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The Winner Takes it All

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Summary: Buffy and some of the Scoobies are enlisted by Dumbledore.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsCowasWhiteasMilkFR1511,100031,36924 May 0724 May 07No
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Just playing here.

AN: Willow was never gay in this story. Tara never existed. However, she did dabble and overdose on dark magic. All will be explained in the story.

The moment they entered the great hall, Dawn’s eyes bugged. Not to say that it was grand or anything, that would be an understatement. Even her sister was reduced to muttering one specific curse word over and over and over again, causing Faith, of all people, to reach over and smack her up side the head.

They had been invited by the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, to take stock of the school to see if there was any way to heighten security. After all, who indeed would want these children harmed by Moldyfart (as her sister liked to call him.)

It was brought to their attention during the summer that the dark wizard was on the rise, and the Scoobies jumped at the chance to get into the action. Even Willow would be joining them shortly. She was currently in Sunnydale ‘respecting the dead.’ She had made it a habit to visit every September 20, marking the anniversary that changed her life forever.

Dawn shuddered as her mind thought back to when Willow had gotten involved with Rack. At first all seemed fine as she had started to grow in her magic, but suddenly it took a turn for the worse. Her would be boy toy started to get her high on the dark stuff. She had gotten irrational and reckless, almost to the point of no return.

Then Buffy and their mother had gotten shot and Willow went on a rampage. Killing Rack and the gang members responsible in the process. She had been so hopped up on magic that she had just radiated evil.

Out of everyone, Giles had been the most frightened for Willow after the immediate threat was gone. Understandably so, she and Buffy were too busy mourning the death of their mom, as was Xander and Anya. He had sent her to a friend of his here in Scotland to help her get better.

Dawn hung her head. The four Scoobies had been surprised when they realized that she had been gone for a week before any of them had noticed. She still felt bad about that.

Thankfully, everything was now running smoothly again. Anya and Xander had married last year and Faith had once again joined their rag tag group. Giles was still their father figure and Buffy was still complaining about being single. Yep, all was good.

Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw him. The young man whom she had grown to have a slight crush on during the summer. Well, at least he looked like him. It could just be a coincidence that he had the same blond hair and piercing grey eyes and a...girl leaning on him.

Dawn’s eyes narrowed as she fell back into step next to her sister. Her heart was pounding something awful, and not in the good fluttery way. Her heart was running on pure adrenaline due to embarrassment, anger, and hurt.

‘Still’ she though as she sat down in between her sister and Faith at the head table, ‘maybe it isn’t him.’


Harry glanced up as the main doors to the hall opened to reveal three rather attractive ladies that he had never seen before.

The shortest of the three had long, wavy blond hair and a face that was both stern and childish at the same time. She seemed to be muttering something under her breath and was startled when the darkest of the three walloped her upside the head.

Harry blinked. What strange women.

Ron and Hermione as well as the entire hall had also noticed the girls by now. His friends were whispering in hushed tones wondering the same thing he was, ‘who were they?’

The three of them watched as the newcomers walked forward. If indeed that was the verb that could be used to describe the way they were moving. It almost seemed more like they were stalking prey.

“Whoa.” the sound had surprisingly come from Hermione. She had never seen anyone move with more intent than these three. Not even Snape. They were casual, graceful and dangerous at the same time, whereas Snape’s movement only showed purpose.

She let out the breath she had been holding, and glanced around. No one dared to move save for Harry and Ron who had both lightly grabbed one of her wrists under the table. It was a signal that they had come up with when one of them needed to talk in private. She whole heartedly agreed.

Something was up.


The Prince of Slytherin grimaced as he was once again accosted by the Princess of Pug, at least that’s what he called her. It wasn’t his problem that she wanted to be royalty by association. Why she felt the need to hang all over him was beyond his ability to fathom. She was a colossal annoyance and he reminded her of it daily, weather it was by put-down or hex he could care less. As long as it got the point across.

There was a slight murmuring and Pansy loosened her grip, slightly. Causing him to frown and look up. His breath caught upon noticing exactly who it was that walked through the door.

He knew them well enough, after all he did stay the summer with his airhead cousin in Los Angeles. The dumb brat had worked as a receptionist for their employer. Well, at least Faith’s employer. He wasn’t quite sure what it was that Buffy was doing at the establishment. She seemed to be her own person, standing up to Angel on several occasions. At east that’s the story his cousin had told him. He didn’t know Faith and Buffy as much as he knew Dawn.

She had been a hellcat the entire time he was there. Throwing insults and on a couple of occasions punches his way. She was spirited and unruly with a seemingly flawless gift on grating on ones nerves.

Yet he chose to hang out with her more than anything, because she was his age and if he didn’t he would get bored. Towards the end of his stay, he was surprised to find that he was actually going to miss her. She had treated him like a friend, and not because he was the Prince of Slytherin either. That wasn’t even a possibility because none of them save for his cousin actually knew he was a wizard.

Until now.

Dawn spotted him with an unspoken question written across her face. There was an emotion that flickered across her features before she expertly concealed it and hurried to join her sister once again.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Winner Takes it All" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 May 07.

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