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Red Willow, Red Sands

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Summary: A member of the Scooby Gang is destined to save the world, and this time, it's not Buffy. The Mummy Returns/Buffy crossover.

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20: Epilogue


Belynda Isis Rosenberg-McClay flipped through the pages in her mother's journal. Well, one of her mothers. Tara slept peacefully one floor above her. Willow was in Egypt with Aunt Buffy visiting family.

She read random phrases and passages. Things like: "Spike's still half-human," "Tara's pure white dress was beautiful," "Dawn and Jake's ceremony was beautiful," and "I've learned that Daniel Archem committed suicide about a week ago."

As she flipped backward through the pages, Belynda's eyes fell on one entry, and she began to read the writing.

"September 29, 2001

It's official. I'm pregnant. We've been home for nearly two months now, and after missing both of those months, I had to do the test. My instincts tell me it's a girl. Me, the mother of a beautiful little girl.

Tara's ecstatic. At first she was upset, and, well, pissed off. Once I had convinced her that I hadn't slept with anyone but her, we'd come up with a viable reason for my pregnancy: Isis.

After the battle, I remember Isis coming to me again...



Willow moaned, opening her eyes. "Where am I?" she called into the void. She recognized this place. This is where she'd been waiting for Isis the first time. The place with what seemed like no floors or walls.

"You are in the space between life and death, consciousness and dreams. I have a gift for you, my child. A gift of life. A gift that only you can give." Willow smiled at Isis' words.

"I don't understand, Mother, but I don't need to. Please, I will learn on my own. I will figure it out."

"As you wish, my child. Peace be with you, and I will always be there to guide you, Willow. Awaken and rejoin your world."

"Thank you, Mother. For everything."


The End

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The End

You have reached the end of "Red Willow, Red Sands". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking