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10 Family Members Dawn Never Annoyed

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Summary: Like the title says. Based on the 10 thing challenge

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Sticky Fingers (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Title: Sticky Fingers
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Where Ryo Bakura realizes he’s going to need by some better locks as long as his new stepsister is around.
Disclaimer: You know the drill. I own nothing.
AN: Just some weird idea that came to me after watching YGO: the Abridged Series. That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve seen except for like a handful of Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes. If the characters is really off, I do apologies. For the purpose of trying to keep things less confusing, we’re going to be referring to Ryo as his good side, while Bakura is the evil spirit that lives in the ring.

There were very few reasons why Bakura would allow Ryo to take off his Millennium Ring, and after today, he was sure that that list had just dwindled down zero. For the past few days, Ryo had been nursing a cold. Sneezing, coughing, aches -- he had the works. The over the counter stuff worked for the first few days, but as the week progressed on, so did his sickness and before long he had added fever and chills to his ailments.

Bakura, of course, had found it terrible funny. Spirits couldn’t get sick and seeing anyone suffer, including his own host, was something that Bakura found amusing. That was, however, until he taken over said body and tried sneaking about the shadows after Yugi and his friends. He was very good at sneaking, and they would have never known he was there if he hadn’t suddenly been overcome by a sneezing fit. After that, he demanded that Ryo do something about his sickness immediately before disappearing back into the ring.

That meant he had to go to a doctor. It also meant that he would have to take off the ring while he did so, so there wouldn’t be any questions about the jewelry; but Bakura had given him permission (so to speak) at least, so Ryo didn’t think that there would be any problems.

Ever since the fever had set in, his stepmother Joyce had been asking him to let her take him to a doctor. He kept refusing for Bakura’s sake but relented the morning after the spirits botched attempt at stalking. She had smiled at him, ran her hand through his white hair, and promised to bring him back some tea and toast after she finished making him a doctor’s appointment.

Ryo rather liked Joyce. When his father announced that he was remarrying, Ryo had been hurt and upset. Though it had been a few years, his mother’s and sister’s death still felt fresh to him. He knew that his father had returned to dating, but it had never really occurred to him that he would find someone to marry. Then one day, to Ryo seemingly out of the blue, his father told him he was going to marry an art gallery owner her had meet while in America a few months before, and that she and her two daughters were coming to live with them in Japan.

Ryo was, understandably, upset. Bakura, not so understandably, was ready to kill Ryo’s father in his sleep. It had actually taken quiet a bit of coaxing from his lighter counterpart to convince him to not go through with the notorious plan. A few sleepless nights and swears to gods that Ryo didn’t believe in later Ryo was satisfied that Bakura probably wouldn’t commit patricide, if for no other reason than because it would be incredibly hard to steal the rest of the Millennium Items while in jail for said murder.

A part of Ryo was glad to know that the spirit actually did seem to care about him in some small way. The rest of him, however, was just, well…terrified.

When Joyce arrived, she was so kind to him that Ryo found it hard to dislike her for too long. She had quickly found out that his favorite breakfast was eggs in a basket and was sure to fix it for him at least twice a week. Most afternoons she would be home and gladly helped him with his homework. At night, he would often help her with the dishes, and they would talk for awhile about anything he wanted even if she didn’t have a clue about the subject such as Duel Monsters. She reminded Ryo a lot of his mother, though instead of being the one to teach him her native language of Japanese, he was the one having to teach Joyce.

Bakura even reluctantly liked Joyce or liked her as much as something like the spirit could like someone. Ryo wasn’t really sure what won him over, but he was fairly certain that it was either Joyce’s knowledge of valuable art (which made the spirit’s fingers twitch) or the fact that Joyce knew just how to cook a stake to Bakura’s liking. However, should anyone ask, Ryo would put money the latter.

He liked Joyce. Being with her was nice and normal. After the past few years, Ryo found he really liked normal.

Joyce’s daughters, however, were a bit of a different story.

Buffy was her eldest and by far the strangest. She was two years older than Ryo, which made her about 17 and put her in Kaiba’s class, and an…interesting person. Even after all the months of living in Japan, she still couldn’t speak the language any better than a tourist with a bad translation book. Ryo hadn’t thought it possible for someone to actually get worse, but she had proved him wrong, though it had been rather amusing to watch her tell that sales lady informally and impolitely that she “didn’t need to buy that penguin because she had four of them at the movies that touched her.” Joey and Tristan had gotten a big kick out of that. She was very good at saying “I’m going to kill you!” and “Oh, God! Oh, God! My leg!” for some reason. Ryo was fairly certain he didn’t want to know why.

