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Wraith Slayer

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Summary: Buffy dies during 'Chosen' and is given the choice of remaining dead and at peace, or continuing the fight in Pegasus Galaxy. *2008 COA Nominee!!!*

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Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

Willow stood in the corridor watching Buffy walk away. With a sigh, she activated her comm. Link to a private channel. “Dr. Weir, this is Willow.”

“Go ahead, Willow.” Weir answered.

“Buffy’s taking the Mystery Machine out of orbit so that she can get her head together. I need to track down Dawn and Xander, and then I think we need to talk.”

“All right.” Weir answered after a moment’s hesitation. “My office in half an hour?”

“See you then.” Willow leaned against the wall as she though back over all she had just learned. Buffy had been her best friend for nearly ten years, even though she had been here in the Pegasus Galaxy for the last three. How could they have not recognized the slayer lust in Buffy for all those years, especially after Faith had told them about it? Buffy gave off such an intense sexual energy that Willow felt something very deep inside her shiver in aroused reaction. Taking a few deep breaths, she stops by her room to grab her laptop before going off to find the others.

“What’s going on, Willow?” Xander asked. “You look like you got hit by a bus.”

“We’ve got kind of a problem.” Willow told him. The worried expression on her face was enough to drag him and Dawn away from the victory celebration. Leading them into Elizabeth’s office, she sets up her computer and accesses Buffy’s files as she tries to order her thoughts. “I want to wait for Elizabeth. She needs to know about this.”

“What’s going on, Will?” Xander pressed.

“Is it Buffy?” Dawn added. “She never came to the party.”

“Yes, it’s about Buffy, but I don’t want to go over this more than I have to, so I want to wait for Dr. Weir.”

A few minutes later, when Xander opened his mouth again, Dawn beat him to the punch. “Here she comes.”

They could see Elizabeth enter the Control Room with Dr. Beckett, and could faintly hear their conversation.

“Elizabeth, if I am to be responsible for the well being of these people, then I need their medical files, including Ms. Summers’. The records that you gave me before are at more than three years old, and the current records are not accessible from the medical labs.”

“I know, Carson.” Elizabeth said diplomatically. “I’ll remind her again, but beyond that, it’s out of my hands. She does not fall under my command. To be perfectly honest, none of them do.” Elizabeth glanced up and saw the Scoobies looking back at her. “I have to take care of something now, so you go on to and enjoy the party. I doubt we’ll have many of them.”

Carson smiled and left her with a nod. Unconsciously bracing herself, Elizabeth walked into her office and took her seat. “All right, Willow, you said that we needed to talk. I take it that this has to do with the, ahh, incident earlier.”

“Incident?” Elizabeth watching in surprise as Xander’s body language was suddenly focused and alert. “There was an incident?”

“Yes, it does.” Willow answered Elizabeth and momentarily ignored Xander. “I think it would be better if you know everything.” She took a moment to open the files on her computer. “These are the Buffy’s medical records from her console. Before you say anything, we know that Dr. Becket wants them, but he’s not going to get them.”

“May I ask, why not?” Elizabeth asked, her brow rising. “That is, after all, his department.”

“Most of Buffy’s medical records give no reference to her abilities,” Willow explained. “but these do. This is information that does not need to fall in the wrong hands. I’m sorry, Dr. Weir, but we would never trust anyone enough with that. Especially the military. Besides, her body heals itself, so he really doesn’t need them.”

Elizabeth thought about that and realized that, although she might not like it, she did understand. She trusted that Carson had nothing but good intentions, but she couldn’t be certain about the rest the Atlantis team. “All right, I’ll let him know.”

Willow exhaled deeply. “Okay, then. Well, despite what we know, Buffy’s actually been here on Atlantis for at least a hundred years. Tara and Oma Desala put her here in the past so that she could evolve enough for this fight. Apparently, Oma saw this point of the future where Sheppard accidentally awakens all the Wraith at one time, and without Buffy, they would have eventually made it to Earth.”

Elizabeth paled as the implications of that one single, yet obviously significant, accident became clear. If she was understanding what Willow was saying, something about Buffy would change an event that happened after the Wraith's awakening that would prevent them from reaching Earth before they were capable of defending it. She started to wonder what decision she could possibly make in the future that would be worse than the awakening itself but, before she could get any further, Dawn interrupted her thoughts.

