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All That I'm Living For

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Summary: Dawn and Faith are sent to England by Buffy to escape The First Evil, Dawn runs into Hogsmeade and chaos insues.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyUnforgivenMistressFR18919,13824715,81025 May 0718 Jun 07No

You Have To Go

Hello all, this is my first story posted here! I love Buffy Crossovers so it only seemed proper that I write one myself. The only change I'm making to Buffy Canon that majorly effects things is that Dawn still has Key powers and the ability to use the Key.

This takes place after OOTP, so none of HBP has happened yet, there will be mention of the HBP plot but a lot of it wont happen.

Disclaimer: I own nothing from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter, those belong to Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling respectively. I'm not making any money from this story, it is purely for fan purposes ^_^

“Just get in the car, Dawn!” Buffy said, panic written across her face as she grasped her sisters arm tightly.

“No! I don’t want to go anywhere. What happened, what did it say?” Dawn protested, attempting to free herself, but Slayer strength proved too strong. She was, of course, referring to the Harbinger that the gang had just questioned in the basement.

Buffy looked hesitant for a moment, pausing in her steps before once again dragging her sister forward. “I just need you out of Sunnydale and safe, ok? Dawn, please listen to me” Buffy said.

“I can fight!” Dawn continued to protest “I can help!”

“I know you can, but not this, I can’t risk it” Buffy replied “I’m going to send Faith with you”

“Oh come on!” Dawn knew she was whining, but it seemed like the only way that she’d be able to get her way with Buffy. Suddenly Dawn put on the breaks and dug her heels in the floor, it didn’t seem to phase Buffy, but she stopped anyway and looked back. “It said something about me, didn’t it?” Dawn asked softly.

Buffy blinked at her and then looked down “yeah…it did” she answered “that’s why I need you gone”

“The First is going to use me, isn’t it?” Dawn folded her arms and looked annoyed “That’s the only reason you would send me as far away as you’re trying to send me.”

“It’s not going to use you if I can get you out of here with as little fuss as possible” Buffy said pointedly. “Please Dawn, I don’t want anything to happen to you and the safest place for you is away. Giles said that he can send you to his house, it has wards.”

Dawn’s eyebrows shot up “Protection wards? That’s powerful magic.”

A small smile flitted across Buffy face and she lifted a hand to smooth Dawn’s hair away from her face, fondly “You’ll make a great watcher one day, but not if you’re dead, now go!” she urged.

“Faith is coming with me?” Dawn asked hesitantly.

“Yes, we need her here, but you need her more and I don’t trust any of the Potentials with you” Buffy sighed. “I’d send Spike…but….”

“You need him, I understand” Dawn nodded “that and the fact that he’d get all crispy if he had to go out in the sun…”

Buffy laughed slightly and sniffled “be safe?” she asked more then said and Dawn wrapped her in a hug.

“-You- be safe” she replied.

“You know, I could probably coerce Xander into going with you…” Buffy said thoughtfully and looked towards the kitchen where Xander, Willow and Andrew were talking.

“He wants to be there with you until end, Buffy” Dawn told her with a deep breath “He was there with you at the beginning, it’s only fair.”

“Yeah, but every time he picks up a weapon I fear for all the valuables on his left side…” Buffy mumbled “so…you’ll go willingly? I don’t have to have Faith frog-march you onto the plane?”

“Yes, I’ll go willingly, but I wont like it” Dawn warned.

Buffy hid a smile and hugged Dawn one last time “Faith, she’s ready!” she yelled into the living room.

“Finally” Faith appeared in the doorway and leaned against the wood, lifting an elegant eyebrow “I thought I was going to have to drag her out by the hair.”

Dawn shot Faith a filthy look and pursed her lips, crossing her arms and jutting out her hip “I couldn’t take you, with your slayer strength and all…” Dawn said slowly “but when you least expect it, I could set you on fire.”

“Still threatening to set people on fire, Niblet?” Spike grinned from the shadows of the stairwell “came to wish you off” he explained.

She jumped forward and straight into his arms, hugging him tightly. She was glad that Buffy was keeping him around, Dawn had always liked him and he was good for Buffy, in her opinion. “I’ll miss you” Dawn mumbled, tears forming behind her eyes. “I’ll call and write.” She promised.

“Didn’t expect anything less” Spike nodded, his voice oddly strained and he blinked and looked away from her, pulling back to hide further in the shadows “You’ll be back before you know it” he said softly “bye, Dawn.”

“I’m not saying goodbye!” she yelled after him as he hurried back down the basement stairs.

After having to go through the ‘we’re here to see you off’ procedure a couple more times, Faith finally managed to get Dawn out of the door and into the car. Once there, Dawn slumped down in her seat, turned the radio up as loud as she could stand it and looked out the window, watching her house fade into the distance.

When they reached the airport, Faith handed Dawn her ticket and seemed to be on the verge of offering some words of comfort and even though she’d never admit it, Dawn would have readily listened. But Faith just shook her head, snapped her mouth shut and smiled slightly, motioning Dawn forward. Dawn deflated slightly and shuffled forward with a bag hitched high on her shoulder.

Faith eyed Dawn warily, as though she were about to explode, then she opened her mouth again “Dawn…we’ll see them all again soon” she said finally “I mean, think about it, a vacation in England, with nothing to do but sit back and not get really dead? Sounds ideal” she told the younger girl.

“I suppose” Dawn replied, pulling her hair behind her ears, her blue eyes falling towards the floor “but I’d rather be fighting…”

Faith laughed loudly, startling Dawn “You’ve got slayer blood in you, definitely” she nodded “I can see me having to stop you from fighting often” she shook her head.

“I don’t need a babysitter” Dawn protested, looking offended.

“No…but you need someone to help you get into the clubs” Faith winked and handed her ticket to the person at the gate, motioning for Dawn to do the same.

Dawn smirked and then laughed “I can’t believe Buffy sent me with you” she shook her head “besides, I’m 16 and that’s the legal age in England”

“True…” Faith said thoughtfully “I’m sure you could use a big mean Slayer bodyguard to beat the men off with a stick though, you grew up, definitely” Faith’s eyebrows shot up and she looked Dawn over.

“Stop checking me out” Dawn rolled her eyes as the got on the plane.

“I’m not!” Faith held up her hands in protest and laughed. “You’re too young for me, I’m just saying, men are going to be all over you, and I don’t want to be the one that has to explain to Buffy that her sister is getting molested by English men.”

Dawn giggled and found her sit, stowing her bag in the overhead compartment. “I think I can handle grabby English men,” she said, sitting in her chair as Faith took the one next to her “I was trained by Buffy, after all.”

“Only because you made her” Faith returned with an amused smile.

“Well, I wanted to learn how to fight, it was one of those ‘you teach me or I’m going to learn about it on the streets’ type deal.” Dawn replied. “besides, it was a slow summer…hey Faith?” Dawn asked suddenly, cutting herself off mid-sentence.

“Yeah?” Faith asked, curiously.

“Will you continue my training?” Dawn asked; her eyes widened with innocence and Faith snorted.

“I’m not falling for that look, kid, but yeah, I don’t see why not, you’ll learn sometime, especially if you’re going to be a watcher” Faith nodded, a look of acceptance on her face. Dawn brightened considerably, maybe her time spent in England wouldn’t be so bad after all.
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