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Not In A Million Years

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Summary: Some pick-up lines should never be used. Ever.

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Doggy Style?

Title: Not In A Million Years
Summary: Some pick up lines should never be used. Ever
Rating: Lets go with 15
Disclaimer:I don't own 'em. They own 'em. I'm not making any money with 'em.

Damn and he had been really hot too. But there was no way she was letting him get away with that line.

Faith had been in London for a few weeks providing security for Giles as he set up the new council. Unfortunately providing security didn't actually amount to doing anything so she had decided to patrol.

Faith was real proud of herself to, she had resisted the natural urge to slay when the large black dog had turned into a man.

He had been cool about it too. When she hadn't appeared scared he had gave her a care free and sexy as hell grin and asked if she wanted to go for a drink. She'd agreed because she wanted to know how he had done it and he was hot.

They had ended up in a pub that Faith had been to a few times in the past few weeks and started drinking and flirting.

Then he had gone and said something that had shocked even Faith Dark, “So you ever done it doggy style?” He had even added in the eyebrow waggle.

Well that was the end of that... okay he was still hot and his sense of humor wasn't much worse than Boytoy's. Ah what the hell?

A/N: I will add to this as I come up with more. Don't expect much from it. I do have a few vague ideas for a few other bad pickup lines from across the multiverse.
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