“Don’t worry about it, Dr. Weir.” The young woman said. “Whatever it was, there was probably a good reason for it at the time. Or the decision may have been the lesser of two evils. We don’t know, and hopefully, we won’t. Buffy has changed destiny so many times that we don’t even wonder ‘what if’ anymore.”

Elizabeth took a deep breath, smiled gratefully at Dawn and nodded for Willow to continue.

“Okay, when they brought her here, they ‘altered’ the mystical part of Buffy that made her a Slayer. The Slayer was created to ‘sense’ creatures that were not natural to this dimension. That part of her is a demonic essence that was infused to make the Slayer. Unfortunately, that isn’t what the Wraith are. The Wraith are a naturally evolved hybrid mix of human DNA and this Iratus bug. So, Buffy needed to be ‘changed’ so that she could sense this natural threat.”

“All right. I think I’m following you, but what does that have to do with me?”

“When they ‘altered’ her, they brought the more primitive instincts of both her human and demonic nature closer to the surface, kinda fusing them together to make a new type of predator. The primitive human instinct will sense any type of threat, but it will flee a superior threat instead of fight. The primitive nature of the demonic essence in Buffy will immediately set out to destroy any and all threats, not matter how weak or how strong. Enhancing those primitive instincts was necessary to get the results that they wanted, but it also enhanced the primitive needs that went along with it. The need to constantly refuel the body due to the faster metabolism, the instinct to defend it’s territory and those that it loves, and the need to mate.”

Elizabeth’s heart began to pound as she began to understand, but she didn’t interrupt.

“Now, Slayers have always been affected by these instincts to varying degrees. Faith calls them the ‘Double Hs’. Hungries and Hornies. After a particularly bad fight, especially if the enemy escapes, then a Slayer is left with a lot of excess energy that then transmutes into a need for food and sex.”

“Hold up a minute, Will.” Xander interrupted. “Buffy said that did happen to her.”

“No she didn’t.” Willow responded. “She brushed it aside with something about yogurt.”

Dawn suddenly nodded. “That’s right. She could go through a case of yogurt in a week. Mom used to buy it for her. She also used to have a friend she used to visit at night after Mom went to bed.”

“How do you know?” Xander asked.

“I overheard her on the phone one day making plans with somebody for the weekend when Mom was going to be out of town and I was spending the weekend at Janice’s. After Mom left, I snuck back and followed her to this woman’s house near the college. One day I saw the woman with Anya and asked her who she was. Anya said her name was Marin.”

“I know who that is.” Xander’s eyes widened. “Anya told me that she was a Succubus. One of the type who liked it a little wild.”

“What is a Succubus?” Elizabeth asked nervously.

“Succubae are female demons that feed off of sexual energy.” Xander explained. “The more intense the encounter, the more filling the feeding becomes. They usually gravitate towards men, but some have been known to use females. If Buffy was a regular visitor, then this Marin must have been really impressed with the encounter and her stamina.”

“Oh?” Now Willow sounded interested, and for some reason, Elizabeth realized that she didn’t like that very much.

“Oh, yeah?” Xander replied cheerfully. “The one thing Succubae like more than stamina is a good imagination. Especially that one. She actually asked Anya if she could be in a threesome with us. You know, now that I think about it, I think I remember the weekend you’re talking about. Anya wanted Marin to go with her to this day spa, but Marin said that she couldn't. She had ‘company’. Usually Marin would ditch whoever it was to hang out, but not that day. When Anya asked who it was, Marin was unusually close-mouthed, said that her friend didn’t want to be known.”

“Can we get back to this situation, please.” Elizabeth said shortly before anymore questions could be asked.

“Sorry.” Willow flushed lightly. “The longer a Slayer lives, the more that Slayer evolves. Buffy has been here for almost a hundred years, and even though a lot of that time was in stasis, she evolved as she was created to, but the alterations caused her to evolve in ways that no one expected. Slayers have psychological safeguards that prevent them from turning on humans. Even an accidental killing can cause a mental spiral that, if it isn’t immediately treated, can become psychologically damaging. That’s what happened to Faith. The alterations to Buffy, however, has evolved to where those fail safes are no longer in effect. If pushed hard enough, Buffy is completely capable of taking human life. If pushed even further, there’s no telling what she’s capable of. Thanks to the Goddess, there are few things that could push her that far.”

“What are those things,” Elizabeth asked. “and how do you know?”

“It’s the same thing any predator would lash out at.” Willow said. “A threat to it’s home, a threat to those it protects,” Willow looked Elizabeth directly in the eyes. “Or a threat to it’s mate.”
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