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Wraith Slayer

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Summary: Buffy dies during 'Chosen' and is given the choice of remaining dead and at peace, or continuing the fight in Pegasus Galaxy. *2008 COA Nominee!!!*

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisGypsyDruidFR183149,04026220156,33027 May 072 Sep 12No

Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six

Just as the Genii Commander was about to shoot, another voice silenced Sheppard's ranting. ‘He might need a backup, but I sure as hell don’t.’

They were all thrown to the ground as Atlantis shook violently and Kolya immediately released the pressure on the trigger as his aim went wide. One of the men that Kolya had posted to keep an eye on the approaching storm stumbled in. “Sir, the city! It’s sinking!”

Kolya kept his weapon trained on Dr. Weir. “Whomever you are, stop this or the good doctor dies.”

“Are you crazy!” McKay hissed. “Don’t say that. She’ll kill us all.”

Atlantis rocked again and they felt it sinking faster. The Genii Commander looked at the scientists in surprise. "Who is she?"

'One word, McKay,' the voice said coldly over the intercom. 'and you'd better pray that they kill you.'

McKay slammed his mouth shut so fast that they heard his teeth clatter. Kolya could tell that McKay was more scared of this female, then he was of the men holding him captive. Interesting. He moved the gun from Weir to McKay.

"Fine." He said, trying to remain calm. "Stop the sinking, or Dr. McKay dies instead."

McKay groaned despairingly when nothing happened. Finally, Elizabeth spoke. "Put the weapon away, Commander, and I will tell her to stop."

"Will she listen to you?" He demanded.

"Right now, I'm the only one she'll listen to."

Kolya was furious. This was not how the mission was supposed to go. This complication was unexpected and obviously dangerous. He was calculating the odds when Sora stepped up next to him. "Sir, we need the city above sea level to get what we want. We need the C4 and the medical supplies. Let them keep the Home of the Ancestors. According to Sheppard, the control panel is destroyed, so they will die with it anyway."

Gritting his teeth, Kolya holstered his weapon with a curt nod.

"Stop the descent, Buffy." Elizabeth immediately said. "We're fine."

After a tense moment, they felt the city rock once more, but this time the movement was upward instead of down. After a few minutes, everything stabilized, and one of his men came running in. “We’re back on the surface.”

'Now take McKay to the grounding station so he can fix it.'

Kolya looked at Sora and Laden, his technician. "Send for the reinforcements."

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

Buffy parked the Machine in her hanger and the small group filed out. The moment the Commander had threatened her mate's life, she had cursed viciously, cranked her shields to maximum and shot out of the water.

"Everyone not in a chair, put your backs to a wall." She ordered, handling the manual controls. She ignored the scent of fear filling the small cabin as she wove in and out of lightning strikes and used her superior strength to keep them on course against the fiercely blowing winds.

The remainder of the trip, which would have taken another forty-five minutes underwater, was cut down to barely five. When the civilians and Beckett stumbled out of the sleek ship, they were understandably weak-legged, but Buffy wasted little time.

"Carson, take the others and get into one of the 'jumpers." She ordered. "You'll be safe in there. Ford, Teyla, go find Sheppard and start cleaning house."

"Where are you going?"

"To save my mate, and kill that bastard." Buffy ran off. She headed straight for her quarters and began inputting commands. She had just finished the sequence when she heard Sheppard scream her prey's name. Snarling, she pressed the transmit button on her earpiece. "He might need a backup, but I sure as hell don't."

With that, she hit the last button in her command, and the city began to descend back into the ocean. She listened impassively to the panicked screams when Kolya's men realized what was happening and spread the word. Still connected to her ship through her neural interface, she could still hear everything going on in the city. She listened closely to the control room, and interrupted only to threaten McKay. Finally, she heard what she really needed to hear.

'Stop the descent, Buffy. We're fine.'

