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Wraith Slayer

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Summary: Buffy dies during 'Chosen' and is given the choice of remaining dead and at peace, or continuing the fight in Pegasus Galaxy. *2008 COA Nominee!!!*

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisGypsyDruidFR183149,04026220156,30927 May 072 Sep 12No

Chapter Twenty-Five

A/N: The next few chapters will focus on the Stargate Two-Part Episodes The Storm/The Eye. If you've watched those episodes, you'll know that a lot happened in those hours, and it took a while to get it all out and it was either put them in several chapters or make the next two super super long.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Buffy reconfigured her sensors to compensate for the storm's interference, trying to find out exactly how far from shore the 'jumper was before she surfaced. It took her a few minutes, but finally the image filtered into view. The ship was only a few yards from shore, just outside the tree line.

"That should be close enough." She said thoughtfully, pressing the button on her earpiece. "Aiden, Teyla, do you read me?"

'We read you.' Lieutenant Ford responded. 'A bolt of lightning broke through our shields. Everything's fried, and we've got a couple of scared kids here.'

"I'm in the water directly ahead of you." Buffy told them. "I'm going to risk a quick flyover. When I give the word, you all need to come out the back of the 'jumper so I can pick you with the transporters."

‘Copy that.’ Ford responded. ‘We’ll be ready.’

Buffy pressed a few more keys and her ship angled upwards towards the surface. Waves rocked the ship the closer she got, but with manual control, she kept her baby on course. The moment she was out of the water, she pressed the necessary buttons to open the hatches that sealed for underwater submersion, and her speed nearly tripled almost instantly. She flew low to the ground. Her intent was to angle sideways so that the bottom of the Machine face the open hatch and transport them directly out of the ship. She was glad that the transporter area in her ship was empty, since she was sure to pick up whatever wasn't bolted down in the process. She was nearly at the downed ship when she commed Ford again.

"Now, Aiden!" She ordered, tilting her ship as the rear hatched rose up. She began her turn at the same time, so that by the time they were running out of the 'jumper, she was in position. Her fingers flew over her console to drop her shields, transport the small group and reactivate her shields, but not before she was rocked by a lightning strike.

The sudden surge shorted out several systems and would have fried her like it had done the 'jumper if she hadn't already shut them down. Only her steady hands on the manual controls and enhanced reflexes kept them from crashing into the ground when the strike hit the nose of the ship, causing it to tilt downwards. She rerouted power to close the front hatches and plunged into the ocean just as she was hit by a wave of fear.

"Elizabeth." She gasped.

‘Sheppard to Summers, come in?’

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

Sheppard kept his position in the corridor as he listened intently to what was happening in the Gateroom. Thankfully, Elizabeth had forgotten to turn of the comm device when she'd been captured, so he had an idea of what was happening. As soon as he'd heard the strange voices, he'd keyed the mute button his earpiece. He cursed under his breath when he heard McKay tell her that their intruders were the Genii. Thinking quickly, he cautiously made his way to the hanger and climbed into one of the Puddlejumpers.

"Sheppard to Summers, come in?"

‘Sheppard, what's going on?’ Buffy demanded. ‘What's wrong with Elizabeth?’

Now, how the hell did she know that?, he asked himself before responding. "From what I can ascertain, a small Genii strike force has gated in."

"The Genii?" Lieutenant Ford repeated, startled. "The folks who wanted us to build them an A-bomb?"

"Yeah, them, and they’ve got Weir and McKay hostage. They’ve also got control of the Gateroom."

He heard Buffy growl, actually growl, before she calmed enough to respond. "I'm pushing the Machine as hard as I can, but it will still take me a while to get back. If they hurt her, John, I'll kill them all."

The hairs on the back of his neck rose at the deadly tone of her voice. "Just get back here as fast as you can. I could use backup on this one."

Cutting the communication, he concentrated for a moment, then grabbed the lifesign detector from the panel that opened in response to his need.

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

"Who are you?" Elizabeth asked the man who was obviously the leader.

"Commander Acastus Kolya." The soldier answered. "This Atlantis is extraordinary. More than I ever imagined."

"What have you done with the rest of my people?" Elizabeth demanded.

"I’m quite sure they have no idea we’re even here."

"Then they’re safe?"


Elizabeth breathed a little easier. At least that was something. "There was a time when our two peoples considered becoming allies. Why are you doing this?"

"You’re in possession of supplies we vitally need." Kolya told her. "Hand them over without difficulty and we’ll leave peacefully."


"We’re both intelligent people, Dr. Weir." He said genially. "I’m sure there’s no need for me to demonstrate once again the strength of my resolve."

Elizabeth sighed. No, there wasn't. "Which supplies did you have in mind?"

"All of your stores of the C4 explosive, all of your medical supplies, the Wraith data device you stole from my people, and one of your ships."

McKay snorted. "Oh, Is that all?!?"

