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Be Careful What You Wish For

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Summary: When Halfrek comes to town, young Xander learns you should be careful what you wish for. Warning: Dark. Rated for content.

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredmatthewFR1514010133,95926 May 0726 May 07Yes
Disclaimer: The show about hot chicks with superpowers belongs to Joss. The one about a boy who grows up to wear his underpants on the outside belongs to DC comics.

Summary: When Halfrek comes to town, young Xander learns you should be careful what you wish for. Warning: Dark. Rated for content. Yes, this is a dark story. But let’s face it, the wishes granted by D’Hoffryn’s minions don’t benefit the wish maker. Ever.

Challenge 2605: Sunnyville: An amalgam story

What if Xander had met Halfrek as a child and had wished that Sunnydale could be like Smallville and that all the people could be like the people of Smallville.

Granting the wish, Halfrek splices the two town's together.

Here are some ideas for amalgamated characters.

Alexander 'Xander' Kent Elizabeth 'Buffy' Lane Alex/Lexus (Angel/Angelus)
Willow Chloe Rosenberg Jimmy 'Oz' Olsen Cordelia Lana Chase
Pete Jesse Ross Larry Whitney Blaisdell

Sunnydale, 1989

Even at age eight, Xander knew that when Mommy and Daddy started yelling, he should stay out of the way. Which was why he was in his secret hideout behind the washing machine, reading a Superman comic so he wouldn’t have to listen to the fighting. As the sounds grew louder, Xander found himself longing for the simple world of Superman.

“Mommies and daddies don’t fight in Smallville.” He whispered softly to himself “I wish I lived there. I wish I had Superman’s mommy and daddy. I wish I could meet Superman.”

Xander barely had time to hear the word “Done” before he, his parents, and Sunnydale, California ceased to exist.

Sunnyville, 1989

Alexander “Xander” Kent ran happily through his parents’ fields, playing a noisy game of tag with his best friends, Willow Sullivan and Jesse Ross. Suddenly, Willow stopped and stared at the sky. Following her gaze, the boys looked up to behold the coolest sky they had ever seen. Sparkles floated past the clouds, and flame streaked across the horizon.
Jesse voiced the question they were all thinking. “What is it?”

Willow looked a bit uncertain. “I dunno, but I think it might be a meteor shower.”

Xander grinned. “Space rocks? Cool! Let’s try and get one!”

“That should be easy,” Jesse exclaimed, “I think there’s a big one coming this way.”

It was true. The biggest, brightest, and fastest meteor of them all was coming straight for the field. Oh man, this was gonna be great.

The trio raced for the spot it looked like it was going to hit, running as fast as they could. Which, of course, was when the life pod containing Kal El, son of Jor El, the last son of the dying planet Krypton, fired its manoeuvring thrusters. The blast scorched and flattened a hundred metre radius around the ship, including three bright eyed children who would simply be counted among the disappeared of that horrific day.

The End

You have reached the end of "Be Careful What You Wish For". This story is complete.

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