With a breath of relief, Buffy reversed the command and re-raised the city. She told them to take McKay to fix the grounding station, and smiled coldly to herself when she heard the leader tell another to send for reinforcements. Won't he be disappointed?, she thought to herself as she entered another set of commands, patching into the control systems. She waiting until she heard new voices, then executed the commands, raising the shields and completely shutting down all the consoles in the control room, effectively cutting off their eyes to the rest of the city. Smiling grimly, she slipped on her coat, then moved over to her weapons locker and pulled out her sword and knives. She could feel the Slayer forcing her way to the forefront of her consciousness, and did nothing to stop it. She left the mic of her earpiece switched on. She wanted this man to hear the screams, to know that she was coming for him. He had invaded her territory and threatened her mate. Now, it was time for him to face the consequences.

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

Elizabeth put her hand to her head as she was suddenly swamped with a rage so intense that she nearly gasped out loud. Without having to think about it, she knew that it was coming from Buffy. Suddenly, she remembered the conversation with Willow. The Slayer in Buffy was a predator, with all the instincts of one. Her home, her territory, had been invaded, her mate had been threatened. She looked around at the Genii force.

Oh God, this is going to get very bad, she thought to herself.

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

"Sir, the shield has been raised!" Sora cried out, watching in horror as flashes against the shield denoted dying men. She keyed on her radio. "This is Sora! Stop sending people through! The Stargate Shield has been raised."

More flashes of light.

Kolya grabbed McKay and shoved him to the console. "Lower the shield!"

He punched a few buttons, but the console was dark and unresponsive. "I can't. Whatever she did, she's killed all the power to the control room."

Kolya whipped out his weapon and pressed it to McKay's temple. "FIX IT!!!"

"I CAN'T!" McKay screamed, terrified. "She's not one of us. She has her own access to the city. I couldn't even begin to figure out what she did, much less how to get around it!"

After a few more flashes, the gate shut down. Sora looked down at it in horror.

Kolya gritted his teeth. "How many made it through."

"5." She whispered. "5 out of a company of 60."

With a growl of fury, he shoved McKay back towards Weir, still pointing his weapon at the cowering man.

"You still need us both if you want to save the city!" Weir said quickly, flinching at the murderous look in his eyes.

He stared at her for a long, tense moment before finally lowering his gun. Finally, he turned back to Sora.

"Can you still track Sheppard, and find that female?"

"No, we can't do anything." Laden shook his head. His eyes were wide and his voice shook in disbelief. 55 men gone, just like that.

Kolya cursed viciously. This was getting out of hand. "Sora, take a team and find Sheppard, Laden, you take a team and find this new threat. I want the systems brought back up and both of them brought to me. I am taking McKay and Weir to the grounding station. If we cannot leave, then we are also at the mercy of this storm."

"Yes, sir." She said fiercely. She glared hatefully at Weir and McKay, then stormed out.

He shoved McKay then grabbed Dr. Weir by the shoulder to keep her directly in front of him as they headed out of the now useless control room. Elizabeth hissed as pain flared when his fingers brushed against the bond-mark on her neck.

Everyone froze, shivers of fear snaking down more than one spine, as a growl reverberated through the city. Tightening his grip on his weapon, Kolya pushed them along.

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

Sora took her three man team to Sheppard last location, figuring that there weren't too many directions that he could go. She did not expect to nearly walk around a corner and into the man's direct path. The only thing that kept their presence a secret was that she had heard a familiar voice that had frozen her in her tracks.

"Major Sheppard, wait for us." Teyla Emmagen called as she and Lieutenant Ford approached their commanding officer.

"You ok, sir?" Ford asked.

"Been better. Forgot to eat my Wheaties this morning." Sheppard said wearily. "How'd you get here so fast? Thought you were still a ways out."

"As soon as that Kolya guy started threatening Dr. Weir, she risked flying in the storm." Ford reported. "Wouldn't recommend it in the future, though, sir."

Sora's teeth bared in an silent snarl of hatred, and she signaled her men to move, just as the first screams rang out.
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