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Marks and Patterns

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Summary: PotC 3 and his tea set

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean(Past Donor)halfbloodpuffskinFR1512600292426 May 0726 May 07Yes
Disclaimer: Yay Disney, they own the ride and movies, I just own a recently used movie stub.

Author's Note: Okay, I saw this last night, and I became focused (for some reason) on Beckett's tea set. So this is a plot bunny based off of Will's “What mark did he leave you?” from Dead Man's Chest, Jack's continuous Eunuch jokes, and the tea set in the At World's End.

Beckett had woken up a week after the...incident...with Sparrow, aware that he would not be getting any more sleep that night. He shifted uncomfortably, distinctly aware of the bandages covering the wound that the pirate had given him. The only thing worse than the nature of this injury was that Sparrow had done it by accident.

Beckett felt himself flush with rage at the thought of the blundering pirate, wishing he had done more than simply brand him. To think that a junior partner of the East India Trading Company could be bested by such a ridiculous creature was unpardonable, and Beckett had no intention that it ever should be. He closed his eyes, mentally replaying the fight, the shot from Sparrow's gun, the pain as the bullet hit-- certain areas. It was decidedly necessary to repay the man someday in the future.

But for now, he would have to be the perfect representative for the company. He was determined to rise through the ranks at all costs, one day to rule the civilized world through its dependence on trade. Then, on one fine day, he would destroy the world Jack Sparrow loved and claim the seas. Until that day, though, it couldn't be personal. It would only--could only--be business.

Smiling to himself, Beckett nodded his head and picked up an advertisement. He needed to occupy himself until his convalescence was ended, and picking out suitable china patterns would do nicely. He found that his tastes had altered since his accident, and he felt the need for something...pretty.

The End

You have reached the end of "Marks and Patterns". This story is complete.

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