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In The Spider's Web

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Summary: Dawn and Spike are kidnapped by a mysterious man. What does he want from them? Future-fic, AU.

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Smallville > Multiple PairingsKituraFR1333,686012,2652 Jul 032 Jul 03Yes

In The Spider's Web

Title: In the Spider's Web
Author: Kitura
Rating: PG
Distribution: my usual haunts
Fandom: BtVS/Smallville
Pairings: Dawn/Spike, Clark/Lex
Author's Notes: AU -- Futurefic -- This section is told in a second-person, present tense narrative.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. No Dawn, no Spike, no Lex, no Clark. I'm making no money off of this.
Thanks to: Kel, who provided the awesome beta on this, and to Taz, who cheered me on, as always!

It's dark. Way too dark. Your eyes dart around the room, hoping for some shred of lumination from some gracious source and finding none. The bonds on your wrists dig painfully into your sensitive skin and are dangerously close to drawing blood.

"Hey!" you scream, hearing only echoes in the small dungeon.

"Ssh, pet," a soft voice comes from the other side of the room. You look frantically for the owner of the voice, only to be confronted by the same total darkness.

"Spike? Spike, is that you?" you ask, pleading to whatever gods are listening that you are not hearing things and that he really is here with you.

"Yeah, luv, it's me. How are you? I can't see you in here." His tone is pained and tight; what have they done to him, you wonder.

"My wrists hurt and I need to pee," you answer truthfully. Knowing so little about your situation, you realize there's really no sense in lying at this point.

A soft chuckle is your reward for honesty, but it is closely followed by a hissing intake of air; he's in pain.

"Spike? What's wrong? Are you hurt?" you question, hoping that he's okay and not going to leave you any time soon.

"They worked me over pretty good, pet, but nothing a little time won't heal. How about you?"

"They shoved me in here, but other than that, they haven't touched me," you pause, not wanting to ask the next questions, but seeing their prudence, you have to proceed. "Spike, who are they and where are we and how do we get home?"

Another soft laugh and wince and you feel like wincing yourself. "I don't know, I don't know, and I don't know, luv, but we'll find a way. I promise. You'll see Divine again."

Your breath hitches at your daughter's name as a flare of hope springs up in your chest. "Yeah, I hope so." Again with the honesty, you think, why am I so honest all the damn time? You wish you could see, but wishing is hopeless in these situations...

Food would be good, your stomach tells you, and you know Spike needs blood to survive.

In the middle of your ponderings, the door is opened, blinding light flooding the room, causing the both of you to shy away from it.

A rough voice calls out, "Food!" The bonds on your wrists snap and free you. You can hear Spike struggling to get up, and you run to help him.

The dinner is exquisite, to say the very least. Your captor sits at the head of the table, smiling amiably at your wearied form.

"Why have you taken us?" you ask him. His smile brightens and you have to admit that he would be quite handsome...if he hadn't kidnapped you and locked you in a basement dungeon.

"You, my dear, are priceless, and so is the vampire." You cock your head to the side, glancing at Spike, who's face is painted with the same confusion.

"Why have you taken us? So I'm priceless and so is Spike, big deal. Why are we here, damn it?!" you shout.

Your captor's steely-grey eyes flash angrily for a second, softening the second after that, and finally another friendly smile finds its way to his lips. "You, my young lady, are here to help me. Spike is here to be your guardian. Together, you will make me the happiest man on the face of this earth. And that, to me, is priceless."

You snort dismissively, "I don't care about your happiness or lack there of; I just want to go home. I want to take Spike home. He's hurt and needs blood."

"Give him yours. The chip has been short-circuited for several years, and he's been hiding that from you. How do you feel about him now?"

"I still love him. The fact that he's been hiding that has been to protect himself from some overzealous friends of mine. And he's protected himself from that to protect me. I love him."

"Well, loyal, aren't we? That's good. Loyalty is very hard to find in any quantity or quality these days, darling."

"Stop it with the pet names. I have a name, and you obviously know it, so use it," you demand, not a little bit of venom sneaking into your voice.

"Fiery, too. I'll remember that. But for now, my guests, you must eat. Spike, fresh blood is being brought in from the hospital and shall arrive shortly. I must go, however. I regret not being able to stay and dine with you, but I have an appointment I must keep. Enjoy your meals, and enjoy your stay in the castle. Anything you need, just ask the servants; they will take care of everything for you."

"Let us go and we'll call it even, dude." You know he won't agree, but you have to try anyway.

A laugh and the click of the door shutting behind him, and he's gone, leaving you with no more answers than you began with.

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