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Yesterday’s Wishes, Today’s Regrets

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Summary: Interactions between organizations that have no idea what the other really does are always fun and mildly confusing.

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-1 Seasons(s) 9 & 10(Moderator)AvaFR1312,3781174,28722 May 0722 May 07Yes
Title :: Yesterday’s Wishes, Today’s Regrets
Rating :: FR13
Notes :: Written for Kennie and the sg_btvs fic-a-thon: Kennie wanted Vala (gen), Vala/Giles, season 10 SG-1 team, prophecies and Willow.
Disclaimer :: Stargate SG-1 and all related characters are copyright Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner, Showtime and the SciFi Network. No infringement intended. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.

Synopsis :: Interactions between organizations that have no idea what the other really does are always fun and mildly confusing.

Yesterday’s Wishes, Today’s Regrets

Her nails made a faint scraping sound as she traced an intricate design across the cherry oak table. Blue eyes rose from the invisible markings to stare forlornly out the panoramic window on the far side of the library, watched as black birds began a swooping dance against the steadily rising wind. She blew her breath out with enough force to lift her bangs and bring Daniel’s head up from the dusty book he had it buried in.


She matched the aggravated infliction of his tone, “Daniel.”

He straightened from his hunched over position, disregarding the snicker from the blonde at the far end of the table flipping through a magazine and pushed up his glasses. “What is it now?”

Her elbows struck the table with a dull thump and Vala let her chin drop onto her closed fists as she thrust her bottom lip at him, “I’m incredibly bored.”

Daniel’s shoulders dropped and he flicked his gaze over the stack of books he had pulled from the shelves. He traced the spines as he went before sliding a thick volume free and pushed it across the table at her. “Here, make yourself useful.”

Vala glanced down her nose at the worn cover and flicked it open before rolling her eyes, “A book of prophecies? How is that going to be helpful?”

“By keeping you quiet.”

Her eyes narrowed and she snapped it closed, repressing the urge to cough as a small cloud of dust rose to tickle her face and throat. Movement at the other end of the table drew her gaze and she glanced over, head cocking as their escort rose from her perch and moved toward one of the shelves on the opposite side of the room.

Vala stood, ignoring Daniel’s frown and priggish attitude to follow the petite woman. Eyes sweeping over her black on black ensemble and her lips pulled up in admiration as her gaze landed on the black knee high boots with a tan insert in the back that had black laces crisscrossing over it.

“Gorgeous boots.”

She pulled a hard covered book from the shelf and turned, “Thanks.” Buffy’s gaze dropped, making a quick assessment of the other woman’s clothing and nodded in approval. “I like your stockings.”

Her lips spread into a wide smile as Vala pushed one leg forward and slightly bent her knee, showing off the small slit in her short skirt and the black floral lace covering toned thighs. “Aren’t they exquisite?”

Buffy nodded, “Victoria’s Secret?”

She shook her head and frowned slightly, unsure of the name. “No. Daniel ordered them from the Dita Von Teese website. I’m fascinated by your societies subculture of burlesque.”

Buffy’s brows rose and she slid her gaze to Daniel, “You and he?”

She opened her mouth but Daniel’s shout of, “NO!” overrode her answer and they turned in unison toward him with nearly identical looks of amusement. He shifted under their scrutiny and adjusted his glasses as he hastily continued with, “No, we’re…uh…colleagues—”

“Friends.” Vala interrupted with an annoyed frown.

A sigh lifted his shoulders as he coincided, “Friends.”

Buffy watched them a moment before shaking her had and turning toward the taller woman to offer her the book she held. “Here, this should help pass the time.”

Vala hesitantly took it and lifted it to curiously read the title. Her eyebrows rose and she shifted a look out of the corner of her eye toward Buffy, “The Da Vinci Code?”

She shrugged, “It’s a good book.”

Vala’s lips pulled down, “Wasn’t he one of your painters?”

Buffy blinked at the way she phrased the question, how Vala had mentioned ‘her societies subculture’ and silently wondered why Riley had called in a favor to allow this team to meet with them and possibly establish relations. Ignoring her own misgivings she shrugged it off and offered a small smile and the correction, “Leonardo Da Vinci was an artist and an inventor.” She tapped the book Vala held, “This is a work of fiction.”

“That’s more interesting than what Daniel’s working on?”

