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Wraith Slayer

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Summary: Buffy dies during 'Chosen' and is given the choice of remaining dead and at peace, or continuing the fight in Pegasus Galaxy. *2008 COA Nominee!!!*

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisGypsyDruidFR183149,04026220156,30927 May 072 Sep 12No

Chapter Fourteen

A/N: OK, everybody, this is my first real action scene so, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, tell me what you think!!!

Chapter Fourteen

Willow and Xander moved carefully through the running people. Everywhere they looked, there was chaos. Rubble littered the streets and terrified people ran stumbling over the now-uneven streets. They ducked back into the shadows as a small Wraith patrol passed then. With Xander keeping them in his sights, they carefully followed the foot soldiers. He watched with interest as Willow threw a ball of ice, a ball of energy and a ball of fire into the back of the group before he opened fire on the others. Willow pulled her sword and followed up on her initial attack even as she gauged the effectiveness of each spell.

The Wraith his with the ball of ice stumbled forward from the impact. It’s body froze for a moment as the cold seeped into it, but it was able to shake off the effects relatively quickly. With two quick swipes of the ultra-sharp blade, Willow cut off the arm that was raising its weapon, then cut off its head on the return strike.

The ball of energy that hit the second Wraith sent it down to one knee as its body convulsed into spasms. The spasms were already tapering off by the time Willow finished off the first. Without hesitation, she put her sword through the creature’s throat with a vicious thrust, then she quickly beheaded it as well.

The fireball was the most effective by far, just as Buffy predicted. The moment it impacted, the Wraith gave off this high pitched screeching that hurt their ears. It even startled the other Wraith, long enough for Xander and Willow to finish them off before continuing to watch as the flames quickly spread to engulf the creature, burning it until there was nothing left. It reminded Willow of Greek Fire.

“Wow, Will. You’ve gotten really good with that.” Xander praised.

Willow smiles. “Yeah. Faith said that I had to really learn if I was going to patrol with the new Slayers, so she trained me herself. She told me that she promised Buffy that she would take care of us.

“Everyone check in.” They heard Buffy command.


“You ready for this, Dawnie?” Buffy asked.

“Piece of cake.” Dawn responded.

“All right, then.” Buffy drew her sword as they came upon a group of warriors chasing down some women and children. “Keep your distance and watch your back.”

Dawn stopped and fell to one knee to aim carefully. Just as Buffy connected a high spin kick to the first Wraith’s head, and used the momentum to beheaded the one next to it, another sprouted a crossbow bolt from its eye just as it was about to fire it’s weapon, causing it to shoot harmlessly at a wall. A vicious uppercut sent one of the creatures flying through the air crash into the wall next to the group of huddled people. As it crumpled out of the indent it’s body made on impact, a woman and a couple of the older children struggled to lift a large piece of building debris, until they were able to move it over the unmoving monster and drop it on it’s head, flinching at the crunch and thud.

Between the Summers sisters, they made quick work of the Wraith in their path, and soon Buffy as standing among the dead and the dying. “You people get out of here.” She activated her comm. as she watched the group run off. “Everyone check in.”

“We’re fine, but a little busy here.” John responded. They could hear the gunfire and Buffy could make out Wraith stunner blasts.

“Scrappy Doo here.” Dawn smirked at her.

Buffy smirked back. “I guess that makes me Daphne.” They could hear Xander and Willow laughing.

“Shaggy and Velma, present and accounted for.” Xander managed to check out.

“Who are these people?” Teyla asked, her confusion clear in her voice.

“I’ll explain later” John chuckled.

“We got most of the darts,” Ford announced. “But a bunch of them headed for orbit.”

“Don’t follow!” Buffy ordered. “Come down here and give us a hand. Everybody make their way to the central fountain. It’s in the center of the city.” She pressed a finger to her temple, and Dawn watched as a holographic lens formed over her eyes. “Collect and convert.”

In the air, Ford and McKay saw Buffy’s ship complete an attack on a Wraith dart, then do a complete 180° turn and take off in the opposite direction.

“Did you see that?” McKay stammered, wide eyed. “Ships can’t do that.”

“Well, apparently, that one can.” Ford said as he maneuvered the ‘Jumper into a clearing close to the city. “Let’s go, McKay.”

