodded. “He set my bones on fire. Especially if I was loud or bad or told him not to hurt Mummy.” She paused. “Why would he do that if he was my father?”

“I am... sorry... that I never realized,” Snape said awkwardly.

“Wait, no, why would her father do that?” Xander demanded.

It was Lisha who answered. “To ensure her loyalty,” she said flatly. “To kill her emotions. No heir of Lor– of his could have compassion.”

The teens all grimaced. “So why did you have a kid with him?” Willow asked.

“It was not my choice to make, Willow,” Lisha said. “Lord Volde– er, Rayna’s father– believed that I could be swayed to his way of thinking. But I never was. He just,” she shrugged, “did what was needed to get his heir on me.”

Buffy scowled. “Why won’t you say my father’s name?” she demanded.

“It is not spoken,” Snape said harshly. A little more gently he said, “His name has not been spoken in years. Even in print he is referred to as You Know Who or He Who Must Not Be Named.”

The teenagers looked at each other. “That’s dumb,” Oz finally said.

“Yeah, doesn’t being afraid of a name make the thing behind the name seem even scarier?” Buffy asked.

Black eyes conferred briefly with light green. “It is not possible to fear him more,” Lisha said. “For his followers his name is not said out of respect. For me, it’s hatred. I deny the man the dignity of a name.”

“But what is the name?” Buffy demanded.

Pale green eyes closed. “Your father is the Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort,” she said quietly.

“What?” Giles demanded harshly. Every eye turned to him. “He had a child?”

“You know my father?” Buffy asked.

Giles licked pale lips. He ripped his glasses from his overly white face and rubbed viciously at them with shaking hands. “I know of him. The man was hard to miss twenty, forty years ago,” he said. “So many–“

“Eh!” Lisha interrupted. “The kids don’t need the details right now. Information overload won’t help,” she said. Slumping into her seat she looked up into unfathomable black eyes. “Severus?” she asked.

Snape began speaking. “The important information is as follows: on Hallowe’en night, 1981, the Dark Lord attacked the home of a family known as the Potters. Something went wrong and he vanished, was assumed to be dead. Everyone associated with the Dark Lord suddenly lost their protection and were targeted by the law enforcement.” He swallowed thickly and continued. “Your existence was all but hidden from the world, Rayna. In an act of unparalleled bravery your mother contacted her sister and secured your safety. Unfortunately she was caught in the process and spent several years in prison.”

Lisha blinked and two delicate tears rolled down her cheeks. “Severus had been a spy, baby,” she said. “It took the strongest man in the world all of his power to get him free and it still took months. Then Severus began the difficult work of trying to free me.”

Picking up where Lisha left off Severus continued, “Anyone associated with the Dark Lord was ruined, completely. Except a few... affluent... individuals,” he allowed with a sneer. “At first everyone knew your mother had been taken against her will but as the years passed public opinion turned and ‘The Dark Lady’ was as feared and hated as You Know Who himself.”

Willow shook her red head. “Why does it matter though? He’s dead.”

Severus flinched. “Not as dead as we had believed. That is why we have come. Rayna, you are in great danger now that the Dark Lord is in contact with his followers again. We are here to bring you to the safest place on the planet.”

Buffy blinked. “Hello long-lost daughter,” she said. “I’m a fugitive who had you against my will and your dead father, the homicidal maniac from hell, isn’t dead after all and wants to have you rule the world at his side. Tall, dark and creepy and I are far better to trust your life with than the semi-dead blood-purity fanatic so let us take you from your friends to an unknown location where we can keep you safely away from the only people who love you.”

Lisha burst out laughing. She laughed until her face turned a deep purple color and tears streamed past her tightly shut eyelids. She laughed so hard that her breathing came in small wheezes and gasps and she slipped out of her chair despite a steadying hand on her shoulder. Lisha continued laughing even when she felt herself being picked up. She laughed when someone–probably Severus–forced something vile past her lips. Finally the oxygen deprivation became too great and the world faded to black.

Severus never took his hands from Lisha but turned laughing black eyes to her daughter. “Yes, that sums it up,” he said. “We leave tonight. Joyce has begun packing your things–“

“Wait, wait, wait!” Buffy yelled. “I can take care of myself. This taking Buffy away thing is totally not happening.”

A weak voice coughed out, “You can’t slay You Know Who, Baby.”

Buffy glared at the blonde laid out on the table. Undeterred, the older woman sat up shakily. “That was a good laugh!” She said. “But here’s the thing: killing demons isn’t like killing humans.”

“What are you talking about?” Willow squeaked.

“What are you implying?” Giles questioned.

Snape rolled his eyes. “We know she’s been Called. We’ve always known it might happen,” he drawled.

“How?” Giles snapped. “Even the Council was unaware of Buffy until she was activated.”

Softly Lisha asked, “Are you familiar with the Ministry of Magic, Mr Giles?”

The librarian nodded slowly.

“And you obviously recognize who Buffy’s biological father is,” she continued. “Powers far greater than you are accustomed to are at work here, Mr Giles. Magics you cannot begin to comprehend.”

“Council policy is to immediately concede authority to... your people... when an issue arises,” Giles said slowly. “But Buffy is my Slayer and this is the Hellmouth. I cannot–“

“There is another Slayer,” Lisha said. “Another has been Called in America. She will find her way here before too long.”

“Mummy?” Buffy asked hesitantly. “There’s no choice? You’re taking me away?”

“Your mother and I wish to keep you safe,” Severus said. “You are completely untrained in the disciplines that will protect you against the Dark Lord. You must be taught, and you must choose a path for yourself.”

Lisha added, “The leader of the group that brought You Know Who down is the Headmaster at the school Severus and I attended and now reside at. He is not unflawed but there is not a person on the planet who can protect you better, should the need arise, or offer you better instruction.”

“So this is it?” Buffy asked.

Severus and Lisha held a quick conversation with their eyes and Snape turned to Buffy. “When the Headmaster, your mother and I believe you have learned enough to leave the school with only she and myself as guards the first outing we have will be here, if you desire. You may visit your friends and aunt when you reach that level of competency.”

“Also,” Lisha added, “I will permit post between you until a time it becomes too dangerous. With any luck you will be a fully capable witch by that time, Rayna. However, we must depart at once; my sneakoscope is having a fit.”

Buffy blinked. “I’ll write as soon as I’m no longer in shock...” she said at her friends.

“Yeah, you do that, Buff,” Xander said.

Severus pulled a stuffed elephant from his pocket. He and Lisha grabbed on firmly and Buffy raised an eyebrow at them. “It’s a portkey,” the professor said. “Simply touch it and hold on.”

Buffy shrugged and touched the elephant. A second later there was a bright flash of light and three people were gone from the library.

“That was weird,” Xander said.

“So, research?” Oz asked.


“Why not?”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Buffy's Mother" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 May 07.

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