She arched a brow, “Probably.” Daniel lifted his head, opened his mouth as if to argue but shrugged and went back to his work. Buffy caught the movement and smirked, “Or you could always finish your discussion on the merits of forced servitude with Giles.”

Vala’s hand rose to absently run a hand through her hair and nodded, “I’d love to finish my chat with Rupert.”

Buffy tried to repress the ick feeling when her tone took on a purring quality. “O-kay.” She moved back toward the table and stopped at the edge, reaching toward the center and the speakerphone located there. She caught the rising of Daniel’s brows and winked, ignoring his startled look and dialed Willow’s lab.


The chipper tone made her smile widen, “Hey Wills.”

“Hey Buffy! How goes the Merlin research?”

She rolled her eyes and answered dryly, “Fascinating.”

Willow’s laugh was muffled, “That bad?”

The blonde shrugged then realized her friend couldn’t see it and added, “Nah. It’s kinda like old times. How goes it where you are?”

”Sam is awesome!”

Buffy laughed and felt Vala take the space next to her at the table, their hips brushing. “You’re like two peas in and exceptionally smart pod, aren’t you?”

Willow gave a soft groan, “No way. Sam’s smartness far surpasses my smartness—” There was a muffled argument to her statement and Willow was distracted a moment as she and the Lt. Colonel fell into a compliment giving free-for-all.

“You’re both brilliant!” Buffy grinned as Dawn’s annoyed voice overrode theirs.

“Hey Dawnie.”

“Hi Buffy. Did Dr. Jackson read something out loud?”

Daniel stiffened and glanced up, confused by the question but Buffy trudged onward, “Nope. We’re good here but I was wondering if you or Willow could escort Vala to Giles’ office.”

Dawn’s voice took on a suspicious tone as she asked simply, “Why?”

“She’s bored.”

Vala added, “Utterly bored,” and Daniel made an affronted noise.

Dawn laughed, “Why can’t you take her?”

Buffy shrugged, “Giles’ orders.” Her voice took on a faint British accent, “There’s to be an escort our visitors so they do not get themselves or us into trouble.” She dropped the accent and lifted her hand to count on her fingers, mindless of the fact that Dawn couldn’t see her. “Faith’s with Teal’c. Xander’s with Cam. I’ll be with Daniel. That just leaves you and Willow with Sam. You guys are the ones with a spare.”

There was a moment of silence before Dawn answered, “Willow will do it. She’s been monopolizing Sam and I want to ask her a few questions.”

Willow made a sound similar to Daniel’s but sighed, “I’ll be there in a second.”

“Thanks Wills.”

She reached forward and jabbed the disconnect button. Buffy turned to Vala who offered her back the book. “It doesn’t look like I’ll be needing this after all.”

Buffy shrugged, “Keep it. The flight across the Atlantic can get boring.”

Vala glanced at Daniel from beneath her lashes and he shook his head. She nodded and accepted the gift with a bright smile. “Thank you.”

“Not a problem.” She raised her hand and returned her bright smile with one of her own, “But can I have my cell phone back?”

Vala widened her eyes and clutched the book to her chest. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Daniel cleared his throat and she rolled her eyes, releasing one side of the book to slip a hand between the silk of her top and the twill of her skirt. With a dramatic sigh she placed the slim pink contraption on Buffy’s upturned palm and turned back to Daniel. “I want a cell phone.”

He continued to scan the page he was making notes about and asked in a bored tone, “Who are you going to call?”

She paused before hesitantly asking, “You?”

Daniel shook his head and Buffy arched a brow, offering conversationally. “I could give you my number.”

Vala beamed at her and turned back to Daniel expectantly. The look he shot Buffy was not entirely friendly. “We’ll see.”

“Does we’ll see mean yes?”

“We’ll see means we’ll see.”

She ignored the mounting frustration in his voice. “I want a pink one.”

Buffy laughed and moved back toward her seat as she slipped the cell back into the pocket of her skirt. She slid onto the stool and hooked the heels of her boots on the bottom rung as she pulled her magazine back toward her. Vala resettled herself against the side of the table and began to read the inside back of the book sleeve, her brows rising in interest.


Buffy glanced up and smiled, “Hey Willow.”

Daniel nodded absently and Vala tucked The Da Vinci Code under her arm and pushed away from the table. Willow offered her a wide smile, “Ready?”