The three groups systematically worked their way through the city, taking out every Wraith soldier they could find. They finally met at the central fountain, Xander had run out of ammo and resorted to his knife, Dawn had also been forced to use her blades, and had impressed her sister with just how well she had learned under Faith and Giles.

“Area-wide and orbital scan for Wraith signatures.” Buffy commanded her ship before turning to the others. “Everyone okay?”

They nodded. Keeping eyes on every direction, they all took the momentary breather while the ship completed the scan. The scan showed Buffy that between her groups and the city’s own militia, they had managed to eliminate almost all of the Wraith on the ground. She could see that several darts were breaking orbit for the Hive ship in space above the city. She turned to Sheppard.

“I’m taking the Scoobies up to the Hive ship.” She told him. “I need you to stay down here and get these people situated.”

“Hold on, now.” Sheppard protested. “You can’t take these kids up there. Those are the Wraith that actually does the feeding.”

“We’re better protected than you are.” Buffy said shortly. “And we know how to take on an army of monsters and survive. Your only experience with in a Wraith Hive ship was with a couple of caretakers and warriors that are little more than drones. All of the Wraith are awake now. All of them! The ships are full of Wraith that are stronger and faster than you are. They feed and can regenerate as fast as you can shoot them. What good are your guns going to be against them?”

John had no answer. Everything she was saying was, unfortunately, making sense. “I get what you’re saying. I really do. What I don’t understand, though, is why you’d rather take kids into something like this instead of trained military.”

Buffy looked at her sister and friends. “They’ve fought by my side almost as long as I’ve been a Slayer. They’ve fought fledglings and Master Vampires and Upper and Lower level demons. They’ve helped me defeat insane hell-gods and talk down powerful witches gone insane from grief. They’ve helped me stop apocalypses and military mistakes. In this kind of situation, we have more field time and tactical experience than an entire black ops squad. So, for now, we’re going and, until I can get you trained on weapons that can remove a head from the rest of the body, you’re not.”


“You didn’t have to be so blunt, Buff.” Xander commented quietly. “They’re just trying to help.”

Buffy sighed. “I know that, Xander, but they’re military, with a military mindset, and if there’s one thing I learned from dealing with the Initiative guys, it’s that blunt is always the best way to get the message across. I’m not going to take them into a situation that they can’t get out of just because they think they can handle it. I want to get them trained, and be sure that they can handle it, and one thing they have to learn is that guns are not always the best way to do things.” Not having to explain herself was something that she was really going to miss, she thought to herself.

They were on the Mystery Machine, heading for the hive ship in orbit. Xander had been quiet for most of the ride, watching as Buffy worked the controls of her ship and explaining the ship’s features to Willow and Dawn. When they had first boarded back on the planet, she had them give the ship a sample of their DNA by sticking their fingers into a slot for some reason that she hadn’t told them yet.

“Get ready, guys.” Buffy said as they approached the large Wraith mothership. Xander was now armed with a spare broadsword that Buffy’d had in her coat. “I want us all to stay together. We’ll work our way through.”

“Can we kill them all?” Dawn asked.

“No, that would be impossible.” Buffy told her. “There are several thousand warriors and several hundred of the higher level Wraith. The ones that actually do the feeding. The coats will protect you from the stunners, but they are still coats. The Wraith can rip the coat open to feed off of you, so please be careful. They’re smarter and faster than the ones we dealt with on the surface. Think of them as Master Vamps, about the caliber of Spike when he first arrived in Sunnydale, and you’d be about close.”

Suddenly, the Mystery Machine powered up and fired at the hive ship. With a burst of speed, the little ship flew directly into the explosion, entering the hive ship at high speed and scattering the bodies that were sucked out of the gaping hole.

“Drop the Angels.” Buffy ordered.

“Angels?” Willow asked.

“They’re anti-matter bombs.” Buffy explained. “The Machine collected the Wraith body parts earlier and converted them into bombs. It’ll take about an hour for the bombs to settle and then the Machine will track us down to pick us up. As soon as we’re clear, the bombs will detonate. Until then, we kill as many as we can.”

“Wraith bombs? That’s cool.” Xander exclaimed, wide-eyed and grinning, his earlier argument forgotten. “I like the plan, too. Simple and straight forward, just like the old days.”

“Is everyone ready?” They moved to the back and, standing back to back to each other. “Let’s do this.”

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