Honestly, Ryo didn’t see a lot of Buffy. Most nights she would go out for hours on end. Considering that she didn’t speak the language that well, Ryo didn’t think that was a very good idea, but wherever she went must have been safe because she always came back alright. Perhaps a little dirty and some days she would have an odd bruise here or there, but nothing enough to make any of them question where she had been.

There was something about her that set Bakura on edge, however. Ryo didn’t know what. Whatever it was, it was enough to make Bakura be very careful in what he did or said when she was around. Oddly enough, Yugi said that Yami sensed something about her too and had warned him to be cautious as well.

Joyce’s younger daughter Dawn wasn’t nearly as complicated to figure out. At eleven she had one goal and one goal alone in mind, to be as annoying as humanly possible to her older sister. At first, Ryo thought that Buffy had been exaggerating when she told him this, but he was slowly starting to find that she was correct. Dawn did things that were designed to set off her older sibling: go through her things and steal her clothes, listen in on her phone calls to her friends back in Sunnydale, read her diary. All typical things, although Dawn hacking into Buffy’s email account was little extreme.

Dawn mostly kept her evil intentions turned directly towards Buffy, so it never occurred to Ryo that today of all days she would decide to expand out her annoying empire to include her newest older stepsibling. If he had, he would have never left ring in his room with only a locked desk drawer and some school papers to hide it from her.

It started off well enough. That afternoon after picking up Dawn from school, Joyce had taken him to the doctor. Apparently, there was a strain of the flu that was going around, and quiet a few patients were crowded in the waiting area. It had taken almost an hour after his original appointment for him to get into see the doctor, and then another forty-five before they finally decided that he too had the flu and needed a shot. The medicine they had given him had made him very tired, and the line at the pharmacy had been long. When they finally made it home, it was well past their normal dinner time, and Ryo wanted nothing more than to climb into his bed and sleep through the next day.

The moment he walked into the kitchen, however, he knew that was never going to happen. There sitting at the kitchen counter next to an open jar of peanut butter was Dawn innocently doing her homework with one hand while swinging the Millennium Ring around one sticky finger on the other. It was mesmerizing, really, watching the priceless Egyptian artifact twirl round and round her finger like a golden hula hoop. The five sharp points attached to the ring stretched outward as if they were trying to point at something but couldn’t stop long enough to be exact. They just flew by quickly before coming back to fly around again and again. Ryo’s mind vaguely registered that Dawn had even taken the time to take the ring off its necklace, so it wouldn’t get tangled around her arm or hand. Though, apparently, she didn’t take the time to clean off said hand from the snack she had enjoyed since he could clearly see no less than three places were peanut butter was now smeared on the golden hoop and pyramid.

“Dawn!” he finally managed to squeak out after the shock began to ware off.

He should have known better, however, since the surprised outburst just caused her to jump, which in turned caused the ring that was going at a great deal of speed by that time to fly off her finger. Ryo visibly winced when it crashed into the wall with a resounding crack and then fell into the sink of dirty dishwater. A series of thoughts rushed through his mind as he watched the ring sink below the murky waters.

First, he knew the second he put it back on that Bakura was going to take those spikes and dig them into his chest so that he would never be able to take the ring off again. He knew from experience just how much that hurt and was not looking forward to the experience.

Second, he had a strange vision of the ring suddenly popping out of the dishwater, fly across the room, attach itself to him, and for Yami Bakura to take over and attack Dawn. He knew that logically Bakura couldn’t feel anything that happened while he was in the ring, but that didn’t mean that the spirit wasn’t going to be furious once he knew what she had done to it, particularly if the crash had caused any damage; or if he found any bit of peanut butter logged anywhere on the golden surface.

Lastly he thought, as she started to scream at him for scaring her, that perhaps he should sit Dawn down and explain to her why it was not a good idea to play around with psychotic spirit’s home. Of course, he would have to do so without telling her about Bakura because she obviously would not understand, but it now seemed rather important that she knew not to bother the ring again. Not if she planned on making it to the seventh grade, anyway.

One thing he was certain, however. Sleep would not be in his near future.

The End?

You have reached the end of "10 Family Members Dawn Never Annoyed" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Aug 11.

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