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Wraith Slayer

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Summary: Buffy dies during 'Chosen' and is given the choice of remaining dead and at peace, or continuing the fight in Pegasus Galaxy. *2008 COA Nominee!!!*

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisGypsyDruidFR183149,04026220156,33027 May 072 Sep 12No

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

Elizabeth stood on the balcony outside the gateroom, gazing over the ocean and trying to calm her mind. It had been several hours since she was last standing here with Buffy when Buffy had gotten her vision. Several hours since she had sent her people to do battle with the Wraith, and there was still no word. The wait was driving her nuts. Taking a deep breath, she tried to gather her thoughts and calm her mind. She had been in charge of the SGC back on Earth for several weeks, and she had never felt this kind of trepidation when they had gone on missions against the Goa’uld. She took another deep breath, and turned her gaze inward. Maybe it was because, unlike the Stargate Command, Atlantis truly was her command. These were her people and, despite the fact that they were the ones with the military knowledge, they were her responsibility. Was that it? Was that the cause of this uneasy feeling making her chest heavy? She thought about that and finally, she shook her head. That wasn’t it. Over the last several days, the SG teams had gone through the gate several times on diplomatic, trading or simple exploring missions. On several occasions, they had engaged the Wraith and managed to come away with minimal casualties. She sighed, forcing herself to acknowledge the real cause of her disquiet. She was worried about the Scoobies. Tipping her head back, Elizabeth stared blindly at the cloudless blue sky she was worried about Buffy.

“Dr. Weir, we have an incoming wormhole.” Peter Grodin interrupted her thoughts.

“Raise the shield.” She ordered, immediately turning to business.

“Elizabeth, we need the Doc and a team.” Sheppard’s voice came over the comm.

“How are things going?” Elizabeth asked.

“We’ve taken care of all the Wraith that were on the ground.” The Major reported. “We’ve also managed to bring down most of the darts. Buffy said that she had a way to get those people out of the transporters.”

“Is that what she’s doing now?”

“Ah… not quite. She took the other Scoobies up to the hive ship.”

“Excuse me?” Elizabeth said, shocked.

“Oh, yeah.” Sheppard sounded irritated. “She took her team to take out the hive ship in orbit.”

“Before Elizabeth could think of any kind of response to that revelation, Dr. Beckett was ready with his team. “John, disengage the wormhole so that we can dial back. Carson is ready.”

“Right.” Sheppard acknowledged. “Send over another team as well. We can help set up some temporary shelters while we’re here.”

“Major Lorne, get your people ready to head out.” Elizabeth said to the man at her side.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Lorne responded. He called for his teammates over the comm. as the wormhole disengaged.

“Peter, dial back.” Elizabeth told her assistance as Lorne’s team entered the gateroom fully armed. One of his men carried a backpack and weaponry for the Major himself. Everyone kept back a respectable distance to avoid the backwash of the opening wormhole, then prepared to move out. “I want a status report in one hour, Major Lorne. One hour. Pass the word.”


“Okay, guys.” Buffy said to the others. “The Machine is on its way back.”

“Geez, it’s about time.” Xander gasped as he ducked around a corner to avoid a stun blast.

They had reached the corridor where the captured prisoners were being held. Buffy had already broken into the doors, but she had cautioned the people to stay inside until they while they fought the Wraith that were trying to capture them.

It was ten long minutes before they could hear the weapons fire from Buffy’s ship.

“Hey Will, can you create a firewall to keep them back?” Willow nodded and back away to concentrate. “All right, Xander, let’s push them back a bit.”

Xander nodded as he swung his sword to slice open the chest of the Wraith in front of him. A moment later, they had pushed they managed to hold them off long enough for Willow’s spell to take effect, and the Scoobies found themselves separated from their enemies by a wall of flames just as the Mystery Machine blew out the wall above to hover over them.

“All right, everybody, time to go.” Buffy said to the huddle prisoners. “Get in a circle right over there.”

Buffy directed the people where she wanted them, then beamed herself and her friends into the ship. Then Buffy maneuvered them over the others and beamed them aboard as well.

“Where are they, Buffy?” Dawn asked. She had seen the people disappear, but they didn’t reappear inside the ship.

“They’re in energy storage, kind of like what the Wraith darts use. It’s the only way I would be able to get people off the ships before they blew.”

“Darn it, Buffy!” Willow whined. “You have to let me have a look at those specs!”

Buffy just grinned at her and shrugged. As they ship made its way back to the planet, Buffy produced a handheld device and showed them how to use it to get them people of the dart transporters.


“Hey, Doc.” John greeted the CMO as they came through the gate. “We’ve got a spot cleared for you to set up over there.”

“Thank you.” Dr. Beckett said. “How bad are they?”

“Mostly stun blasts and injuries from falling debris.” John told him. “Just a few casualties, and all of the Wraith bodies has mysteriously disappeared.”


“Yeah. A few of the people said that the bodies vanished in a flash of light as a ship flew overhead, so I’m not going to worry about until I talk to Buffy.”

“And where is the young lady and her friends.” Beckett asked. “I have been meaning to speak with her. I have not been able to access her medical records from the computers. They seem to be inaccessible from any terminal other than her own, and I must have some frame of reference to work with if she becomes injured.”

“I’ll be sure to let her know.” John promised, then he turned to Major Lorne and his team. “Let’s put up some barrack tents for now, then we can help them get up some temporary shelters. I want someone in a ‘jumper every two hours, checking for any movement that isn’t us.”

“Yes, sir.” Lorne responded. “Dr. Weir said that she wanted a status report in one hour, sir. I don’t think she was too pleased with your last report.”

John snorted. “Yeah, well, I’m not too happy with being left behind myself.”

They had been working for nearly an hour when the radios crackled. “Hey, Sheppard, we’re on our way back.”

John pressed the button on his to respond. “All right, but hurry up. Elizabeth wants a status report in about twenty minutes. We need to do it from either the ‘Jumper or your ship.” He crossed his fingers when he heard Buffy laugh.

“All right, John.” Buffy chuckled. “We can do it from here.”

The moment they landed, John was in the ship like a kid in a candy store. Buffy watched him in amusement before speaking. “Calm down, John-boy, the controls work for me only.”

“Ah, c’mon. You’re not gonna let me fly it?” He looked so disappointed that Dawn nearly fell out of her seat, laughing.

“Nope. You can’t fly it, and McKay can’t study it.”

“What? What do you mean I can’t study it?”

Buffy had made sure that the comm. link was open when she made the last remark. She wanted to be sure McKay heard her.

“Nope.” Buffy grinned wickedly. “If you want to know about the Machine, you’re just gonna have to ask Willow.”


“Don’t we have to call home?” Willow asked quickly, hoping to forestall the oncoming confrontation.

“Right, right.” Dawn added. “You said Dr. Weir wanted a report.”

Buffy waited another moment before relenting and dialing the gate. “There you go, John. Dawn, Xander, go and get those people out of the darts.”

Sheppard still looked disappointed, much to the amusement of the Scoobies. “Elizabeth, this is Sheppard.”
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