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Wraith Slayer

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Summary: Buffy dies during 'Chosen' and is given the choice of remaining dead and at peace, or continuing the fight in Pegasus Galaxy. *2008 COA Nominee!!!*

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisGypsyDruidFR183149,04026220156,40727 May 072 Sep 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter Thirteen

A/N: I’m not really sure how old Dawn was at the end of the series, so for the purpose of this story, she’s a few months shy of 20. She finished high school late because the evacuation of Sunnydale happened during the middle of her sophomore year and they were constantly moving around until they finally settled down on the Hellmouth in Cleveland.

Chapter Thirteen

“Hey, I’ve got something for you guys.” Buffy said as they walked to the hanger. “I had them made in case I ever managed to get back home.”

“Ooh, I like presents.” Dawn piped up.

They followed Buffy into the hanger bay. She stopped before a wall and swiped her hand over a panel that they hadn’t noticed. The wall slid to the side to reveal a ship different from the Puddlejumpers that filled the hanger, but was instantly recognizable.

“Oh, wow, Buff.” Xander exclaimed. “That is cool!”

“You like it?” Buffy escorted them inside. “Welcome aboard the Mystery Machine.”

The ship before them was designed to look like the ‘White Star’ class fighter from the tv show Babylon 5. It had been one of Buffy’s favorite television shows, and she’d had every episode on tape. They walked up the ramp into the ship. The consoles were similar to the Puddlejumpers, including a Dialing Console. “The Maerdin’s, the people who made the memory photos, helped me design it. It’s mostly Ancient technology, but I’ve also got transporting technology similar to what the Wraith darts use. It has some kind of organic technology, so it can repair itself and recognize friends and enemies.”

“Those are for you.” Buffy pointed to the packages on the seats. “They were also made by the Maerdin. Put them on and fasten them all the way up.”

Willow, Xander and Dawn each pickup up a long overcoat similar to the one Buffy was wearing. Unlike Buffy’s coat, their’s were a bland gray color. They looked at each othen, then back at Buffy, who was leaning against her seat, waiting patiently. Finally, Xander shrugged and put his on, followed by Willow and Dawn. A few moments after the finished fastening the coat, the gray color rippled and changed into their favorite colors. A few moments after that, the colors rippled again, turning into designs. For Dawn, her coat had shifted to a pale green color. Around the cuffs were the shapes of different keys. Willow coat turned a deep burgundy color with a white collar and cuffs. Xander’s coat had turned black and dark green, much like colors of the military people.

“Buffy?” Willow asked, confused.

“The coats are a type of organic technology. When you fastened them, small filaments entered your pores and absorbed your DNA to bond with the coat. It changed to reflect who you are. It will keep your body at optimal body temperature, so you don’t have to worry about getting hot or cold unless it’s in extreme conditions, like a desert or an arctic planet. It is also strong enough to serve as body armor, but only when it is completely fastened. There are also subspace pockets on the inside for weapons and such. If you think of what you need, the coat will make sure that it’s what you pull out.”

As Buffy explained the unique coats, Willow looked closely at Buffy’s. It was a pale blue at the top that darkened to a midnight color going down. It reminded Willow of twilight, that place between day and night, and she realized that, that was exactly what the Slayers were. Warriors caught between the light and the darkness.

‘Wait for us, Buffy. We’re on our way to the hanger bay.’ They heard John just as Buffy finished her explanations.

Buffy rolled her eyes and responded. “Hurry up, then.”


“Peter, take note of that gate address.” Elizabeth said as chevrons on the Stargate began to light up.

“The Mystery Machine is ready to go.” Buffy stated as the ship lowered into the gateroom.

There were murmurs and traded glances when they saw Buffy’s ship. While most of the personnel recognized the shape from the popular tv show, it was the name that had them laughing.

“Puddlejumper ready for launch.”

 “Good luck, everyone.” Elizabeth said as the two ships entered the event horizon.

The ships disappeared from sight upon exiting the Stargate. As they flew over the treetops, they could see Wraith darts zipping around in the distance, glimmering lights indicating their transporters scooping up the panicking people. They could also see the energy blasts striking the city from orbit.

“John, I’m sending you schematics for those darts.” Buffy punched a series of keys on her console. “You need to disable as many of those darts as possible so I can get those people out. We’re going up to the hive ship. My ship can target and take them out automatically, so we’re going planet side to take out the ground troops.”

‘Got ‘em.’ John responded. ‘I’m leaving Ford at the wheel, and we’ll meet you down there.’

Buffy pressed a button and a slot opened near her head. She removed something the others couldn’t see and pressed it to her temple. “C’mon, guys. Let’s go to work.”

She led them towards the rear of the ship. Willow saw her close eyes momentarily before they were surrounded by a white light. A moment later, she was looking around in astonishment, watching people running around frantically, and trying to hold back her nausea.

“Does anyone else feel upside down?” Xander asked shakily.

“Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.” Buffy told them. “The first time is always the worst.”

The Scoobies to several deep breaths until their feelings of vertigo passed.

“Okay, now?” Buffy asked

“Yeah.” “I’m good.” “Let’s do it.”

They all pulled weapons from their coats as they listened to Buffy’s instructions. “Keep your heads, guys. Wraith give off visual phantoms to confuse people.” They were nodded when the sound of running behind them heralded the arrival of John and Teyla. “There are maybe four or five dozen foot soldiers out there, so we’re going to split up. Teyla and John, Willow and Xander, and Dawn’s with me. Before you ask, Dawn, no it isn’t so I can keep an eyes on you. You’ve got my crossbow.” Buffy added when her sister opened her mouth. Dawn flushed and nodded. “Aim high, for the neck or eyes. Teyla, are you comfortable with those guns, or would you rather have a blade?”

“I will use the guns to become accustomed.” The Athosian said.

“Willow, I want you to try your magic on them. Fire, Ice and Lightning, although I think fire would work best since they’re bugs. If you feel that your control is threatened, even just a little, use the sword. I don’t want anyone taking unnecessary chances. Just like at home, beheading works best. Kill them quickly and move on, we’ve still got that hive ship to take out.”

“Wait? What?!” John interrupted. “Hiveship??”

“Questions later.” Buffy responded shortly. “Time to move. GO!”

Without another word, Buffy took off directly into the melee with Dawn close behind. Willow and Xander shrugged at the Major’s flabbergasted expression before running off towards another group of soldiers.

“John, should we not be moving?” Teyla asked.

John shook his head tersely and nodded. Moving quickly, they picked off the Wraith warriors as Ford, McKay and the Mystery Machine systematically took down dart after dart. Buffy called for frequent check-ins to make sure none of the got picked up.

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