Kolya turned his attention to him, and Rodney swallowed audibly and closed his mouth. "No. Where is Major Sheppard?"

"Some of our people had a mishap on the mainland, and he went to retrieve them." Elizabeth answered. "We can't give you what you want. Everything has already been moved out of the city because of the storm."

Kolya held up his hand to stop her. "Please do not insult me with lies. We already have people among the population where your people have taken refuge, and know that your weaponry was not sent through. So, please, show my men where they can find what they are looking for."

He nodded to Sora, who grabbed Elizabeth by the arm and pulled her out of the room. They were followed by several men. Kolya turned his attention back to McKay. "While we wait, let's you and I discuss just where Major Sheppard really is."

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

When Elizabeth and her 'escort' returned some time later conspicuously empty handed, Rodney was slumped in a chair, whimpering and holding his arm close to his body. The sleeve of his jacket was slashed and covered in blood. "Oh, God, Rodney, what did they do to you?"

"I tried to keep my mouth shut, I really tried," He whimpered again as she gingerly checked the injury. "I just couldn't..."

He trailed off with a look of fright as Kolya approached them holding out a radio. "How does this work?"

"Press down the button to talk, release it to listen." McKay answered quickly with a nervous glance to the soldier in the corner meticulously cleaning a knife.

The Genii commander pressed and held down the button. "This is Commander Kolya."

‘Kolya, huh, now that a hard name to pronounce.’ They heard Sheppard quip. ‘Is that a first name? My name’s Major John Sheppard and I have hidden the C4 where you will never, let me repeat that again, NEVER, find it. When I get confirmation that the prisoners have been safely released and allowed to gate off Atlantis, I will help you find it.’

Koyla looked approvingly at Elizabeth. “He’s good.”

“Yes, he is.” Elizabeth said softly. “I'd suggest you do as he says."

Koyla tipped his head before speaking into the radio. "You're offer is very generous, Major. However, Dr. McKay has recently informed me that there is a plan in motion to save the city."

‘He what?!?’ Rodney flinched at the anger in Sheppard's voice.

Koyla chuckled. "It is my understanding that there is one final grounding station that needs to be deactivated. Uncouple the grounding rods at Station Three, assist with the reactivation of the shield, and you and your friends can leave here unharmed."

‘I thought all you wanted was C4 and a Jumper.’

"Why raid a city when you can seize it, Major?" Kolya said smugly. "Atlantis will be ours or the ocean’s. Your choice."

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

"I'm gonna kill the little coward." Buffy snarled. She had patched into Atlantis' internal communications, and they'd been listening to the entire conversation.

"Rodney doesna handle pain verra well, I'm afraid." Beckett defended his friend, his accent thickening in his worry. "My question is, why would the Genii attack us now?"

"We didn’t exactly leave on the best terms." Ford told them. "I mean, aside from the fact that we stole some of their gear, and didn’t hand over the C4 we promised them, they’re pretty convinced Teyla killed one of their top guys."

"They are incorrect." Teyla said tersely, remembering Sora's accusations of abandoning her father to the Wraith. "The fact that they chose our weakest hour cannot be a coincidence. Someone must have told them that we would be in a diminished capacity."

“Well, it wasn’t one of us, so I had to be someone on Manara.” Lt. Ford rationalized.

As they speculated, Buffy kept her attention on what was happening in the city.

Her lips curled in a silent snarl as she listened to the conversation between Elizabeth and Kolya, then her fists clenched as she heard gunfire. She nearly screamed in rage until her brain realized that the gunfire wasn’t coming from Elizabeth’s location.

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

‘Let me tell you what you did wrong here, Kolya.’ Sheppard’s voice came through the radio. ‘A) you lost two of your men, B) you damaged the switch before I could separate the grounding rods, which I’m sure you’re gonna get an earful from McKay for and C) you lost all of what little credibility you had with me.’

The senseless destruction of the mechanism that could have saved their lives pushed Rodney beyond his fear. “D’you have any idea of how big a setback that is? I may not even be able to activate the shield. I mean, I can’t possibly...” The soldier from before grabbed his injured arm, but he was currently beyond intimidation. “Get off me!”

“You killed two of my men.” Kolya said coldly.

‘I guess we’re even.’

“I don’t like even.” Even Rodney’s voice filtered off as the Genii Commander pulled a pistol out of his coat. “Say goodbye to Dr. Weir.

‘The city has a self-destruct button.’ Sheppard said frantically. ‘You hurt her, I’ll activate it. Nobody’ll get Atlantis.’

“Even if it exists, Major, you need at least two senior personnel to activate it, and I’m about to take one of them out of the equation.”

'Kolya!' Sheppard shouts, but Kolya ignores him as he stares into Elizabeth's terrified eyes. 'Kolya, I'll give you a ship! I'll fucking fly you outta here myself!'

"Too late for that, Major."


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