“Watch your pockets!”

Willow glanced at Buffy with a frown and Vala turned her head to stick out her tongue in the blonde’s general direction before linking arms with her escort and dragging her cheerfully from the room.

Buffy shook her head and resumed her magazine, flipping through the glossy pages and earmarking articles she wanted to go back to. A few blessed minutes of silence passed before Daniel glanced up, “Thank you.”

Her lips pulled down, “For what?” He arched a brow and she shrugged, “She’s not that bad.”

“She can be.”

Buffy’s lips quirked, “Someone has a crush.”

Daniel inhaled slowly, counted to five and swallowed the vehement negative reply to that statement. When he was positive his voice would remain even he stated simply, “No, I do not.” He frowned, “And why does everyone think that?”

She turned a page and responded with, “The chemistry.”

“There’s no chemistry between us.” Buffy finally looked up and arched a brow; he frowned. “Annoyance and tolerance do not count as chemistry.”

“So you love her but don’t love her.”

She air quoted the second love and Daniel’s brows rose with her interpretation of he and Vala’s relationship. “In a manner of speaking, yes.”

Buffy nodded and turned the page of her magazine. “Good to know.”

He blinked and a small smile lifted his lips at the considering tone to her voice as he shifted his focus forward and resumed his research.


The mahogany desk was uncomfortable but the furtive glances her stocking covered thighs were receiving had Vala’s lips quirking and her hips shifting so that her skirt slipped up another inch. The flush building in Rupert’s cheeks made her reach forward to absently pluck the pen from his rather attractive hands.

His brows slanted downward and he retrieved his pen from her. “Perhaps you would take more enjoyment from a tour of the grounds?” Vala nodded and slid from his desk, her lips spreading wide with his sigh of relief after having been in her distracting presence for nearly an hour, “I’ll just ring Willow.”

Vala spun and placed her hand over his, stopping him from lifting the telephone. “Rupert I would take much more in enjoyment from you.” She paused watched as his eyes widened with her innuendo before adding with a wink, “Showing me around the grounds.”

“Ah…yes…well you see.” The door opened and Giles very nearly kissed Willow, Dawn and Col. Carter. “Ladies!” He rose, pulled back his hand from the phone and Vala’s too warm touch. “Are you ready to leave?”

Sam’s gaze slid from the beaming woman to her blushing victim and felt her lips quirk, “We are. Daniel would like to remain behind, he found several books that interested him and might be of use to us—”

“Then I shall remain as well!”

“NO!” Vala’s pout was instantaneous and Giles winced, sliding his pen into the pocket of his vest as he struggled to salvage a little dignity. “I’m sure you're needed by your team and I really should be returning to…my…”

Dawn exchanged a glance with Willow and supplied, “Scheduling? You do need to set up next semester’s curriculum for the girls.”

The look Giles sent the youngest Summers clearly said ‘God bless you’ as he nodded in agreement. “Ah, yes the curriculum for next semester.” He turned to Vala, “I’m truly sorry.”

Vala caught Sam’s biting her lip to hold in her laughter and a brow slowly rose upward as she turned back Rupert, “Of course you are.”

With a careless shrug Vala walked around his desk and opened her arms wide for a hug. Giles’ eyes widened and slipped past her to Dawn and Willow, who smiled and raised their brows. Clearing his throat he stepped back from the safety of his desk and cautiously wrapped his arms around the beautiful woman. She buried herself against his front and he awkwardly patted her back.

After a moment’s time she pulled back and grinned up at him, “Thank you for the fascinating afternoon. I was right about you. It is bigger than Daniel’s.”

Spinning on her heel she left the room with a flourish and paused only long enough to retrieve the book Buffy had given her. Sam nodded to them and followed her companion with Dawn trailing behind them shaking her head.

Giles let free a sigh of relief even as the blush that had faded sprung back to life. Willow watched him a moment before letting loose a giggle muffled by her hand. Taking a deep breath she quickly squeaked out the same warning Buffy had shared with her, “check your pockets,” before she beat a hasty retreat.

His lips pulled down at the corners as he began to pat his slacks and then raised his hands to check his jacket before slipping inside to his vest. His eyes closed and his head fell forward as he growled out,

“Bloody hell.”

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Yesterday’s Wishes, Today’s Regrets". This story is complete.

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